Monday, November 26, 2012

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "CaN YoU MaKe Me FeeL GooD? VoL. 1"...

Since I had a gang of folks askin` for a re~up on this joint, here y`all go...

Re~uPP`D originally posted 01.17.2010...

Here`s a lil` mix that I put together just before the New Year, it`s got the usual mix of both older & new tracks. I started things off with some Redman & some tracks that featured him as well, then moved it on with some Eminem & some tracks that he was a guest on. "The Warning" is a humorous DiSS track aimed at Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon both. Thought it was MaD funny how Em` used samples of Mariah`s voice from a so~called studio session that they had that`s some dirty play`N! "Oh Really?" is just one of the DoPe tracks off that joint album by KRS-One & Buckshot (if ya haven`t heard their "Survival Skills" album yet I strongly suggest that you do!) "Wack MC`s" follows, thought it was a good choice since it features a nice lil` KRS-One sample for the hook -- Slaughterhouse rips up the track nicely as well...

Still on the Slaughterhouse tip, I decided to add solo tracks from each member to the mix CD. Started things off with Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, then Royce Da 5`9. Royce`s "Part Of Me" features some great storytelling, I`m tellin` you Slick Rick would be proud. "Bang-Bang"; a surprising collabo` between La Coka Nostra & Snoop is followed by "100 Miles & Runnin`" another East & West Coast collabo` featuring Warren G, Raekwon & the king of hooks Nate Dogg. The "Renaissance Rap [Rmx]" is one of my favorite joints on this mix. Q-Tip rounds up Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil` Wayne for what seems like an updated version of the Juice Crew`s CLaSSiC track "The Symphony". I don`t really think that Marley Marl would complain at all since all 4 emcees rock the mic...

"Speed Of Light" & "Hood Dreamer" follow -- both are hot tracks, but I really want to talk about the last 2 joints on this mix. "Eat A Dick" is a previously unreleased track of Snoop Dogg`s, but thanks to the folks over at WIDEawake Entertainment we actually got to hear it. It`s a track from "The Death Row: The Lost Sessions, Vol. 1" album that they released back in October of last year. If you haven`t heard it yet & you`re a BiG fan of Snoop`s then you need to hear it! "Slaves" is the last track on this mix & it`s a joint by Sam Sneed. One of my friends told me that it`s a new joint, but I really have no idea. Hopefully it is because I`d like to hear some more music from Sam Sneed, especially since he didn`t really get to drop too much music while he was workin` with Death Row Records. Anyways that`s enough yapp`N for now, hope y`all enjoy the mix...

Label: N/A
Mixed: December 27, 2009

1. iNTRo
2. A Million & 1 Buddah Spots {Redman}
3. Hypnotize {Luniz ft. Redman}
4. City Lights {Method Man & Redman ft. Bun B}
5. This Is It [Showoff Rmx] {Statik Selektah ft. D-Dot, Redman & Black Rob}
6. Off The Wall {Eminem & Redman}
7. The Warning {Eminem}
8. Words Are Weapons {Eminem & D-12}
9. Who Want It? {Trick Trick ft. Eminem}
10. 911 {Eminem, B-Real & Ganxsta Ridd}
11. Oh Really? {KRS-One & Buckshot ft. Talib Kweli}
12. Wack MCs {Slaughterhouse}
13. What`s Hip Hop? {Crooked I}
14. Can`t You Tell? {Joell Ortiz}
15. Freight Train {Joe Budden}
16. Part Of Me {Royce Da 5`9}
17. Bang-Bang {La Coka Nostra ft. Snoop Dogg}
18. 100 Miles & Runnin` {Warren G ft. Raekwon & Nate Dogg}
19. Renaissance Rap [Rmx] {Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil` Wayne}
20. Speed Of Light {Trife Diesel ft. B.O.B. & Inspectah Deck}
21. Hood Dreamer {Willie Northpole ft. B.O.B.}
22. Eat A Dick {Snoop Dogg ft. Lil` Malik}
23. Slaves {Sam Sneed}

R.i.P. PRooF & NaTe DoGG...

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