Sunday, September 27, 2009

TaiRRie B`s "The PoWeR Of A WoMaN"...

Ya gotta hand it to Eazy-E, regardless of what some folks say about him he was definitely business minded when it came to the Rap game. He didn`t just stick with the whole Gangsta Rap thing, he wanted to branch out & gain all different types of listeners. You could see examples of this when he helped executive produce such Ruthless Records acts as Jimmy Z (a Rock/ Funk musician), J.J. Fad, Steffon, Po` Broke & Lonely & the A.T.B.A.N Klann. Eazy even signed a White female rapper by the name of Tairrie B...


Tairrie`s from Cali` & she`s been all over the place when it comes to music, I`ll explain as we go along....LoL, she first started her career as a member of Bardeux, a female Dance group from the '80`s. She left the group in 1987 after they dropped their first single "Three-Time Lover". A few years later Eazy-E scooped her up & she signed with Ruthless Records to release her only Rap album, "The Power Of A Woman". Eazy-E, Schooly D & Tairrie B herself all had a hand in the production for the album. Everlast, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, The D.O.C. & even Schooly D made guest appearances. As for Tairrie, she was far from the iLLeST on the mic when it came to lyrics & delivery, but overall I`ve heard worse -- the production helped a lot though...

After being released from Ruthless Records a few weeks before Eazy-E passed away she formed the Alternative Metal/ Rock band Manhole, which was later renamed to Tura Satana. After her work with Tura Satana she put together My Ruin, another Alternative Metal side~project & The LVRS (read about it HeRe), a Spoken Word side project...

So there ya have it, a lil` info` on the first White Woman rapper of Ruthless Records....LoL, if my mem`ry serves correct she`s also the only one. Anyway, I`ve added a 12 inch single along with the album in the DL link. So check it out, have a few laughs on me...

Tairrie B - The Power Of A Woman
Label: Ruthless Records
Released: 1990

1. Intro {ft. Quincy D III}
2. Swingin` Wit` T
3. Anything You Want {ft. Eazy-E}
4. Vinnie Tha Moocha` {ft. Everlast}
5. Step 2 This
6. Murder She Wrote
7. Packin` A Punch {ft. Quincy D III}
8. Let The Beat Rock
9. Player {ft. Dr. Dre, Eazy-E & The D.O.C.}
10. School`s In {ft. Schooly D}
11. Ruthless Bitch


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