Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DJ Rei DouBLe R & G-Bo The PRo`s "THRoW BaCK: BeST Of VoL. #11 & #12"

First off all, BiG uPs to the homie RuSTy NuTZ! He`s the one that hooked me up with the joint that I`m sharing with y`all today. I`m not sure if he`s the one that personally ripped the mixtape from his collection or if he just passed the files onto me, but either way I`m very thankful. So thanks very much kind sir, the hook up is very much appreciated! Now if any of y`all visitors out there have something that you would like to share with the masses, just holla at me & together we shall get it out there. I`m really trying to gather up a nice collection of the classic mixtapes from the early & late 1990`s because there`s some great tunes on `em. Not only that though, that`s when mixtapes were actual mixtapes not like the ish that gets released now~a~days....LoL, so hook `em up!!!

I got to be honest & say that until RuSTy NuTZ hooked me up with this mixtape I had not heard anything done by DJ Rei Double R & his partner in crime G-Bo The Pro, it`s a DaMn shame I know! Trust me you don`t have to tell me....LoL, anyways for those that aren`t familiar with these 2 kats today`s the day to change that. These 2 fellas reppin` New York have released some major classic mixtapes! It`s definitely a pleasure & an honor to be able  to share with y`all this "Throw Back: Best Of Vol. #11 & #12" tape. What this mixtape consists of is some tracks from their #11 tape titled "Da Stopper" which was released back in March of 1992 & also some joints from their #12 tape titled "Old To Da New" which came out in June of 1992. If you`re a fan of Hip Hop from the early `90's then you should recognize most of the gems on here. The only joint that I found to be a lil` out of place was Mary J. Blige`s "You Remind Me" & that`s only because it`s the sole R&B song on here. It`s a good tune, just a lil` out of place in my opinion...

The only joint on here that I wasn`t DiGG`n much was the "Freestyle" from L.G. (Lyrical Genius), it just wasn`t too impressive. Now to be fair it`s a true freestyle not some pre~written flow stuff so he doesn`t lose my respect, especially since he does drop a nice joint with "Trinidadian" (one of my favorite joints on this tape). On that one he sounds kind of like Slick Rick with the delivery. Until listening to this tape I hadn`t heard anything from L.G. a.k.a. Lyrical Genius so it was kind of a treat, one of the bonuses of discovering this gem of a tape. Another bonus is the awesome remix that Double R does with Rakim`s "Know The Ledge". The original version is my favorite Rakim joint hands down & not only because it reminds me of my favorite movie "Juice" either, it`s just a DoPe gem straight up. So once I heard Double R flippin` it I was an instant fan because he did it so nicely!!!

One thing that I need to mention about this tape is that there`s actually 21 tracks to it & not 20 like the cover lists. The 3rd track is actually Cypress Hill`s "Real Estate", everything else follows as is on the cover after track 3. The only thing about the 3rd track was that it was pretty jacked up, maybe the tape was eaten by a tape deck & that song was the unfortunate victim, I don`t know......LoL, but to remedy that I just cut off the jacked up parts & mixed in the Cypress Hill song so you`ll notice a slight difference if you listen close enough. The only issue is that because the song was so fucked up I couldn`t tell where it originally ends on the tape so I just left the entire song on there. Some folks may not appreciate what I did & that`s fine (I didn`t do it for you!) I really just did this for my personal collection & besides it makes for a smoother listen anyway. So there you have it go `head & check out this gem...

Label: N/A
Released: March & June 1992

1. Intro [Double R Rmx]
2. Jump Around {House Of Pain}
3. Real Estate {Cypress Hill}
4. La Schmoove {Fu Schnickens ft. Phife}
5. They Want EFX {Das EFX}
6. Know The Ledge [Double R Rmx] {Rakim}
7. Uptown Anthem {Naughty By Nature}
8. Days Of Way Bak {BDP ft. Freddie Foxxx}
9. The Choice Is Yours {Black Sheep}
10. Klap Ya` Hands {Das EFX}
11. You Remind Me {Mary J. Blige}
12. Jiggable Pie {AMG}
13. Trinidadian [Double R Rmx] {L.G. (Lyrical Genius)}
14. Intro To #12
15. Fakin` The Funk {Main Source}
16. Don`t Sweat The Technique {Eric B. & Rakim}
17. Poppa Large {Kool Keith}
18. Freestyle {L.G. (Lyrical Genius)}
19. Deep Cover {Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg}
20. DWYCK {Gang Starr ft. Nice & Smooth}
21. T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You) {Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth}


