Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TaPeMaSTeRS iNc. & KeYZ PReSeNT - "2PaC: Runnin` WiTH An OuTLaW"...

Since I didn`t have any cassette rips to share for the Tuesday Tape Rip series this week I figured that I could at the very least share with y`all this mixtape that I`ve been listening to for the last few days. Lately there`s been quite a few 2Pac news articles being published on the various Hip Hop news sites, so naturally I`ve been checkin` `em out. I can only guess that all the media attention given to `Pac was due to the fact that his birthday had just passed on June 16th. Anyway, all that reading that I was doing also led to me dustin` off this mixtape presented by Tapemasters Inc. & Keyz titled "2Pac: Runnin` With An Outlaw" which they released back in 2005, it`s a pretty solid effort overall. They definitely made some great selections when it came to the songs that they picked for this mixtape. Since it was the 12th edition of their Collabo series Tapemasters Inc. & Keyz decided to choose some of 2Pac`s better collaborations although some of them were created after his death like "Loyal To The Game" with 50 Cent & G-Unit or "N.I.G.G.A." with Jadakiss for example...

The only downside (it`s only minor) about this joint is that they chose to use the edited version of the `Pac & Scarface collabo` "Smile". Aside from that though this joint is almost a 5 star effort. I think had they used the original versions of "Loyal To The Game", "Runnin`", "One Day At A Time" & "Military Minds" then this mixtape would`ve been gold star sticker worthy....LoL, my opinion of course. I`ve never been a super huge fan of `Pac like say my cousin Dawson is, but I definitely am a fan of the man`s work! He had some great charisma on the mic & when he spit his lyrics you definitely felt them. Whether he was spittin` DiSSeS, some political ish or even some positive uplifting stuff for the women, whatever it was he made sure that you experienced some type of emotion. It really is a DaMn shame that he was taken away from us so early in his career! I`m sure he would`ve been doing some great things had he not been killed in Las Vegas. Hopefully someday soon in the near future they can figure out who was TRULY responsible for taking his Life so justice can be served & we no longer have to see the theories (here`s a nice lil` article about some of them). Wishful thinking, yes I know, but hey I had to put it out there. Anyway take a lil` trip while listening to this joint & enjoy some of `Pac's best collaboration songs spanning from early in his career all the way to after his death. I`m sure you`ll like it even if you aren`t a 2Pac fan...

Label: N/A
Released: 2005

1. Loyal To The Game {ft. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Young Buck}
2. N.I.G.G.A. {ft. Jadakiss}
3. Got My Mind Made Up {ft. Method Man, Redman, Daz & Kurupt}
4. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted {ft. Snoop Dogg}
5. California Love {ft. Dr. Dre}
6. Wanted Dead Or Alive {ft. Snoop Dogg}
7. Runnin` (Dying To Live) {ft. Notorious B.I.G.}
8. One Day At A Time [Em`s Version] {ft. Eminem}
9. Smile {ft. Scarface}
10. Thugz Mansion [Nas Acoustic] {ft. Nas}
11. How Do U Want It {ft. K-Ci & JoJo}
12. Toss It Up {ft. Aaron Hall, K-Ci & JoJo}
13. All `Bout U {ft. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Dru Down}
14. I Get Around {ft. Digital Underground}
15. World Wide Mob Figgaz {ft. Outlawz}
16. Deadly Combination {ft. Big L}
17. Last Wordz {ft. Ice Cube & Ice-T}
18. 5 Deadly Venoms {ft. Treach, Apache & Live Squad}
19. Military Minds {ft. Cocoa Brovaz & Buckshot}
20. 1st To Bomb {ft. Daz}
21. Hail Mary {ft. Outlawz}
22. Freestyle {ft. Notorious B.I.G.}
23. Same Song {ft. Digital Underground}
24. Teardrops & Closed Caskets {ft. Outlawz & Nate Dogg}
25. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto {ft. Brownstone}

The Mediafire link file password is FR33Mu$1C

MeGa LiNK...

