Friday, September 28, 2012

HDV`s "SeCReT" [PRoMo 12 iNCH]...

Dust`N off some ol` Canadian Hip Hop for y`all today from the "Pimp Of The Microphone" himself, Mr. HDV. This is a promo 12 inch that was released back in 1990, released thru ISBA Music Entertainment Inc.. DJ X produced "Secret [Advanced Rmx]" as well as "Secret [The Power Move Mix]" & it`s instrumental. You may recognize some of his work from Michie Mee`s debut album, he produced "You`re Feisty". Maximum 60 & Ron Nelson handled the production for "Secret [Original Mix]". All in all it`s a decent listen, go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: ISBA Music Entertainment Inc.
Released: 1990

1. Secret [Advanced Rmx]
2. Secret [Original Mix]
3. Secret [The Power Move Mix]
4. Secret [The Power Move Mix Instr.]


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