Saturday, February 04, 2012

DaZ DiLLiNGeR`s "iN CaLiFoRNia" [PRoMo CD SiNGLe]...

Was DiGG`n in to my CD Singles again, so today the first one I`m going to share with y`all is Daz Dillinger`s "In California" Promo CD Single. From what I can tell this joint was mainly handed out to radio & club DJ`s to help promote Daz Dillinger`s 1998 solo album "Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back". This song reminds me of the Summer, just kickin` it smokin` a few joints enjoying the nice warm weather......LoL, something that I`d love to be doing now! Can`t wait for the winter to end!!! Anyway this Single only has 3 tracks on it; the Radio version, the LP version & the Instrumental. One thing that I enjoy about this joint is that Daz took some extra time & rewrote some of his lines for the Radio version so there`s no annoying editing done to the track. The thumpin` beat was produced by Soopafly with some co-production by Daz himself, while Val "Lady V" Young provided the DoPe singin` on the hook. So go `head & check it out...

Label: Death Row Records/ Priority Records
Released: 1998

1. In California [Radio] {ft. Val "Lady V" Young}
2. In California [LP] {ft. Val "Lady V" Young}
3. In California [Instr.]


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