Sunday, October 14, 2007

CaNDy FReSH`s "JuST The WaY You LiKe iT"...

Label: Wrap/Ichiban
Released: 1992

1. Real Golddigger (6:00)
2. Homie, You Ain`t Got An Ounce Of Mack In You (5:56)
3. You Got To Be Real (3:45)
4. Tricky Brothers (4:12)
5. Black Widow {ft. X2C} (3:57)
6. Payback Is Hell (4:47)
7. Take Your Time To Do Right (4:07)
8. Just The Way I Like It (3:33)
9. Do It Again (5:42)
10. Get Off (3:12)
11. Bad To The Bone (2:36)
12. To The Beat To The Bass (1:11)
13. Move That Body (3:15)
14. Another Weekend Night (4:01)

Very little is known about Candy Fresh, one of the many obscure rapper$ (female at that) who recorded for Ichiban`s Wrap label in the early `90's. "Just The Way I Like It" is her only release, at least to my knowledge. With a slightly nasal~type delivery this femcee rockS a playful style of rapping, far from an MC Lyte & she definitely isn`t droppin` socio-political rhymes like Sister Souljah, but that doesn`t matter because this Atlanta femcee let`s ya know that the album`s more about fun that anything else, however she does drop some streetwise ish. Track`s like "Homie, You Ain't Got An Ounce Of Mack In You" & "Tricky Brothers" has Candy attacking guys that she considers chumps. Candy Fresh produced the album herself along with Wink-D. Their production was sample~heavy, lovers of `70's Soul & Funk should recognize the CLaSSiCs like Funkadelic`s "Not Just Knee Deep", the Staple Singers` "Let`s Do It Again" & Foxy`s "Get Off"...



Travis said...

Shit, I remember this, but haven't seen it forever. Thanks man.

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

No probS...


Anonymous said...

Re-up pleaaaaaase!!!! I need this shit, especially "homie you ain't got..."

Anonymous said...

She from Texas not Atlanta...