Thursday, September 20, 2007

H-BoMB`s "iN Yo` FaCe - The ALBuM"...

Released: 1996

1. Intro {ft. Eric B} (1:00)
2. It’s Straight (5:15)
3. Choose Or Lose (5:24)
4. Days That I Miss (4:13)
5. Living Off The Avails (4:00)
6. Connect The Dot {ft. Coolio} (3:52)
7. When I Fuck With You (3:41)
8. On The Job Training {ft. Bootsy Collins} (4:44)
9. A Better Life (3:49)
10. H Gets Live (4:10)
11. Players & Hustlers (3:31)
12. Mackin’ You {ft. Ohio Players & The Bride’s Of Funkenstein} (5:04)

I`ll give y`all a lil` info` on this kat even though I don`t know much about him myself. H-Bomb (a.k.a. HDV a.k.a. Jacky Jasper - yes the same kat that collab`s with Kool Keith frequently) dropped “In Yo` Face - The Album” back in 1996. The vibe of the LP production~wise is on some smooth`D out G`d up funk which really suits the featured artists as well as H-Bomb himself & lyrically you can see why H-Bomb collab`s with Kool Keith -- they`ve got a similar style. Anyway, check it out for ya`self. The album`s a lil` on the rare side as well so you`ll uncover another one of HiP HoP`s hidden gemS...


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