Monday, June 18, 2007

AnT BaNKs` "Do oR DiE"...

1. Do Or Die (4:06)
2. Keep `Em Guessin` (4:45)
3. It Ain`t No Thang (4:53)
4. Sound Of Lead {ft. Spice-1 & 187 Fac} (4:28)
5. I Think I Wanna Die (Losin` It) (5:26)
6. Money Don`t Make A Man {ft. MC Breed} (4:15)
7. You Ain`t Knowin` (4:30)
8. Hi Speed Anthem (4:11)
9. No Time Fa BS (3:42)
10. Gafflin` Season (4:24)
11. Bay Area Massacre {ft. Mt. Iu, Rappin` Ron & Gangsta P} (5:18)
12. Smokestrumental (5:13)

Gotta say that Ant Banks is one of my favorite West Coast producers & honestly he doesn`t get the ReSPeCT that he should. After all he`s supplied DoPe beatS for many Bay Area greats such as Too $hort, E-40 & Spice-1 to name a few & he`s also a decent rapper when it comes to flex`N the lyricS as well. Anyway, this is his 3rd album & it`s lace`D with some DoPe P-Funk beatS! Just check jointS like "Hi Speed Anthem", "No Time Fa B.S." & "Ain`t No Thang" they all make the speakerS in my hoopty rattle...


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