Friday, July 02, 2010

SWoLLeN MeMBeRs` "STReNGTH [12 iNCH]"...

Got a NiCe lil` 12" from Swollen Members, Mad Child & Prevail for y`all listen pleasure. I DiG this 12" because it shows ya just how iLL a Canadian/ American collaboration can be when all folks involved bring their best. I say that there`s a CaN~Am connection because well it`s straight obvious, Swollen Members are Canadian & 2 of the 4 tracks on this 12" are produced by Americans (Alchemist did "Strength" & "Bottle Rocket" was produced by Evidence). The other 2 tracks, "Out Of Range" & "Bless & Destroy" are produced by Zodiak, I`m not too sure who this kat is - but I think he`s Canadian (School me if I`m wrong!). Anyway my favorite joint on here has got to be "Bottle Rocket" featuring Divine Styler, Everlast & Evidence -- it`s a great collabo` track, go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Swollen Members - Strength [12 Inch]
Label: Battle Axe Records

1. Strength {ft. Christian Olde Wolbers}
2. Out Of Range
3. Strength [Instr.]
4. Bless & Destroy
5. Bottle Rocket {ft. Divine Styler, Everlast & Evidence}
6. Bless & Destroy [Instr.]

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