Sunday, October 07, 2012

DJ RHuDe PReSeNTs - "NaS: The FouND TaPeS" [MiXTaPe]...

Here`s a mixtape that was put together by DJ Rhude titled "Nas: The Found Tapes", it was released in 2011. Somehow I managed to miss out on this when it first dropped, thankfully my boy K-NyNe hipp`D me to it. In all honesty, I haven`t really given it a good listen yet. Mainly just the short 15 or so minutes that it took me to edit up the files to share with y`all. It`s definitely got some head~nodd`N joints for y`all to check out though with production from the likes of Dame Grease, The Trackmasters, Salaam Remi, Chop Diesel & a few other kats that I`m not so familiar with like Infinite Arkatechz & Wyldfyer. I`m really DiGG`n "Your Mouth Got You In It", Dame Grease does a great job on the beat! So in the words of the mighty lyricist Nasty Nas, "don`t sleep `cuz sleep is the cousin of Death..."

Label: N/A
Released: 2011

1. I Record A Lot Of Shit [Intro]
2. The Rise & Fall [Prod. by The Trackmasters]
3. Your Mouth Got You In It [Prod. by Dame Grease]
4. Seeds Of Heaven [Prod. by Infinite Arkatechz]
5. Street Disciples [Rhudemix] {ft. Kool G. Rap}
6. Where Y`all At? [Prod. by Salaam Remi]
7. Esco Let`s Go (What It Is?)
8. You Don`t Know Me [Prod. by The Trackmasters]
9. Project`s 2 Hot {ft. 50 Cent & Nature} [Prod. by Chop Diesel]
10. Worst Enemy [Prod. by Infinite Arkatechz]
11. The Foulness Freestyles [Prod. by The Trackmasters]
12. Hope [Original Version] {ft. Chrisette Michele} [Prod. by Wyldfyer]
13. Never Gonna Give It Up {ft. Product G&B} [Prod. by Al West]
14. Tales From The Hood [Prod. by Gowdy]
15. The Essence [Unreleased Version] {ft. AZ} [Prod. by Chop Diesel]


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