Friday, August 22, 2008

DJ G SPoT PReSeNTs "CaRRy The ToRCH"...

There hasn`t been a whole lot of new emceeS (well relatively new to me anyway.....LoL) out there that hold my attention like Joell Ortiz & Termanology do. Gotta say that I`m really DiGG`n both of these katZ, especially since they murder the lyricS! Can`t wait to hear Termanology`s album whenever it drops. DJ G Spot comes correct with the track selections on this joint so enjoy...

DJ G-Spot - Carry The Torch
Released: 2008

1. Carry The Torch Intro {Termanology}
2. How We Rock {Termanology ft. Bun B}
3. Welcome To The Machine {Termanology ft. Lil` Fame & Easy Money}
4. Talking To God {Termanology}
5. Big Dreamers {Termanology ft. Reks & Krumb Snatcha}
6. To The Top {Termanology ft. Cassidy & Saigon}
7. Blue Devils {Termanology ft. Jon Hope}
8. On The Corner {Termanology ft. Ras Kass, Doo Wop & D.V. Alias Khryst}
9. Has It Ever Occurred? {Termanology}
10. Takin` Pictures {Termanology}
11. Young Gunnaz {Termanology ft. Nyce}
12. Squeeze That Rachet {Termanology ft. Lil` Fame}
13. Termanology Interlude
14. Good Times {Joell Ortiz}
15. Summertime In Brooklyn {Joell Ortiz}
16. 50 Shots {Joell Ortiz}
17. Letter To Obama {Joell Ortiz}
18. Hip Hop {Joell Ortiz}
19. Hey Premier {Joell Ortiz}
20. Memories {Joell Ortiz}
21. Keep On Callin` {Joell Ortiz}
22. Block Royal {Joell Ortiz}
23. Brooklyn Bangaz {Joell Ortiz ft. Q Da Kid}
24. Duffle Bag Boy {Joell Ortiz ft. Novel}
25. Buss It Baby {Joell Ortiz}
26. Termanology Outro
27. Carry The Torch Outro


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