Thursday, August 07, 2014

WyZe iNTeLLeCT PReSeNTs "MeDiTaTioN: CHaPTeR 2"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Hope all is well & good with you! Today I have another project from my homie Wyze Intellect to share with y`all. For those of you that have been visiting the blog for a while now you should remember that I have posted up a couple projects that he has been involved with on here. The first post dates back all the way to 2009 (which needs some new links, workin` on re~uPP`n it y`all don`t worry!) & the second post was dropped last year when I shared with y`all SageInfinite`s DoPe "Great Minds Think Alike", so y`all should be somewhat familiar with his work. Anyways this mixtape is more of a compilation of some of Wyze Intellect`s best efforts dating back to 2007. There`s a good variety of artists on this joint though some have a few more songs on here than others. Overall you get a nice well rounded project, the beats themselves are solid straight up! Some of the songs may not be everyone`s cup of tea or Rum & Coke if that`s what you prefer to drink.....LoL, but honestly there isn`t one completely wack tune out of the bunch. Sure there`s a couple R&B flavored joints & even some Christian or God/ Jesus themed songs, but even those tracks are far from weak...

The project opens up with Othello`s "Awake Bounce", a nice way to start things off. Othello`s flows mesh perfectly with the funky DoPe beat & the funny voiced intro & hook breaks just make this track that much more entertaining. New Jersey`s P Genz follows the opening track with "Grandslam", it has a nice `90's vibe to it & Genz brings the lyrics to match it. A Definite head nod inducing beat for sure! Headin` back up to Canada for the next track, Toronto & Halifax representers Muneshine & Ghettosocks collab` on "Nice Guys Finish Last" & they let y`all know exactly why that is over the track`s mellow`D out beat. "Chicago`s finest", Kastaway reppin` the Westside streets of North Lawndale & Garfield Park comes thru with "Rest". It`s another song backed by a smooth & mellow beat while Kastaway kicks rhymes about his Life`s journey & the struggles that he`s had to deal with all the while just trying to get some rest...

Toronto`s Mr. Erbie a.k.a. Young U connects with the Infamous Mobb`s Ty Nitty for "I Used To". On this T.Dot to QB collabo` both emcees spit reminiscing flows about their Lives over a slightly simple but head bobbin` beat. The self introductory "It`s Theo! [Rmx]" by Toronto`s Theology3 a.k.a. Theo3 is pure Boom Bap gold to your ears! dCypha & Nya Thryce follow things up with their collabo` payin` homage to the culture & art~form that they both love on "Hip Hop", got to love the saxophone work on the beat (I believe it`s a sax` anyway :)! Toronto`s Nigel Woodz & Neva Hurd connect on the Gospel R&B vibed "Answer The Door", Woodz handles the singin` while Neva Hurd spits the raps. This joint may not be for everyone, but you can`t deny that it`s message is on the positive tip, no question. Alphabetic & Guck collab` for "All Day", I believe that these kats rep` Kamloops, BC (if I`m wrong please school me!). This joint for me just doesn`t hold my attention, the beat`s decent but it`s mainly the emcees` flows that I wasn`t really DiGG`n much. They just didn`t seem too enthusiastic with their rhymes on this one. Don`t judge by this track alone though because I`ve heard some other joints on Guck`s soundcloud that are pretty entertaining...