R.i.P. 2PaC...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TueSDaY TaPe RiP...DeaD PReZ`s "NoT YeT FRee [ALBuM SaMPLeR]"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Hope all is well on your side of the tracks! Today I`m droppin` another post for the on~going Tuesday Tape Rip series. I know that I skipped out last week, my apologies I just simply didn`t have the time to post anything. Anyway this cassette rip comes courtesy of Captain Squid~LiD. So BiG uPs must go out to him, thanks for sharing the rip! All I did was adjust the volume of the file because it was kind of on the low side so I just raised it up a lil` bit. This cassette rip that I`m sharing with y`all today is a rip of an album sampler that Loud Records dropped as promo for dead prez`s "Let`s Get Free" album that was released in 2000. It contains snippets of tracks from their "Let`s Get Free" album (obviously....LoL), but it also contains a few interludes that aren`t on the album like "Army/Family" & "Martial Arts" as well as a few instrumentals. I was going to separate the snippets into their own tracks, but seeing as how the whole file is under 6 minutes in length I just decided to leave it as is. Now if you`re not familiar with dead prez, well you`ll just have to do some research on ya` own or wait until I drop another post for their debut album "Let`s Get Free". Until then peep this album sampler, get hyped up for their debut album & then go & cop it. Support some real Hip Hop, enjoy...
Label: Loud Records
Released: 2000


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

EiGHTBaLL & MJG`s "LiSTeN To The LyRiCs [CaSSeTTe SiNGLe]"...

I originally had this tape ripped & ready to go for the next post in the Tuesday Tape Rip series, but unfortunately Time Warner had some problems with their services yesterday. So for about 8 hours or so I didn`t have any cable, home phone or internet, oh the joys of having one company for all 3 services. It actually sucks like $2 hooker$ on pay~day, but that`s another story. Needless to say it was no fun trying to tell my 2 year old son how he couldn`t go on the website because our internet wasn`t working. His reply was simply, "`Puter, `puter daddy! I want `Mouse on the `puter daddy!!!" Followed by some frustration when the site wouldn`t load up on the laptop....LoL, kids are priceless. Anyway, let me get back on topic. Got to send a King Hippo sized shout out to C-Gull~E for hookin` me up with the tape so I could rip it to share with y`all, so BiG~uPs goes out to him! Since I had this all ready to go I`m not going to wait until next Tuesday to post it. There just won`t be a Tuesday Tape Rip this week that`s all, I know you`re sad about that....LoL

Now what am I sharing today? Well this joint is another cassette single, but this one is by the Memphis, Tennessee duo 8-Ball (8Ball, 8 Ball or Eightball) & MJG. It was released way back in the year 1991 by On The Strength Records & it`s titled "Listen To The Lyrics". It`s 3 tracks deep; 2 on the A-Side & 1 on the B-Side. I`ll be honest & say that I haven`t really heard any of their group albums, but I have listened to some of their solo work so I am somewhat familiar with each artist. Eightball`s solo double album (3 CD`s if you count the bonus disc) "Lost" which was released in 1998 is a solid album. While MJG`s solo album titled "No More Glory" from 1997 is also another solid effort. As for the duo I don`t know much about `em aside from them reppin` Memphis, Tennessee & first meeting each other back in 1984. From what I`ve been told "Listen To The Lyrics" is `Ball &`G's first single. They followed the single up with their debut album in 1993 titled "Comin` Out Hard" released by Suave House Records...

They have definitely built up a strong & loyal fan-base, releasing albums pretty consistently; "Comin` Out Hard" in 1993, "On The Outside Looking In" in 1994, "On Top Of The World" in 1995, "Lyrics Of  A Pimp (Strictly For Da Underground)" in 1997, "In Our Lifetime Vol. 1" in 1999, "Space Age 4 Eva" in 2000, "Living Legends" in 2004, "Ridin` High" in 2007, "Ten Toes Down" in 2010 & "From The Bottom 2 The Top" also released in 2010. As you can see they`ve certainly put in some work. If you`re a fan of theirs & you haven`t heard these tunes you should check `em out for sure, so you can hear their beginnings & see just how far they have come. The songs aren`t mind blowingly awesome, but they`re not bad either. I like "Got To Be Real" & "Listen To The Lyrics" the most overall. So there ya have it, go `head & check `em out for ya`self...


Label: On The Strength Records
Released: 1991

A1. Listen To The Lyrics
A2. Pimp In The House
B1. Got To Be Real


Sunday, May 31, 2015

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs "eXCuSe Me WHiLe I LiTe My SPLiFFs"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted on Sunday, August 24th, 2008...

