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ToP DoGG`s "EVeRy DoG HaS HiS DaY"...

You probably know of Top Dogg as the Snoop Dogg sound a~like from Compton, California that Suge Knight had signed to Death Row Records around the time that Snoop had left for Master P`s No Limit Records, 1997-1998 I think it was. Many headZ say it was more of a retaliation move than a business move for Suge & I`d have to agree. I mean c`mon it was just too much of a coincidence that homie sounded like Snoop! Not only that, Top Dogg`s first appearance (I could be wrong) was on the "Gang Related Soundtrack" as a hidden track titled "Going Back To Cali" a bold Biggie, Puff Daddy & Bad Boy Records DiSS...

By bold I mean when I first heard the track I thought it was actually Snoop...LoL, I remember hearin` it on the radio....ah good ol` College Radio, "The Jeep Beats Show" I believe it was I could be wrong, either way I was sayin` to myself, "DaMn now Snoop`s DiSS`n `em!" Then thru the miracles of a Ghetto Blaster & a blank Memorex cassette tape that had been recording the show, I hit rewind listened to it again & figured the whole ish out....LoL

I think that was all part of Suge`s plan anyhow & to his credit I`m sure it did help garner some attention. That`s probably why to continue the buzz that Top Dogg gained from that "Goin` Back To Cali" track, he gave Top Dogg an appearance on the "2Pac Greatest Hits" double CD album, on the song "All About U" -- Top Dogg replaced Snoop on the track...

Top Dogg`s next appearance would be on the 2001 released Death Row compilation album "Chronic 2000" on the J-Flexx produced track "Top Dogg Cindafella". A side~note, Snoop released a track titled "Snoopafella" which appears on his "No Limit Top Dogg" album & it features lyrics that are real similar to that that are featured on "Top Dogg Cindafella" so I can only guess that Snoop actually wrote the lyrics but Suge had Top Dogg add his twist to it for his version. Check it out for ya`self...

Top Dogg also had the DJ Quik produced track "We Don`t Love `Em" featured on that "Chronic 2001" album as well. In my opinion it`s a much better track than "Top Dogg Cindafella", I don`t see why they wouldn`t have put together a music video for this joint. Then again I guess the video for "Top Dogg Cindafella" was just another Suge shot at Snoop. Not only did Suge go for a lil` revenge with "Chronic 2000", he also tried his shot at comedy. Just look at Top Dogg`s third appearance on the compilation, Tha Realest`s track "They Wanna Be Like Us" which also features Doobie. How could it not seem just a lil` funny when you have a 2Pac & a Snoop sound a~like featured on the same track titled "They Wanna Be Like Us"???

After a while I figure Suge Knight grew tired of the whole Top Dogg thing because once Top Dogg`s contract with Tha Row expired he was released, but his album "Every Dog Has His Day" was shelved though promo copies were released. SO if you`re down for a few laughs go `head & check it out...

YGD Tha Top Dogg - Every Dog Has His Day
Label: N/A
Released: N/A (2005)

1. Intro/ Goin` Back To Cali [Extended Version] [Prod. by O.F.T.B. & Brian G]
2. Ghetto Fairytales [Prod. by Kurt "Kobane" Couthon]
3. Can`t Fuck With Dogg [Prod. by PRO]
4. Just Be Thankful {ft. The Koss Band} [Prod. PRO & Darrell Crooks]
5. Trippin` [Prod. by PRO]
6. Me & My Boys [Prod. by O.F.T.B., 2 Tuff, Carl "Butch" Small]
7. Top Dogg Cindafella [Prod. by J-Flexx]
8. She Used To Know Me {ft. PB} [Prod. by Assasin]
9. We Don`t Love `Em [Street Mix] [Prod. by DJ Quik]
10. If U Can`t Stand The Heat {ft. Eastwood} [Prod. by Magic & EZ]
11. They Wanna Be Like Us [Street Mix] {ft. Tha Realest & Doobie} [Prod. by Kurt "Kobane" Couthon]


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