New Jersey emcee SageInfinite does his thing on "The Puzzle", droppin` them deep thought sparkin` lyrics. Lettin` the listeners know that Life is a puzzle & getting the pieces to fit is a struggle, that`s why Life isn`t a walk in the park. Continuing with the Jersey vibe P Genz delivers his second track on this compilation titled "Metropolis Nights", it`s got a nice laid~back vibe to it. Freeport, New York`s P-Hill drops the love laced track "For You", a joint that has the emcee professing his love over a syrupy~mellow beat. Back to Toronto for Neva Hurd`s second appearance on this compilation with the storytelling joint "Baby Momz". Over a cinematic type backdrop Hurd kicks the tale of a baby mother & her struggles. Following the storytelling SageInfinite contributes his second joint on the compilation titled "Heat!" The beat`s got a nostalgic 8-bit NES vibe to it while Sage` spits lyrical flames...

"Let`s Ride" is P Genz`s third outing, this time around he switches things up & decides to holla at the ladies with this one, it`s got a lil` R&B flavor to it. Dublin, Ireland gets represented on this compilation as well with Terawrizt & Rawsoul`s "So Cold". It`s a nice track stocked with a beat that compliments both katz` flows as they kick lyrics about this cold~cold world that we`re livin` in. "Brave In The Heart" is another Irish contribution by Nugget & Terawriz, it`s got a similar vibe to the previous track. A decent outing, though I prefer "So Cold" a lil` more. After those 2 songs we head back to New Jersey for Chris Morale`s "Untouchable". It`s a short lil` track clockin` in at just under 2 minutes which is fine with me because Chris` flow on here is a lil` uninspired, the beat`s nice with it`s dark vibes though. Delivering his third & fourth contributions for the compilation SageInfinite gives us both the original version as well as the remix for "What`s Ya` Life Worth?" Both joints are bangin` in my opinion so it`s hard to choose which version I like best. Beat~wise I just can`t call it `cuz I`m DiGG`n `em equally, lyrically Sage` spits some thought sparkin` ish regarding one`s self worth...

P Genz gives us his fourth & final contribution with the James Brown vibed "Jam Session (Get Down)", would definitely love to get a hold of the instrumental for this track (as well as the closing track :). "Family" is a posse cut type of joint featuring the likes of Othello, Jyoung, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, Poems, Venson, Omega & Red Pill. I`m not sure where exactly these kats are from, but they do deliver some good flows over it`s jazzy~vibed beat. Things close out with the R&B vibes of New York`s Mista Perez`s "Meditation". The beat`s great, I really like the sax`D out rhythms! So there ya have it y`all much like Wyze Intellect`s first installment in this Meditation series you get songs from not only Canada & the US, but Ireland as well. Beat~wise this compilation is pretty DaMn solid, song~wise it`s a decent outing. Not every song is great, but overall it`s a solid effort. Wyze Intellect definitely shows that he`s a versatile producer that can tackle a wide variety of styles which makes for a nice listen. So go `head & check it out, if ya DiG what you`ve heard & you want to support some DoPe music feel free to visit his BandCamp page & cop the project there...

Label: N/A
Released: 2014

1. Awake Bounce {Othello}
2. Grand Slam {P Genz}
3. Nice Guys Finish Last {Muneshine & Ghettosocks}
4. Rest {Kastaway}
5. I Used To {Mr. Erbie & Ty Nitty}
6. It`s Theo! [Rmx] {Theology3}
7. Hip Hop {dCypha & Nya Thryce}
8. Answer The Door {Nigel Woodz & Neva Hurd}
9. All Day {Alphabetic & Guck}
10. The Puzzle {SageInfinite}
11. Metropolis Nights {P Genz}
12. For You {P-Hill}
13. Baby Momz {Neva Hurd}
14. Heat! {SageInfinite}
15. Let`s Ride {P Genz}
16. So Cold {Terawrizt & Rawsoul}
17. Brave In The Heart {Nugget & Terawrizt}
18. Untouchable {Chris Morale}
19. What`s Ya` Life Worth [Original & Rmx] {SageInfinite}
20. Jam Session (Get Down) {P Genz}
21. Family {Othello, Jyoung, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, Poems, Venson, Omega & Red Pill}
22. Meditation {Mista Perez}


Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Re~uPP`d (HeaTHeR HuNTeR`s "The UnExPeCTeD")...

