Sunday, September 27, 2009

BaLLy B`s "GoTTa Be GReeDy"...

Gotta be honest with y`all, I don`t know anything about this shorty -- other than the fact that she`s reppin` New Orleans. So like always, if someone can school me by all means go `head & do it! As for Bally B, she spits her gangstafied flows over some nice bouncy beats. So check it out & enjoy...

Bally B - Gotta Be Greedy
Released: 1998
Label: Hit `Em Records

1. Intro
2. Gotta Be Greedy
3. Bounce With Bally B
4. Uptown Soldiers
5. Smokin` Weed
6. Watch Out
7. Hit `Em Up
8. We Roll All Night
9. Hustlers
10. Smokin` Trees


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