Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UnKNoWn2SCieNTZ` "SeCoND TRyMeZTaH"...

What`s the deal y`all? Hope you`re enjoying the Spring weather! In the O~DouBLe T it`s finally starting to get nice outside & the rain seems to be staying away. Which is great since it`s been raining pretty much everyday for the last week & some change. Along with Spring comes the often dreaded Spring cleaning.....LoL, honestly I don`t mind it so much though because most of the time I end up finding some ish I had really been lookin` for....LoL, take for instance this album that I`m about to share with y`all. I knew that I had it & had been lookin` for it for a few months, then one day I decided to commence the good ol` Spring cleaning. That`s when I pulled an Indy Jones & discovered Unknown2Scientz`s 2004 album "Second Trymeztah"...

Unfortunately I know very little about the Canadian HiP HoP duo, but I`ll do my best to fill you in with what I do. First off, if you`re a fan of iLL word~play backed by dark grimy beats then you`ll definitely DiG Unknown2Scientz! From what I was told Unknown & Scientz were originally a part of Dubb Club, an east~end Toronto group of free~flowin` emcees that earned their props thru~out the Underground scene of eastern Scarborough. They had a decent fan~base, things were going great for a while...

Eventually though with all things good conflicts began to arise & the collective broke apart. Unknown & Scientz however decided to continue to work with each other & eventually they formed the duo Unknown2Scientz. The first song that I heard from them was "A Couple Of Wordz" featuring fellow Canadian female emcee Eternia (y`all know her....LoL) off their 2002 album "Kaotic Conception", it`s a nice battle~type track...

 "Second Trymeztah" is most definitely an Underground gem of an album that more headz need to hear. My favorite track off the album is "Raping & Pillaging", it`s a B.I.G. tune! The sample that they flipped for the beat may be familiar to y`all, if it`s not then something`s wrong....LoL, other DoPe tracks include; "Depraved Jenius", "Cl-Click Blao", "Chinese Treez", "Da Saliva Document", "Dunno Dis", "Necessary Illusionz", "Can U Relate?" & "DUI". Do ya`self a favor & check this out, you`ll be glad ya did...

Released: 2004
1. Torture [Intro]
2. Raping & Pillaging
3. Show & Prove
4. Zig Zags {ft. Candlestixx}
5. Depraved Jenius
6. Drinking With The Devil [Interlude]
7. Cl-Click Blao
8. State Of The World Address
9. Chinese Treeze
10. Da Saliva Document
11. Dunno Dis
12. Area 51[Interlude]
13. Necessary Illusionz
14. Can U Relate?
15. 9th Dimension {ft. Chemist}
16. Problemz
17. Rock Da Beat {ft. Empire}
18. Scizzahz
19. DUI {ft. Syknisis, Chemist & Candlestixx}
20. AZ Good AZ It Gets [Outro]


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