Just thought I`d let y`all know in case you weren`t aware of it, I finally re~uPP`d Heather Hunter`s Rap album "The Unexpected". Figured since it`s the post on my blog with the most hits that it should have some working links, so feel free to check it out...

Here`s a few other songs that she`s been featured on...

Here`s a joint that she did before she released the album...

House tune that she did back in `93...

No rappin` here, but how could we not include this video that she was featured in...


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AMiL`s "A.M.I.L. (ALL MoNeY iS LeGaL)"...

 Gotta love that No Limit Record~lookin` add.....LoL, anyway let`s get it in shall we???


I hope all is well with y`all, today I will be dusting off an album that was released in the year 2000 on Columbia/ Roc-A-Fella Records by female emcee Amil titled "A.M.I.L. (All Money Is Legal)". I`m sure most of y`all slept on her solo album because well ya never knew that she dropped one.....LoL, after all there wasn`t a whole lot of promo done for it. For those of you that aren`t up on the First Lady Of The Roc a.k.a. The Dynasty`s Princess, Amil I`ll drop a lil` info` for y`all. The first time that I heard Amil rap was on the Jay-Z song "Can I Get A..." which also featured Ja Rule (tryin` to look like 2Pac rockin` the backwards~tied bandana on his head with no shirt on in the music video). After that she was featured on another Jay-Z (Jaz-O is featured as well) track titled "Jigga What, Jigga Who" rappin` the hook...

After that it was on & poppin` for her as she was officially a member of the Roc-A-Fella team, but let`s rewind just a lil` bit so we can get a better idea of Amil`s roots shall we? Before she linked up with Jay & the Roc-A-Fella crew she was actually a member of an all female rap group call Major Coins (or Coinz I`ve seen it spelled both ways) which also included members Liz Leite & Monique. I`m not sure if they ever released anything officially, but Jay-Z who was recording his 3rd studio album "Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life" at the time (1997-1998) took some interest in the group because he was searching for a female rapper to spice up his song "Can I Get A...". Originally the spot was gon` be filled by Amil`s partner in rhyme Liz Leite, but once Jigga heard Amil freestyle he felt that she was better suited for the song. Liz Leite did make it on Jay-Z`s "Vol. 2..." album though, she`s featured on the song "It`s Like That". Shortly after Amil made her appearances on the album Major Coins disbanded, was it because of jealousy? I`m not sure, but either way once her group was done she decided to take up a solo career & join Jay-Z at Roc-A-Fella...

She began to pay her dues while being a part of the 1999 Hard Knock Life Tour & then once that was over she hit the studio & started to collab` with plenty of artists such as label mates Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z as well as Mariah Carey, Solé, Tamar Braxton & LL Cool J. After working on "The Dynasty: Roc La Familia" album things were put in motion for Amil to start working on her self titled debut solo album. The album features production from L.E.S., Tone & Poke a.k.a. Trackmasters, EZ Elpee, Just Blaze, Rockwilder, Tyfife, Lofey, K-Rob, Omen & Jon-John. Guest appearances on the album include; Beyoncé, R&B singer Carl Thomas as well label mates Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek. I believe that the album  had only one single which is the Beyoncé assisted "I Got That", an independent women anthem that lets all the fellas know that some females can make it out on their own without the reliance of a man. Some of y`all listeners may recognize that the beat shares the same sample that was freaked for Biggie`s "Friend Of Mine"...

The album`s opening cut "Smile 4 Me" is a great way to spark things off, Amil`s spittin` about her personal Life struggles. It`s nice to hear her start things out on a personal level instead of say an over sexualized tip. I`ve already touched on "I Got That" so I won`t spend any more time on it except to say that I can`t really get into it. I can dig the overall message, but the song itself just isn`t all that good to me. "Get Down" is another joint that I`m not really much of a fan of, it`s not a completely wack song but you can tell that they created this one for the commercialized loving folks. "Ya`ll Dead Wrong" is a joint that has Amil letting the doubters know that she`s not to be messed with, definitely a braggadocio track. The Jay-Z assisted "Heard It All Before" makes for an entertaining listen, it`s a woman vs. man joint. Basically; a playette & a player exchanging game amongst each other, which includes plenty of lies & truth bending....LoL

