Sunday, January 24, 2010

DR. DRe`s "The CHRoNiC (B-SiDeS & ReMiXeS)"...

Here`s a DoPe lil` bootleg/ compilation that I came across a while back over at Death Row Tapes, it`s a great collection of B-Sides & Remixes. So go `head check it out & give it a listen...

Dr. Dre - The Chronic (B-Sides & Remixes)

1. The Chronic [Intro]
2. Dre Day [UK Flavor]
3. Nuthin` But A 'G' Thang [Club Mix]
4. Deep Cover
5. Let Me Ride [Rmx]
6. Dre Day [Extended Club Rmx]
7. Nuthin` But A 'G' Thang [Rmx]
8. Puffin` On Blunts & Drankin` Tanqueray [Extended Mix]
9. Let Me Ride [Extended Club Mix]
10. 187um [Deep Cover Rmx]
11. Lil` Ghetto Boy [Rmx]
12. Nuthin` But A 'G' Thang [Freestyle Rmx]
13. One Eight Seven [Explicit]
14. Fuck Wit` Dre Day [Rmx Mix]


Saturday, January 23, 2010

BuDD@H BLe$$eD ENT. PReSeNTs: "M.O.P -- DeM CoLLaB` CoNNeCTs VoL. 1"...

Ever since I first heard M.O.P.`s music I have been a fan, the first joint I heard of theirs was "Stick To Ya` Gunz", produced by DJ Premier which also features Kool G. Rap. I just really DuG the aggressive hardcore style that the Mash Out Posse brought to HiP HoP`s table. Anyways, back in November I was a lil` bored so I put together a lil` mix that I could BuMP in my ride. I decided that I was going to focus on a mix of some M.O.P. collaborations & this is what I came up with so enjoy...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD ENT. PReSeNTs: M.O.P -- DeM CoLLaB` CoNNeCTs VoL. 1
MiXeD: November 15, 2009

1. iNTRo
2. Stick To Ya` Gunz {ft. Kool G Rap}
3. Down For Whateva {ft. O.C.}
4. I Luv {ft. Freddie Foxxx}
5. Let It Go {ft. Cormega}
6. Torture {ft. Screwball}
7. Y`all Don`t Wanna... {ft. Styles P}
8. Bang Time {ft. Styles P}
9. W.O.L.V.E.S. {ft. Krumbsnatcha}
10. 4 Alarm Blaze {ft. Jay-Z & Teflon}
11. Put It In The Air {ft. Jay-Z}
12. BK To LA {ft. Xzibit}
13. Stomp The Shit Out Ya {ft. CNN}
14. Ante Up [Rmx] {ft. Busta Rhymes, Teflon & Remy Martin}
15. Hip Hop Cops {ft. Wyclef}
16. Pop Shots [Rmx] {ft. Ol` Dirty Bastard}
17. NY Giants {ft. Big Pun}
18. Blood Sport {ft. J. Dilla}
19. Keep It Gangsta [Rmx] {ft. Fabolous, LOX & Paul Cain}
20. My Kinda Nigga {ft. Heather B}
21. My Kinda Nigga Pt. II {ft. Heather B}


TiM DoG`s "PeNiCiLLiN On WaX" & "Do Or DiE"...

Ah YeS! I`ve got some Tim Dog for y`all, that`s right Mr. FuCK CoMPToN!!! Now for those of you that don`t know of Tim Dog I`ll drop some info` ya. His career started sometime in the mid 1980's when Tony Miller (older brother of Ced-Gee from Ultramagnetic MC`s) introduced him to Scott La Rock of Boogie Down Productions fame. Scott liked what he had seen in Tim Dog so he decided to take him in under his wing & the two of them began working on Tim`s career...

“Scott taught me the value of image & presentation...I learned that being the best is no way nearly important as being your best...”

Said Tim Dog as he reflected on his time spent with Scott. Since Scott La Rock was killed before anything really came to fruitation, Tim was back to square one. That`s when Patrick Miller (Ced-Gee`s younger Brother) stepped up & got Tim involved with Ced-Gee...

“Ced-Gee’s sharp wit & business savy is what prepared me for this business...”

Sometime in 1989 while Tim was working on his demo alongside Ced, he was presented with a great opportunity. Ced-Gee had asked Tim if he wanted to be on a single called "Chorus Line". Seeing it for the chance that it was Tim accepted & "Chorus Line" became Tim Dog`s debut...

During the early 1990's the West Coast scene was holdin` much of HiP HoP`s spotlight, which had a lot to do with N.W.A.`s platinum album "Straight Outta Compton". Many folkS say that this is the beginning of the whole 'Gangsta Rap' era, where katZ started rockin` the all black L.A. Raiders or L.A. Kings gear. Anyway, during this time a few New York rappers/ emcees resented the fact that the West Coast was getting so much shine, one of those New York rappers was Tim Dog. He was PiSS`d off & FRuSTRaTeD by the lack of interest that the record labels were showing to the East Coast artists. So he recorded his first single, the ground~breaking "Fuck Compton". The track was a vicious DiSS, targeting not only the city`s style of dress & musical output, but also some of it`s artists like Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre & MC Ren...

With all the attention that his first single was getting it only made sense to capitalize off of the buzz, so Tim Dog released his debut album "Penicillin On Wax" thru Ruff House Records in 1991. The album contains several DiSSeS aimed at both Compton artists (like N.W.A. & DJ Quik) & some of the more commercially successful artists at the time like Kwame & Kid-N-Play. He followed up his debut album with "Do Or Die" in 1993 & it was also released thru Ruff House Records. The focus of his second album shifted from BeeF`n with the West Coast, Tim was more concentrated on hardcore East Coast Rap...

