Sunday, May 25, 2008

PoSiTiVe K`s "The SKiLLZ DaT PaY Da BiLLZ"...

I was listening to "I`m Not Havin` It" the other day, you know that BaNG`n MC Lyte & Positive K duet, & it got me to searching for Positive K`s 1992 debut album "The Skillz Dat Pay Da Bills" since I had slept on it when it first dropped. My search didn`t last all that long, 2 days to be exact, I found the CD at one of the good ol` pawn shops that I hit up frequently for all their used CD gems -- the price? A whole $2 & some tax....LoL, gotta love that!!!

I`m sure y`all Ol` School headZ have heard the track "I Got A Man" (it reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1993), if not it`s on the album along with "Nightshift", a Big Daddy Kane produced single that Positive K ended up releasing on his own. Other stand out tracks (my opinion of course:) are "Shakin`", "How The Fuck Would You Know?","Carhoppers", "Ain`t No Crime", "Minnie The Moocher" & "Nightshift [Rmx]"...

I`m not sure if Positive K is (or was at the time) a 5 %`er, but his debut album definitely had a balance of Gods & Earths themes blended in with some GaNGSTa~iSM & PoP~CuLTuRe based moments. The beats are more on the laid~back vibe, on a side~note I`ve got to mention a lil` somethin` I`ve noticed after BuMP`n K`s album all week. I`m not sure if it`s the BuDDaH I`m blazin` but at times when I`d forget who I was listening to I thought it sounded a lil` like Treach from Naughty By Nature, or maybe it`s the other way around -- Treach sounds like Positive K flow~wise anyway...

I`ve included two 12 inches with the album link, so enjoy...

Positive K - The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills
Label: 4th & Broadway
Released: 1992

The Skills Side:

1. Intro (Pos K Theme) (0:57)
2. Pass The Mic (4:00)
3. One 2 The Head (4:10)
4. Shakin` (4:57)
5. How The Fuck Would You Know? (5:15)
6. Carhoppers (3:29)
7. Nightshift (4:40)

Pay The Bills Side:

8. Intro (Back The Fuck Up) (1:08)
9. I Got A Man (3:52)
10. Ain`t No Crime (5:02)
11. The Shout Out (2:37)
12. Friends (4:51)
13. Minnie The Moocher {ft. Grand Daddy I.U.} (4:11)
14. Nightshift [Rmx] (4:49)
15. A Flower Grows In Brooklyn (4:07)
16. It`s All Over (4:46)

Positive K - Carhoppers [12 Inch]
Released: 1993

1. Carhoppers [Radio]
2. Carhoppers [Radio Instr.]
3. Carhoppers [Street]
4. Carhoppers [Street Instr.]
5. Carhoppers [LP]

Positive K - Ain`t No Crime [12 Inch]
Released: 1993

1. Ain`t No Crime [Radio Version]
2. Ain`t No Crime [K-Def DL Mix]
3. Ain`t No Crime [D-R. Mix]
4. How The Fuck Would You Know? [Radio Mix]
5. How The Fuck Would You Know? [LP]


Saturday, May 24, 2008

HiPHoPCaNaDa.CoM PReSeNTs: "iMPoRTFeST MiXTaPe VoL. 3" [MiXeD by DJ DuCaTs]...

Even though I wasn`t fortunate enough to check out the show (took place May 10th, 2008), I`ve got to BiG uP HiPHoPCaNaDa.CoM for puttin` together an iLL line-up of Canadian HiP HoP artists for Importfest, their Custom Car & HiP HoP Showcase. Heard the weather could have been a lil` more on the warmer side, but overall things went well & the artists held down the fort. Still wish I could`ve made it though `cuz Infinite performed along with kats like Mayhem Morearty, Bishop Brigante, Rochester, Camoflauge & many other talented emcees. So this mixed-disc HiPHoPCaNaDa.CoM put together mixed by DJ Ducats featuring some DoPe CaNaDiaN HiP HoP is for the folkS like myself that missed Importfest, so check it out...