"Quarrels" features Carl Thomas on the hook, Amil spits some more deep type lyrics. I`m not much of a fan of it`s hook, but Amil`s rhymes aren`t too shabby at all. "Girlfriend" definitely is geared towards radio~play with it`s catchy beat & simplistic chorus. It`ll get your head nodding, but lyrically no new ground is broken. Amil basically lets ya know that she`ll snitch to ya` girlfriend if you`re tryin` to holla at her.....LoL, the album`s title track "A.M.I.L. (All Money Is Legal)" has a nice beat backin` it, but again Amil pretty much fails to impress me with her rhymes on this one. The second Jay-Z collabo` on the album "That`s Right" isn`t nearly as DoPe as the first. It`s more of a braggin` fest with a simplistic hook & a generic beat that`s supplied by Just Blaze. Honestly it sounds like a throwaway beat that was rejected from a Ruff Ryder compilation...LoL

"Anyday" is a DoPe track produced by K-Rob with a well placed sample that complements the rest of the song along with Amil`s deep emotional lyrics. With it`s darker sounds produced by Lofey "Raw" keeps the momentum of good tracks flowin`, sure Amillion is on that braggin` ish again but she manages to make it sound much more believable on this song. "No 1 Can Compare" may have a weak beat behind it, but Amil still manages to keep it interesting (except for the hook that is) by spittin` some heart~felt emotional lyrics over the Omen produced track. The album closes out with the bonus track "4 Da Fam", a Roc-A-Fella collabo` that features Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z. It`s not too bad of a song & I can see why they added it to the end of the album. They wanted to keep the Roc`s buzz going, just in case you weren`t too impressed by Amil`s solo outing they wanted to remind you that they still have some other artists that`s sure to grab your attention. Beanie Sigel steals the show with his verse on here, my opinion of course...

One thing that you may notice is that Amil definitely shines the most when she gets a little more personal on the mic & leaves the sex rhymes & braggin` ish alone. Sure at times she can pull of the X~rated raps & the braggadocio type stuff, but most times she fails. I know that it may seem like I`m being a lil` harsh with my opinion of the album, but hey it is what it is! I like what I like & when I don`t like something I let it be known. This album may appeal more to other peeps, but overall I was really only DiGG`n about half of it. Standout joints for me are; "Smile 4 Me", "Heard It All Before", "Anyday", "Raw" & "4 Da Fam". "No 1 Can Compare" isn`t that bad of a tune either... 

Now for those of you that are curious as to what happened to her after the album, from what I have read she just started to lose interest in the Rap game. She stopped caring about recording music & was more focused on taking care of her son. So with no love left for rappin` she didn`t leave her label any other choice but to drop her. She now lives in North Carolina, (who knows maybe someday I`ll bump into her.....LoL) fourteen years later though she`s still working on music & is actually putting together a mixtape titled "A Moment In Life", it may be out now I`m not sure though. She was interviewed by billboard back in March & said that it was gon` come out late Spring early Summer, so it should be released but y`all know how release dates change. You can peep the billboard interview here if you interested. So there ya have it y`all, go `head & peep the album...

Label: Columbia Records/ Roc-A-Fella Records
Released: 2000

1. Smile 4 Me
2. I Got That {ft. Beyoncé}
3. Get Down
4. Ya`ll Dead Wrong
5. Heard It All {ft. Jay-Z}
6. Quarrels {ft. Carl Thomas}
7. Girlfriend
8. All Money Is Legal (A.M.I.L.)
9. That`s Right {ft. Jay-Z}
10. Anyday
11. Raw
12. No 1 Can Compare
13. 4 Da Fam [Bonus Track] {ft. Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek}

Here`s another interview that Amil did with back in 2007 if you`re interested in reading it...

^Interesting interview if you have a half hour to spare check it out...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

VaRiouS ARTiSTs: "The LaWHouSe ExPeRieNCe VoL. 1"...

