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H.W.A.`s "LiViN` iN A HoE HouSe"...

 Re~uPP`d, originally posted 12.04.2008...

Ah yes, the very classy H.W.A. better known to the Hip Hop world as Hoes With Attitude...LoL, I kid you not my friends. I can still remember as a teen seeing the cover art for the album & thinkin` to myself, "I`ve just gotta hear this!"....LoL, keep in mind my hormones were doing most of the talkin`. I mean as a horny lil` young buck how could ya not like a cover that features 3 chicks with one of `em rockin` next to nothing showin` her ass turned away from ya only to have each of other 2 chicks palming an ass cheek?.....LoL, CLaSSiC...

Anyways at what can only seem like an attempt to capitalize off of the controversial buzz that N.W.A. was receiving at the time, this female trio was formed in early 1989. The group consisted of members Jazz, Baby Girl & Diva a.k.a. Go-Di. They released their debut album titled "Livin` In A Hoe House" on the indy label Drive-By Records back in 1990, a year after the group was formed. Mostly produced by Dangerous D & Ronnie Vann, the album was driven by the singles "Little Dick" & "Eat This". Unfortunately for the group it didn`t do too well commercially, but they did start to get recognized for their X~Rated raps...

 It`s not really all that surprising, but eventually N.W.A. member Eazy-E took notice & scooped them up signing `em to his Ruthless Records label in late 1993 early 1994. H.W.A. dropped their first 12 inch single with Ruthless Records in 1993 titled "All That (Juzt A Little Action)", then a remix 12 inch single for the same track in 1994. They followed up those 2 singles with an EP titled "Az Much Ass Azz U Want" that same year. After that the group released another 12 inch single in 1994 titled "I Ain`t No Lady". Overall the singles & EP weren`t really all that well received & the group disbanded a lil` while after that. Baby Girl went on to release a solo album in 1997 titled "Holla At Me, I`ll Put It On Ya", but as for the other 2 members I have no idea what they`re up to now~a~days...

 Their album "Livin` In A Hoe House" is alright, sure it`s nothing ground~breaking but it`s not all that bad really. There`s no punchline rappin` here & obviously there`s a good chunk of X~ratedness, but honestly after seeing the album`s cover you can`t really be too shocked & surprised....LoL, something to note as well is that the CD version includes 3 'bonus' tracks & they are the Tairrie B DiSS track "To Live Or Die", the N.W.A. DiSS track "The Conflict" & then finally "Baller Baller". The cassette version of the album only has 10 tracks; the Pimp Side (Side A) has 5 songs & then the Hoe Side (Side B) has the other 5.
I still find it kind of funny that these girls DiSS`d both N.W.A. & Tairrie B, but somehow still ended up on the same label as those that they were DiSS`n. Anyway, enjoy H.W.A.`s debut it`s a lil` on the rare side I`ve been told...

Label: Drive-By Records
Released: 1990

1. To Live Or Die {Tairrie B DiSS}*
2. Funk Me
3. Eat This
4. Livin` In A Hoe House
5. 1-900-BITCHES
6. Freaky Daze
7. Gangstrology
8. Tight
9. Trick Is A Trick
10. The Conflict {N.W.A. DiSS}*
11. Nasty
12. Baller Baller*
13. Little Dick

* = CD Bonus Track


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