Been gettin` a lot of requests lately for a re~uP on this joint, I was meaning to get around to it but always ended up gettin` side~tracked. Tonight I finally follow thru with the task, so this one`s for all of you that were asking about it. Anyway when I first put this lil` mix together it was mainly newer joints, but now 8 years later it`s obviously older tunes. Standout songs for me are; "Chrome & Paint [Rmx]", "Ridin` Dirty [West Coast Rmx]", "Let It Fly", "Way Back (Pioneer Tribute)", "Jockin` Jay-Z", "It`s Nothin`", "Brooklyn Bullshit" & "Everything Is Good". So go `head check it out & enjoy the tunes...

Mixed: August 24, 2008

1. iNTRo
2. Chrome & Paint [Rmx] {Ice Cube ft. W.C. & Money Grip}
3. This Ain`t A Game {Lil` Eazy-E ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony}
4. Streets {Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft. Game & Will-I-Am}
5. Dope Boys {Game ft. Travis Barker}
6. Cruisin` In My `64 {Dogg Pound}
7. Ridin` Dirty [West Coast Rmx] {Chamillionaire ft. DJ Quik, Game & Crooked I}
8. Criminal [Rmx] {Chamillionaire ft. Snoop Dogg & Busta Rhymes}
9. Trap Be Jumpin` [Rmx] {Ghetto Mafia ft. Shawty Lo}
10. Let It Fly {Trick Trick ft. Ice Cube}
11. Pressure {Killer Mike ft. Ice Cube}
12. Hard 2 Smile {Trae ft. Styles P}
13. Keep Pushin` {Sheek Louch ft. Mike Smith}
14. Cocaine Music {Jadakiss & Sheek Louch}
15. Toney Sigel a.k.a. Barrel Brothers {Ghostface ft. Beanie Sigel}
16. Jockin` Jay-Z {Jay-Z}
17. Way Back (Pioneer Tribute) {Smoothe Da Hustler}
18. It`s Nothing {Rakim}
19. Don`t Act Like You Don`t Know {Skillz ft. Freeway}
20. Brooklyn Bullshit {Joell Ortiz}
21. Everything Is Good {Bruce Hathcock ft. Eazy-E}


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TueSDaY TaPe RiP...iNDo G & LiL` BLuNT`s "BLaMe iT On The FuNK [CaSSeTTe SiNGLe]"...

What`s happenin` y`all? I figured that I`d try something new with the blog & hopefully I can keep it going. The idea that I had was to rip some random cassettes from out of my collection & share `em with y`all every Tuesday, hence the "Tuesday Tape Rip" title of this post. Now I don`t have an endless supply of tapes since I lost most of `em however I do have a box or 2. Some rips may come from a few of my homies others from folks that just hooked me up with `em, credit will be given to those that hooked me up with `em. Anyway, if this is something that you`d like to see feel free to drop some feedback/comments & let me know...

So for the first entry in this Tuesday Tape Rip series I reached into my box o` tapes & grabbed this cassette single by Indo G & Lil` Blunt titled "Blame It On The Funk", it was released thru Luke Records back in 1994. I`m gon` be transparent with y`all because I have really just started getting into Southern Hip Hop in the last 3-4 years so there`s plenty that I am still learning, so it shouldn`t be too much of a surprise that I don`t know much about these two kats -- aside from them reppin` Memphis, Tennessee. If any of y`all know more about `em, feel free to school me! Now "Blame It On The Funk" is a single from their 1995 released album titled "The Antidote" which also dropped on Luke Records. The song itself is a flip of The Jacksons` "Blame It On The Boogie" a Disco/Funk song that was released way back in 1978...

You get 4 tracks in total on the cassette single; "Blame It On The Funk" & its Instrumental on the A-side, then "We Got Da Weed" & "Where Dem Doggs At?" are on the B-side. All the tracks were produced by SMK, again forgive me but I`m not at all familiar with this kat either. He reps Tennessee as well & I`ve heard that he also raps, but other than that I got nothing else info` wise. Luther "Luke"Campbell of 2 Live Crew fame is listed as the executive producer of the single. I have to say that "Blame It On The Funk" is probably the better song on this cassette single, followed by "We Got Da Weed". Neither track is mind blowin`, but their beats are good enough to hold your attention. "Where Dem Doggs At?" sounds like it could have been the inspiration for the Baha Men`s "Who Let The Dogs Out?" released in 2000. It`s not a bad song, just not my cup of Rum...I mean tea...LoL, so there ya have it feel free to check it out for yourselves...

Label: Luke Records
Released: 1994

A1. Blame It On The Funk
A2. Blame It On The Funk [Instr.]
B1. We Got Da Weed
B2. Where Dem Doggs At?