Sunday, November 02, 2008

"The DoGs"...

Now I`ve got to keep it 100 & say that I`m not that BiG on BaSS MuSiC, but lately I`ve been trying to listen to some different ish since the music that`s labeled so~called HiP HoP now~a~dayS just doesn`t really seem to hold my interest much any more. Came up on this joint during my searches & found it a lil` interesting, especially since it`s 18 years old & I hadn`t heard it. Actually, I had never even heard of The Dogs before so I spoke with some of my friendS & got a lil` info`. The homieS that I talk`D with told me that The Dogs were basically a 2 Live Crew shadow with their BaSS~HeaVy X~RaTeD RaPs & honestly I`d have to agree because there isn`t much to separate the two groupS. The Dogs were co-founded by Ricky Taylor a.k.a. Disco Rick (of Gucci Crew fame) on Joey Boy Records & the self~titled album`s hitS included "Take It Off", a stripper`s anthem track that became a local hit back in `89 & "Crack Rock", addressin` well Crack use....a joint that`s still relevant today, 18 yearS later...

The Dogs (featuring Disco Rick) - The Dogs
Label: Joey Boy
Released: 1990

1. Intro
2. Where Is Disco Rick At?
3. Let`s Go, Let`s Go
4. Fuck The President
5. Ten Little Niggers
6. Lick It
7. Take It Baby
8. Dog Call
9. Take It Off
10. Crack Rock
11. Who Gives A Fuck?
12. Get Loose
13. Fuck You All


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