Monday, January 30, 2012

NeCRo`s "GeT On YouR KNeeS [12 iNCH]"...

Re-uPP`d, originally posted 11.15.2011...

What`s up y`all? Hope all is good on your side of the tracks. I celebrated my 31st birthday on the 19 of last month, so I have some gifts to share with y`all since a few of my homies hit me up with some B-day goodies. See I`m not as greedy as some folks claim me to be he~heh~heh. The first lil` gem I received was Necro`s "Get On Your Knees" 12 inch, thank you M@RSuPiaL it`s much appreciated!!!

"Get On Your Knees" is actually the first song that I had heard of Necro`s. I believe that I heard it on the One 4 All radio show (89.1 fm) back when the 12 inch first dropped. It`s a pretty humorous joint (in a twisted way), you don`t need to be a NASA engineer to figure out what the subject matter is.....LoL, the B-Side of this single has Necro spittin` his sadistic lyrics over a nice dark & grimy track. In case you were wondering, both tracks on this 12 inch were produced by Necro myself. As for who Necro is I will get into that a little later on in another post, for now enjoy the tunes...


Label: Fat Beats
Released: 1997

A1. Get On Your Knees [Clean]
A2. Get On Your Knees [Filthy]
A3. Get On Your Knees [Instr.]
B1. Underground (Rules4Ghouls) [Filthy Perversion]
B2. Underground (Rules4Ghouls) [Clean Incision]
B3. Underground (Rules4Ghouls) [Insert-Da-Mental]


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