Wednesday, December 22, 2010

E-A SKi`s "1 STeP AHeaD Of YaLL [EP]"...

Here`s some more of that early 1992 E-A Ski ish, this joint was released on No Limit Records. If I`m not mistaken the cassette version of this EP has only 8 tracks, "Just For The Radio" is added as a bonus track on the CD release. Overall the EP is pretty solid all the way thru, good beats & a decent range of topics are covered lyrically. Stand~out joints (my opinion of course), "1 Step Ahead Of Yall", "Mama Used To Say" & "Listen To The Hit". After I had already uploaded this I noticed that the file contains 10 tracks & the order is a lil` jack`D up, my apologies. To correct it all ya need to do is delete track 9 "Mama Used To Say" (cuz it`s the same as track 4 "Mama Used To Say") & rename "Just For The Radio" so it`s actually track 9....LoL, apparently I was a bit on the BuZZ`d side when I put this one together, oh well check it out & enjoy...

Label: No Limit Records
Released: 1992

1. Intro
2. Inch Mile

3. One Step Ahead Of Yall

4. Mama Used To Say

5. Listen To The Hit

6. Up In The Guts
7. Straight Business
8. The Same
9. Just For The Radio


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