Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DJ`s JS-1 & Skizz Present - "Heavy Rotation Vol. 2"...

Another iLL MiXTaPe for y`all, some good ol` CLaSSiC tunes for your listening pleasure. Both DJ`s JS-1 & SKiZZ don`t disappoint with this one y`all, you`ll be glad you checked this one out! Another one file joint though...

DJ`s JS-1 & Skizz Present - Heavy Rotation Vol. 2 [Hosted by Rahzel]
Label: N/A
Released: 2009

1. Reprogram Intro {DJ JS-1}
2. Reprogram {Channel Live}

3. Jingle Jangle {The Legion (Dre`s Verse)}
4. Girl Named Kim {Biz Markie}
5. It`s A Shame [Rmx] {Kool G. Rap}

6. Mad Crew {KRS-One}
7. Everything Remains Raw {Busta Rhymes}

8. Real Live {K-Def & Larry O}
9. I Get Physical {Live-N-Effect Posse}
10. `Zoom (Get Retarted) {Craig Mack}
11. L.I. Groove {Hard 2 Obtain}

12. Down The Line {Bassblasta (Guru & Smooth B Verses)}
13. Fin Tune Da Mic {Maestro Fresh Wes (Showbiz Verse)}

14. Let The Horns Blow {Chi Ali (Phife Dawg Verse)}
15. Off & On {Trends Of Culture}

16. Bounce Master {Doo Wop}
17. Four Minus Three {Masta Ace}
18. Symphony 2 {Kool G. Rap}
19. Live `N` Direct From The House Of Hits {Craig G}
20. Deep Cover 187 [Rmx] {Dr. Dre}
21. Watch The Sound [Rmx] {Fat Joe (Diamond D Verse)}

22. Method Man [Rmx] {Method Man}
23. How Many Blunts Break {Nice & Smooth}

24. Nightshift [Rmx] {Positive K}

25. I Made Love Break {Lil` Shawn}
26. Gass Face [Rmx] {3rd Bass (Pete Nice Verse)}

27. Villain [Demo] {Nas}
28. Life Of A Drug Dealer {GZA}
29. Smooth {Powerule}

30. Funky Science Break {Papa Chuk}
31. Cash In My Hands {Nice & Smooth}


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