Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MiSTeR Cee PReSeNTs: "The BeST Of MoBB DeeP"...

Re-uPP`d, originally posted on 07.21.2011...

Was fortunate enough to finally get a hold of this 'Best Of Mix' of Mobb Deep courtesy of the homie RuSTy KNeeD-eLs. I remember this mixtape from when I was a young buck because one of the kats I ran with back in the day had it, however he never wanted to lend it out. So now I can finally say, "Fuck you Chris, it only took 15 years to get a hold of, but I finally have it to BuMP!" It`s definitely a great mix, if you`re a fan of Mobb Deep then you need to check this!!!

Label: N/A
Released: 1996

1. Peer Pressure
2. Cop Hell [Unreleased]
3. Hit It From The Back
4. Patty Shop [Unreleased] {ft. Big Noyd}
5. Shook Ones [Parts 1 & 2]
6. The Bridge `94 [Unreleased] {ft. Big Noyd}
7. Survival Of The Fittest [Original & Rmx] {ft. Crystal Johnson}
8. Give Up The Goods {ft. Big Noyd}
9. We About To Get Hectic [Unreleased] {ft. Gambino}
10. Temperature`s Rising [Original & Rmx] {ft. Crystal Johnson}
11. Eye For A Eye {ft. Nas & Raekwon}
12. Drink Away The Pain {ft. Q-Tip}
13. Q.U. [Unreleased]
14. Microphone Master [Rmx] {Das EFX ft. Mobb Deep}
15. Bloodshed & War {Da Youngstas ft. Mobb Deep}
16. Take It In Blood [Unreleased]
17. Still Shinin`
18. Recognize & Realize (Parts 1 & 2) {Big Noyd ft. Mobb Deep}
19. War’s On {The Almighty RSO ft. Mobb Deep}
20. Back At You
21. Street Life {ft. L.E.S. & ACD}
22. First Day Of Spring [Unreleased] {ft. Tragedy}
23. L.A., L.A. [Original & Rmx] {Tragedy ft. Capone-N-Noreaga & Mobb Deep}
24. I Shot Ya [Rmx] {LL Cool J ft. Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe & Foxxy Brown}
25. Usual Suspect [Original & Rmx] {Big Noyd ft. Havoc}
26. Live Nigga Rap {Nas ft. Mobb Deep}
27. Drop A Gem On `Em
28. Rep The Q.B.C. [Unreleased] {ft. Godfather Pt. III}
29. Legal Money {Shaquille O’Neal ft. Mobb Deep}
30. Hell On Earth
31. Everyday Gunplay [Unreleased]
32. Da Promise {Foxy Brown ft. Havoc}
33. Crime Connection [Unreleased] {ft. Cormega}
34. G.O.D. Pt. III
35. In The Long Run [Unreleased] {ft. Ty Nitty}
36. Eyes May Shine [Rmx] {Xzibit ft. Mobb Deep}
37. Extortion {ft. Method Man}
38. Nightime Vultures {ft. Raekwon}


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