Sunday, May 04, 2014

PLaYa G`s "PiMP SHiT"...

Remember boys & girls "Pimpin` Ani`t Dead!......Peace".....LoL, just buggin` out off the lil` typo that was in the inlay of this album (it`s at the very bottom in the middle white part if ya wanna peep it). I guess Playa G was too busy pimpin` to re~read his shout outs. Anyways as y`all can guess the album that I`m sharing with y`all today is from none other than Memphis, Tennessee`s own Playa G. The album is titled "Pimp Shit" & was released independently thru East Wood Recordings. Apparently this joint was later bootlegged in Japan & released again in 2000. I found a copy of the album in a pawn shop for the low~low price of $3, not sure if it`s the bootleg or original pressing though. I don`t really care all that much about which version it is, but I can see why it was bootlegged since I`ve seen the original pressing going for $250 online. That`s just bugg`D to me, not sure who determines these prices but they are definitely good for a laugh...

As for Playa G, I don`t know anything about this kat aside from his hometown & the fact that this is his debut album. He released a couple more albums in the late 1990`s, but that is all that I have info`~wise on this guy -- so I`ll just talk a lil` about the album itself. Beat~wise this joint most definitely has some trunk rumblers! Your speakers will surely get a workout, they may even do a lil` walkin`.....LoL, anyways I`ll be all the way honest & let ya know now, the only reason that I copped this was because of the nice lil` shorty on the back cover rockin` that G~string palmin` her ass. What else can I say? It was a nice pic.....LoL, but let`s get back to the album now shall we???

Lyrically Playa G isn`t gon` blow ya` mind with his rhymes, still he manages to keep things interesting enough to warrant a listen to the album, but it`s definitely the beats that help carry this project. Subject matter on the album ranges from the obvious pimpin`, murder, chillin` with homies drinkin` & smokin` to Memphis livin`. Standout tracks for me are; "Fuck The Trunk", "Drink A Yak", "Chillen Wit` My Niggaz", "Pimp Shit", "Something To Ride To" & "Livin` In Memphis". If ya feel like rollin` down ya` block in a drop~top Caddy like a boss pimp then this album will surely be a decent soundtrack for the event....LoL, so go `head & save yourself $250 by checkin` it out here...

Label: East Wood Recordings
Released: 1996

1. Murderer
2. Fake Ass Bustas {ft. Mr. KJ}
3. Fuck The Trunk {ft. Lil` Milt}
4. Drink A Yak
5. Pimpin` Ain`t Easy
6. Chillen Wit` My Niggaz
7. Pimp Shit
8. Same Ol` Game {ft. Lil` Cherokee & Mr. Lynch}
9. Something To Ride To
10. Late Nite {ft. Kool Daddy Fresh}
11. Livin` In Memphis
12. I`m So High


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