What`s up  y`all? Hope all is well! Today I`m dustin` off a compilation album that was released back in 1997 to share with y`all, this joint was put together by producer/songwriter Laylaw. For those of you that aren`t familiar with his work he has done ish for Above The Law, N.W.A., Eazy-E, Kokane ("Addictive Hip Hop Muzick"), Michel`le (wrote most of her self-titled debut album), Ice Cube, 2Pac ("Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.", "California Love [Rmx]") & E-40 to name a few. It`s safe to say that he`s been puttin` in that work on the West Coast for a long while & has worked with plenty of talented artists. I`ve always thought that he was an unofficial member of Above The Law, but apparently that`s not the case at all....LoL, anyway he released this West Coast compilation (only folks that weren`t reppin` the West on there are Eightball & MJG) on his very own label Lawhouse Records. I think if I`m not mistaken that this comp` is the only project that was released thru Lawhouse Records, that is until he decides to drop "Lawhouse Greatest Hitz" which is supposed to be a 3-Disc Box Set. It`s said to feature both released & unreleased music from Ice Cube, 2Pac, DJ Quik, E-40, Above The Law, Eazy-E, MC Ren, Nas, Flo-Rida, Pharcyde, Luniz, Michel’le, Stanley Clarke & George Duke amongst others...

As a youngster I remember seeing this on the shelves at the records stores & wanted to cop it, especially since the featured artists were some of the best from the West, but back then with limited funds I chose to  skip out on it because the price tag was just not all that attractive at $21.99.....LoL, especially when I was able to grab a newer release for $12-15. Fast~forward 17-18 years later I was able to cop this joint for a whole $4.25 so I did (guess it paid off to wait.....hehe~heh!) Anyways let`s get to the music now shall we? Now right off the top I have to be honest & say that the Intro, Skits, Interlude & Outro are nothing short of just album filler. Sure there are some aspects of the Phat Freddie skits that are a lil` comical, but really if you don`t hear them you aren`t missing out on anything. Once you get passed that there`s really only 1 joint on this compilation that I didn`t really care for much; L.V.`s "I Just Wanna Play". L.V.`s joint isn`t wack I just find that it`s a lil` out of place since it`s the only R&B flavored joint on this comp`...

The rest of the artists on this compilation deliver some pretty decent joints overall, nothing super spectacular but also nothing that`s crazy wack either. Standout tracks for me are the Ras Kass & Xzibit collabo` "Arch Angels", Ice Cube`s "Legal Paper", Kausion`s "Lil` Sumpin`", Phalos` "Phalosmode", K-Dee`s "World Wide" & Da Pharcyde`s "Westcyde 242". Above The Law`s former DJ, Go Mack`s "One Way In" isn`t too shabby either. In conclusion I wouldn`t say that this album`s to die for, but if you`re a fan of the late 1990`s West Coast sound you should give it a listen. So there ya have it y`all now go `head & check it out for ya`self...

If you`re interested in reading a lil` more about Laylaw & his begins in the Rap world you should peep this interview that he did with Hip Hop DX back in 2011. He talks about his early days, working with Dre, working with Eazy & Ruthless Records, as well as working with 2Pac amongst other interesting ish...

Label: Street Life Records/ Lawhouse Records
Released: 1997

1. Entrance [Intro] {Coolio & Kokane}
2. Arch Angels {Ras Kass ft. Xzibit}
3. Give It Up {W.C.}
4. Legal Paper {Ice Cube}
5. Spank That Ass [Skit] {Phat Freddie}
6. Your Hustle Ain`t On {Ice-T}
7. One Way In {Go Mack}
8. Lil` Sumpin` {Kausion}
9. Drank Break [Skit] {Barney Rubble}
10. Live Yo` Life {The Luniz ft. Dru Down}
11. You Might Get Stuck {Above The Law}
12. Phalosmode {Phalos}
13. Housin` [Interlude] {Eightball & M.J.G.}
14. World Wide {K-Dee}
15. Westcyde 242 {Da Pharcyde}
16. I Just Wanna Play {L.V.}
17. Phat Chance [Skit] {Phat Freddie}
18. Exit [Outro] {Kokane}

R.i.P. KMG...