Sunday, November 15, 2009

MC HaMMeR`s "Too TiGHT"...

Oh you didn`t know Mr. Hammertime was down with Tha Row? I didn`t know either until I read about it in some HiP HoP magazine, I think it was Vibe back in the day. Anyway the album was recorded sometime around 1996 or just a lil` prior to that. Hammer had first met Suge Knight around 1988 & the two had remained friends since, he was also a close friend of 2Pac`s. I`m not too sure why the album was shelved, but Hammer explains things best...

“It was the year [1996] that `Pac actually lost his life – a year of turmoil. Music became insignificant at the time. You know Death Row transitioned, Suge had got arrested at that time. So we didn’t have a chance to get the music out..."

“I just remember how excited `Pac was working on the album with me. We had already done three or four things together for the album. The title track “Too Tight,” `Pac had laid down the concept, I came up with the track. `Pac had already laid down the hook & started writing verses because he wanted it to be a certain way from his perspective...”

The album itself has some nice features like Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac, Kurupt, Spice-1, Danny Boy, Storm, Mac Mall & Numskull to name a few. So if you`re a fan of that unreleased Death Row ish I suggest that you DL this joint to add to ya` collection...

MC Hammer - Too Tight
Label: Death Row Records
Released: N/A (1996)

1. Intro
2. I Got U Bouncin`
3. Too Late Playa {ft. 2Pac, Big Daddy Kane, Nuttso & Danny Boy}
4. The Beat {ft. Spice 1, K9 & Mad Dogg}
5. Down In My Hood {ft. Danny Boy & Lil` Big}
6. Props On The Spot
7. Get Up
8. Player Hater Of The Week
9. Town By The Bay {ft. Danny Boy & Lil` Big}
10. Can U Feel It? Pt. 1 {ft. Storm, Nutt-So, Kurupt, Mac Mall & Numskull}
11. Hammer Time Brings It
12. Everybody Party Down
13. Free Intro
14. I Wish U Were Free
15. Tuesday Night
16. Unconditional Love


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