So that is what I know of Tim Dog, I`m sure that there`s more to be told but that`s enough to get by....LoL, go `head & check out his music now!!!

Tim Dog - Penicillin On Wax
Released: November 12, 1991
Label: Ruff House Records

1. Intro (2:48)
2. Low Down Nigga (2:07)
3. Robin Harris Shit [Skit] (0:17)
4. Fuck Compton (4:09)
5. DJ Quick Beat Down [Skit] (0:24)
6. Step To Me (4:45)
7. Phone Conversation With Reporter [Skit] (0:23)
8. Bronx Nigga (4:15)
9. You Ain`t Shit (4:20)
10. I Ain`t Takin` No Shorts (3:37)
11. NFL Shit [Skit] (0:17)
12. I`ll Wax Anybody (5:02)
13. Michel`le Conversation [Skit] (1:21)
14. Can`t Fuck Around (3:40)
15. Dog`s Gonna Getcha (3:02)
16. Goin` Wild In The Penile (4:08)
17. Get Off The Dick (3:10)
18. I Ain`t Havin` It {ft. Kool Keith} (3:34)
19. Patriotic Pimp (3:36)
20. Secret Fantasies {ft. Kool Keith} (6:20)

Tim Dog - Do Or Die
Released: 1993
Label: Ruff House Records

1. I Don`t Give A Fuck (4:26)
2. Grab Your Gat (4:20)
3. I Get Wrecked {ft. KRS-One} (5:23)
4. Timberlands (4:23)
5. If I Was A Cop (3:45)
6. Hardcore (3:28)
7. Game (4:53)
8. Skip To My Loot {ft. Smooth B} (4:24)
9. Silly Bitch (3:47)
10. Maddog (4:31)
11. Make Room (2:40)
12. Breakin` North (4:06)

Here`s another CLaSSiC video...

Tim Dog`s MySpace...


MiSS LaDy PiNKs` "The AGoNy & The Ex-TaCy"...

Gotta let it be known that up until my homie No $TaCK$ introduced me to Miss Lady Pinks` music I had never heard it before, had no idea that she even existed. It`s far from a BiG deal, but what I`m basically DiGG`n at is that it`s a DoPe thing when folkS share music! Whether the ish turns out to be the iLLeST shit you`ve ever heard or the weakest doesn`t really matter`s the unity, the togetherness, the discussions & the education that it brings that`s truly GReaT! At least that`s what I think & that`s why I do this BLoG, but that`s another story so let`s get back to Miss Lady Pinks...

She`s known as the queen of Hi-Power Records/ Ent., home to such rappers as Mr. Capone-E, Malow Mac & Mr. Criminal. She`s actually the only female on the label, so it`s not all that hard to see how she`d be given the title.....LoL, she`s repp`N South San Gabriel, California. Her lyrics are mainly on the Gangsta~side of things, nothing of the ground~break`N type but she does rap better than JV (the Latina/ Chicana rapper I posted up before this :). Anyway...other than the fact that she dropped her first album "Forbidden Love" in 2007, that`s all of the info` that I have on her, sorry y`all! Oh well, enjoy the tunes...

Miss Lady Pinks - The Agony & The Ex-tacy
Label: Hi-Power Ent.
Released: 2009

1. Intro
2. I`m Back
3. I Don`t Care {ft. MC Magic & Samantha Latino}
4. My Friend {ft. Mr. Capone-E & Samantha Latino}
5. Cinco De Mayo [Skit]
6. The Game Is Over
7. Kill 4 Thrills {ft. Ese Menace}
8. Ladies Night Out
9. Fuck Our Enemies
10. The Way Life Goes {ft. Samantha Latino}
11. Hot Line
12. Love The One You`re With {ft. Jon Izie}
13. Voicemail [Skit]
14. Show Me {ft. Mr. Capone-E}
15. Dedicated 2 The Ladies {ft. Mr. Criminal}
16. Just Like That {ft. Malow Mac}
17. Take Me 2 Ex-Tacy {ft. Mr. Capone-E}
18. Sexxxy {ft. Suga Free & Jon Izie}
19. Wake Up Call [Skit]
20. Let`s Get High {ft. Snoop Dogg, Bizzy Bone, Malow Mac & Jon Izie}
21. Outro

Miss Lady Pinks` MySpace...


Sunday, January 03, 2010

"SCaRFaCe 4 LiFe"...

Got a lil` documentary for y`all to check out by Troy Reed, he`s also done “The Larry Davis Story”, “Game Over” & “The Guy Fisher Story to name a few. Anyway this doc` focuses on Rikers Island -- for those that aren`t from planet Earth, it`s known as New York City`s most notorious correctional facility. Troy exposes the viewers to some brutal inmate slashings, police corruption & everyday Life on 'The Island' during the late 1980's & early `90's...

This doc` includes interviews with former inmates & officers, what ya hear will definitely make ya want to stay up out of prison! Check out Pistol Pete`s interview (he put in somethin` like 17 years there) & Charlie Rock LD`s interview, he did 10 years. In an interview with (you can read it here) Troy explains how "Scarface 4 Life" came to be; "A former correction officer Lorenzo Steele presented me with these pictures of guys that got cut in Rikers Island & we decided we were going to do something"...

So if you`re interested go head & check it out...

Released: January 25, 2005
Running Time: 70 minutes
Director: Troy Reed
Assistant Director: Lorenzo Steele
Producer: Street Stars
Music by: Heatmakers, Showbiz, Yogi & Kevin Merrit, Walli World, Buckwild

Here`s a lil` promo clip...


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Reeeeeeeeeeeee-uPsssss PaRT 3...

Just one re-up`D joint, but many folkS have been askin` for it -- so enjoy...

Infinite`s "360 Degrees EP", for y`all that had been searching & askin` for the re-up...