Sunday, February 27, 2011

KRS-One`s "BaCK To The L.A.B." (LyRiCaL Ass BeaTiNG) EP...

Not really too sure what the story is behind this lil` EP from KRS-One. My homie DiRTy KooL AiD got this as a CD-R from a KRS-One concert, at least that`s the story he told me....LoL, in all honesty it`s far from KRS-One`s best work. I`m guessin` it`s just a lil` somethin` he dropped as promo before "Meta-Historical" the collabo` album with True Master. It`s just under 20 minutes, that`s why my guess is that it`s strictly for promo. Either way give it a listen if you`re curious...

Label: N/A
Released: 2010

1. Who Da Best?
2. Omni-Hood
3. Wolf
4. Show Shocked
5. Never Afraid
6. Tek-Nology


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