Tuesday, July 01, 2008

BuDDaH BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "GRaDe eH!!! VoL. 4"....

Since both my mother & Canada are celebrating their birthdays today I figured I`d throw up a good ol` mix of some CaNaDiaN HiP HoP for y`all as a lil` celebration....LoL, don`t let the wicked~iLL cover FooL ya -- there`s definitely some DoPe jointS in there for ya to BuMP! HaPPy CaNaDa DaY to all my fellow CanadianS out there & I just gotta say happy birthday to my mama (hopefully there`s MaNy~MaNy MoRe -- thanks for everything!!!), anyways enjoy the tuneS...

1. iNTRo
2. King Of The North Pt. 2 [Prod. by Mazaman] {DJ Grouch ft. Big Troopz & Vertigo}
3. Always [Prod. by Vocab] {Camoflauge ft. Bishop Brigante}
4. Money [Prod. by Dirt Work Productions] {Magnum 357}
5. Smooth Thuggin` [Prod. by Tone Mason] {Califate ft. Ghetto Flex}
6. Pull Up [Black Jays Rmx] {Rochester ft. Solitair & Ro Dolla}
7. Some Hood Shit [Prod. by Cylla] {Set2 ft. U.G. & Richie Sosa}
8. Feel My Pain [Prod. by Wave] {Scorsese}
9. Find A Way [Prod. by Kardinal Offishall] {Solitair ft. Darryl Riley}
10. Just A Thought [Prod. by Rich Kidd] {J. Robb}
11. It`s Rainin` [Prod. by J-Bru] {J-Bru ft. Jordan Croucher}
12. God`s Plan [Prod. by Firehouse] {Speedy}
13. Bump Dat {Talksense ft. Suspects}
14. My Way {Syndicate Villain ft. Bishop Brigante}
15. Worst Of Times [Prod. by Soundsmith Productions] {Mayhem Morearty ft. Franz Thomas}
16. Hip Hop Emergency [Rmx] [Prod. by Lee Harvey] {T.R.A. ft. Tona}
17. If It Ain`t One Thing [Prod. by Kool Aid of Da Inkredabulz] {Rishaard AKA Shamon Harage}
18. Dope Boyz (Remix) (Prod. by Duke Dinero) {Knowledge ft. Mason Payne & Aristo}
19. Toast 2 That {Street Dreamerz}
20. Turn It Up [Rmx] [Prod. by Tone Mason] {The F! ft. JD Era, Ken Masters, Bishop Brigante, Drake & Kat}
21. Clap [Prod. by Boi-1da & T. Williams] {Saukrates}
22. 2 Many Nights [Prod. by Big Sproxx] {Smugglaz ft. Yonge C}
23. The Last Hope {Drake ft. Kardinal Offishall}
24. Fire In My Veins {K-Dot}


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