Released: 2008

1. Theo3 & 16 Bars - Runnin`
2. Camoflauge & Kinsmuv - We Don`t Play
3. Billz {ft. Chozen Few & Uncle Murda} - Murda Raps
4. Rochester - Pull Up [Rmx]
5. God Bless - DJ Ducats Exclusive
6. Bishop Brigante - Hard Times
7. Promise {ft. Tonex} - Maverick
8. C4 - Smiling Faces
9. Saukrates - 2999
10. Famous {ft. Andreena Mill} - Canadian Boy
11. Kardinal Offishall {ft. Akon} - Dangerous
12. Drake - Brand New
13. Untitled {ft. Jhevon Paris} - Crazy
14. Jett Black {ft. C4} - JnF Ryders
15. Infinite - I Hear Your Mom Cryin`
16. Mayhem Morearty {ft. Camoflauge & Navy Sealz} - Hood Stop [Rmx]
17. Big Blax {ft. Set2} - Diamond In The Rough
18. Kinsmuv - Da Game [ Exclusive]
19. 9thUno - Eye Of The Storm
20. Big Blax - My Girl
21. Big Blax - It Weighs A Ton
22. Mayhem Morearty {ft. Darryl Riley} - Oh No


C-Bo PReSeNTs: MaRVaLeSS "ReaDy MaDe"...

Some more of that gangsta ish from MiSS MaRVa JeaN...

C-Bo Presents - Marvaless: Ready Made
Released: 2007

1. Ready Made {ft. Killa Tay}
2. Do The Math {ft. C-Bo}
3. Game Like Us {ft. T-Nutty}
4. Black Queen {ft. Juana Blaze}
5. Fuckin` Wit` Us
6. Ooh Ooh {ft. C-Bo}
7. My Time 2 Shine Now {ft. Missippi}
8. Money Right {ft. Angel}
9. Skit (2Pac)
10. Thug Life {ft. Jacka & Rydah J. Klyde}
11. Comin` Like Dat {ft. San Quinn}
12. Rep Yo` Shit {ft. Young Bop}
13. Rap Game {ft. Rick Rock}
14. U So Fly
15. Reality {ft. Teza Maria}
16. Last Dayz
17. Ready 2 Ride {ft. Laroo}
18. 29 Gun Salute {ft. Young Bop & C-Bo) [Bonus Track]


Saturday, May 17, 2008

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "HiT THiS CHieF VoL. 2"

Between getting a new job & link`N up with a new short-E I`ve been a lil` busy, no I haven`t forgotten about the BLoG, just dealin` with LiFe....LoL, anyways here`s a quick mix I threw together. I`m heading out to my cottage for the long weekend (Victoria Day is good....LoL) so I needed something to bump while out there so here`s what I put together, enjoy...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - HiT THiS CHieF VoL. 2

1. Intro
2. The What [Alternate Version] {Biggie ft. Method Man}
3. Montana Diary {Cormega}
4. Get The Yayo {Twista ft. The Speedknot Mobstaz}
5. Po` Pimp {Do Or Die ft. Twista}
6. Freaky Gurl [Rmx] {Gucci Man ft. Lil` Kim & Ludacris}
7. In The Trap {Foxy Brown ft. T.I.}
8. Gon` Jock {Haitian Fresh ft. Lil` Boosie}
9. Twerk A Lil` {Bubba Sparxxx ft. Timbaland}
10. Put It In Your Mouth {Akinyele}
11. Sex For The Sport [Fred`s Back To Brooklyn Mix] {Channel Live}
12. Everybody`s Gangsta [Skit]
13. Pop Goz The 9 [Reggae Mix] {Gripsta}
14. Eyez A Bleed [RZA Rmx] {Bounty Killer}
15. I Need More Chronic
16. Bart Burnt {The High & Mighty}
17. Roll Up {Shabaam Sahdeeq & Steele}
18. Smokin` Da Bomb {Marvaless ft. C-Bo & Rup Dog}
19. Pass Me Da Green {Master P}
20. Fire {AZ}
21. BMF {Ras Kass ft. Bang City, Name Brand & Cali Casino}
22. The Dedication {Trick Trick}
23. Somebody`s Funeral {Grafh}
24. Welcome To The Machine {Termanology}
25. It`s Over {Busta Rhymes}