Friday, May 06, 2011

ETeRNia`s "GeT CauGHT uP [MiXTaPe]"...

Here`s an iLL Eternia mixtape that was released in 2009, put together by & Kevin -- also mixed by the always impressive DJ Law. It`s a great collection of tracks, including some raw exclusives! For those that don`t know who Eternia is, no worries. I`ll be postin` up more of her joints in the future so in the process you`ll be hit with more info`. For now let`s just say she`s one of Canada`s iLLeST on the mic period, male or female...

The reason I`m not really going into much detail about this joint is simple, if ya look at the 'tracklist' pic included Eternia gives ya some nice lil` tidbits of info` on each track. Kind of wish more artists did this type of thing. I listen to this joint all the way thru whenever I BuMP it, every song on here is good. My fav` joint however is "Herstory", followed by "Day In The Life" then "God`s Story". Don`t sleep on this mix trust me!!!

Label: N/A
Released: 2009

1. Re-Introducing [Prod. by Ant B a.k.a. Mr. Cincinnati]
2. Dynomite (2005)
3. Foul Child (2009) [Prod. by Ant B a.k.a. Mr. Cincinnati]
4. Stuck Up (2000) [Prod. by Apathy]
5. Spring Fever {ft. DJ Killajewel} (2003) [Prod. by Simahlak]
6. Real Frequency (2003) [Prod. by Jake One]
7. God`s Story (2004) [Prod. by Mercilless]
8. Perfection {ft. Promise & Grimace Love} (2004) [Prod. by Amir]
9. Day In The Life {ft. Tona & Maestro Fresh Wes} (2008) [Prod. by MoSS]
10. Victorious {ft. G-Knight} (2004) [Prod. by Mercilless]
11. Destiny (2007) [Prod. by Apathy]
12. On & On (2007) [Prod. by Mez]
13. Balance (2004) [Prod. by Kenny Bounce Neal Jr.]
14. Everything (2004) [Prod. by 9th Wonder]
15. Herstory (2005)
16. Let Go [Outro] [Prod. by Ant B a.k.a. Mr. Cincinnnati]


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