Sunday, July 27, 2008

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "SLiCK RiCK (ReSPeCT The RuLeR)"...

I`ve always been an HuGe fan of Ricky Walters a.k.a. Slick Rick ever since I heard "Children`s Story" back in `89. Even as a young buck I thought he had some DoPe storytelling abilities, and that`s something that I think helps make an emcee more entertaining, gives `em more replay value. Just peep tracks like the previously mentioned "Children`s Story", "Indian Girl", "Behind Bars" or even "Adults Only" -- very entertaining....LoL, anyways I was bored a few days ago & decided that I`d put together a lil` mix of some rare & unreleased Slick Rick joints as well as a few of my fav` Ricky D tracks. So here`s what I came up with, nothing special but definitely worth a listen if you`re a BiG Slick rick fan. Gotta BiG~uP Roy Johnson from the Bust The Facts Crew for a whole lot of the unreleased tracks & the folks from over at TiMe 4 SuM AKSioN for a few of the rare 12" jointS as well, thankS a lot fellaS truly appreciated...

Cover coming soon...

1. iNTRo
2. Children`s Story [Chuck Chillout 1989 Mix]
3. Samson
4. Caveman Captain
5. Treat Her Like A Prostitute [Movie Version]
6. It`s A Boy [Large Professor Rmx]
7. A Letter
8. Star Trek
9. I Shouldn`t Have Done It [Extended Mix]
10. Sittin` In My Car [Lad`s Lexus Mix]
11. Behind Bars [Warren G Rmx] {ft. Warren G}
12. It`s A Boy [King Rmx]
13. Get Bizzy {ft. Greyson & Jayson}
14. Gambling
15. Mistakes Of A Woman [Sid Rmx]
16. Practice Over At Chill Will`s Crib [1984]
17. La-Di-Da-Di [DJ Cash Money Mix] {ft. Doug E. Fresh}
18. Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
19. Trouble
20. I Own America [LP]
21. I Own America [Original]
22. The Show [DJ Revolution Mix] {ft. Doug E Fresh}
23. Just Another Case [Rmx Radio Edit] {ft. CRU}
24. Frozen {ft. Raekwon}
25. Lick The Balls
26. Live At The Lincoln Projects [1984] {ft. Doug E. Fresh}


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