Saturday, January 21, 2012

Da BRaT`s "LiFe AFTeR DeaTH [MiXTaPe]"...

I know, I know...LoL, I`m a bit late postin` this joint up, but whatever! I just recently got the chance to give this mixtape a listen, so now I`ma share it with y`all. I know that there`s a few kats out there that haven`t heard this yet, so you`re welcome. Anyways what I`m talkin` about is Da Brat`s "Life After Death Mixtape", the joint she put together after serving her 3~year bid. I`ve been a fan of Da B-R-A-T since she first stepped on the scene back in 1994, so I`m glad that she decided to get right back into the booth after being released, unlike Shyne & Mystikal. One good thing is that her style hasn`t switched up too much (compared to her last record in 2003), so you know that the So So Def vet is BLeSS`n ya with a nice listen...

I believe that this joint dropped back in June of 2011, released as a freebie to spark up a buzz & tide fans over til she drops an official album. Jadakiss, Brandon Hines & Twista all help welcome the Da Brat home with some features while DJ Greg Street hosts the mixtape. Although "Get It, Get It" featuring Jadakiss & Brandon Hines & "Dumb, Stupid, Crazy" featuring Twista may be the only original tracks on this mixtape (both produced by J.D.), Da Brat still brings some heat when she`s spittin` over the beats of some current chart hits. She adds her touch to joints like "2Pac`s Back" ("It`s Brat"), "Racks", Miguel`s "Sure Thing", Chris Brown`s "Look At Me Now" & Kelly Roland`s "Motivation" to name a few...

The best joint on this mixtape, my opinion of course, would have to be "West Side" with it`s nice laidback G-Funk vibe. Following that is "Second Chance", a deep emotional joint that has Da Brat speakin` on her trials & tribulations. It may not be the DoPesT track on here, but it`s most def` the ReaLesT joint. Even though she is kind of outshined by Jadakiss on "Get It, Get It" Da Brat spits a nice double~time flow. While on the thumpin` "Dumb, Stupid, Crazy" she & fellow Chi~towner Twista spit heaters. Sure this mixtape may be a lil` on the short side, but in my ears it`s straight & to the point. It does what it was intended to do, get Da Brat`s name out there & let all the doubters know that the original platinum female emcee is back, so check it out & enjoy...

Label: N/A
Released: 2011

1. Intro
2. It`s Brat
3. West Side
4. Get It, Get It {ft. Jadakiss & Brandon Hines}
5. Racks [Rmx]
6. Sure Thing [Rmx]
7. Second Chance
8. Fab 5 Freddy
9. Dumb, Stupid, Crazy {ft. Twista}
10. Motivation [Rmx]
11. Look At Me Now [Rmx]


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