Monday, December 06, 2010

SLiCK RiCK`s "The ArT Of SToRy TeLLiNG [ADVaNCe]"...

"Now here`s a lil` somethin` that needs to be heard"...

Honestly y`all I didn`t know about this version of Slick Rick`s "The Art Of Story Telling" until I heard my homie MaRSuPiaL BuMP`n it at his crib the other day. So being the BiG Slick Rick fan that I am I borrowed it to copy...& well, share it with y`all folks that are curious enough to want to listen. I`m guessing it`s what the album was going to be, but for whatever reasons there were slight changes made at the last moment before it was released. Anyway, I`ll just mention the differences that I`ve noticed after a listen...

Right away you`ll notice that the first track "Jail Skit" doesn`t feature Redman like the retail`s version, but instead features Nas & there`s also someone else who I can`t put my finger on at the moment, but he`s after Rev. Run & just before Nas (school me y`all). Track 6, the "Bugsy Radio [Skit]" is a lil` different as well. If you listen closely the background music is the beginning of "Unify", that`s not the case on the retail. Track 12 features Q-Tip & Wyclef unlike the retail`s version that has Q-Tip & Peter Gunz. You`ll also notice that the track "Fresh" featuring J.D. (originally released on J.D`s 1998 album "Life In 1472") is included...

Then there`s the "Rick & Wyclef [Skit]" that appears just before "Memories". Wyclef welcomes Slick Rick home (from jail) & asks Rick to drop that "Memories" joint & tells folks not to bootleg Rick`s music....LoL, "Unify" with Snoop Dogg sounds more like a freestyled version of the track that`s on the retail release. Track 21 "I Sparkle" doesn`t appear on the retail version, I believe that the track was release on a 12" though. The version of "I Own America Part 2" is also a lil` bit different than the retail version, this one has a woman signing all thru the track. Gotta say that I prefer the one that`s on the retail album. The only other difference between the Advance & the Retail is that the Advance version doesn`t have the "CEO Outro" & the retail bonus tracks; "We Turn It On", "La Di Da Di [Live]" or "The Show [Live]". So there y`all have it, now check it out & enjoy...

Slick Rick- The Art Of Story Telling [Advance]
Released: 1999
Label: Def Jam

1. Jail Skit {ft. Ed Lover, Run, Nas}
2. Kill Niggaz
3. Street Talkin` {ft. Outkast}

4. Me & Nas Bring It To You The Hardest {ft. Nas}

5. I Own America Part 1
6. Bugsy Radio [Skit]

7. Who Rotten `Em?

8. 2 Way Street

9. King Piece In The Chess Game {ft. Canibus}
10. Trapped In Me
11. Impress The Kid {ft. S&S}

12. Q-Tip & Wyclef [Skit]
13. I Run This
14. Frozen {ft. Raekwon}
15. Fresh {ft. J.D.}

16. Why, Why, Why?
17. Adults Only

18. Rick & Wyclef [Skit]
19. Memories
20. Unify {ft. Snoop Dogg}

21. I Sparkle

22. Bugsy Radio [Skit]
23. I Own America Part 2


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