Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BuRNiN` @ 20 BeLoW...

1. Bring It Home (3:38)
2. Who Gives The Orders? (2:12)
3. She Operated Around The Clock (4:16)
4. Let`s Take It From The Top (3:18)
5. The Fox That Rox The Box (3:38)
6. I Wanna Be Me (4:36)
7. Love Or Hype (4:25)
8. Never Get Enough (4:31)
9. You Got What I Need (4:43)
10. In My House [Rmx] (4:00)
There`s not a whole lot of info` on this femcee (or this album to be honest), but I will drop what I do know. Antoinette`s from Queens, New York & was first introduced to the Hip Hop world thru "Hurby`s Machine" a compilation put together by producer Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor. This Gangstress of Rap was a tough~talkin` mami who`s flowS were unpredictable & fresh, her beatS were a nice mixture of Go-Go, Hip~House & Funk...


HeRBaN LyRiX said...

I`m still lookin` for more Antoinette tracks so if any of y`all have any please link me up!!!

STaY BLeSS`n...

Hanz said...

OK. Tell me if you do.