Wednesday, June 08, 2011

TeK-MaN`s "CaLL iT LiKe EYE See iT VoL. 2"...

What`s the deal y`all? Hope you`re enjoyin` the good ol` Spring weather, I know that I am! Anyways today I`ve got some more Canadian HiP HoP for your listening pleasure. This joint was released back in 2009 & is by Toronto emcee Tek-Man a.k.a. The Roll Model, it was also mixed by DJ Law & clocks in at just over 66 minutes long. Tek-Man is also a member of Empire (like the previously posted TalkSick). The Roll Model definitely does his thing on the mic & delivers some bangers. Standout joints; "I Love My Mary Jane", "Food For Thought", "Excuses", "Trendsetters", "Rookies & Vets" & the bonus track "Return Of The Boom Bap"...

Released: 2009

1. We From T.O. {ft. T.R.A. & TalkSick} [Prod. by Felony]
2. March Forth [Prod. by Anno Domini]
3. Celebration
4. I Love My Mary Jane
5. Heat
6. Let`s Make A Porno (Starring A Couple Facebook Friends)
7. Same Ol` Tek
8. Food For Thought {ft. Blitzkrieg} [Prod. by Da Coz]
9. Freestyle #1
10. Excuses {ft. Puzzle} [Prod. by Century Sam]
11. Highnoon {ft. Criss Cain & TalkSick} [Prod. by Anno Domini]
12. We Really Live It {ft. Friday}
13. Trendsetters {ft. Friday & Criss Cain}
14. I`m Gravy {ft. KNX} [Prod. by Vokab]
15. Go Hard {ft. Friday}
16. Freestyle #2
17. Let Yourself Go {ft. Friday}
18. Rookies & Vets {ft. Adam Bomb & Monique Spence} [Prod. by Fero Navi]
19. Freestyle #3 {ft. Friday & Scandalis}
20. Ok You`re Right [Dub] [Bonus Track]
21. The Return Of The Boom Bap {Empire} [Bonus Track]


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

TaLKSiCK`s "The SeCReT WeaPoN MiXTaPe"...

Got some more T-DoT HiP HoP for y`all to check out & enjoy! This mixtape was originally released back in 2009, mixed by DJ Law & is hosted by Dudley Do-Wrong. TalkSick flexes his rhyme skills all over this project, providing listeners with a lil` glimpse of his impressive lyrical talents. TalkSick is one of the main members of the legendary Fifth Letter Fam` crew Empire (Adam Bomb, Scandalis, Tek-Man & T.R.A.) & also makes up one half of Thoze Guyz (along with Adam Bomb). Stand out joints for me include; "Soul On Ice [Dub]", "Get `Em Out", "Back To Back", "Natilus", "Fab 5" & "Boom `N` Pound". Go on & check it out, ya` ears will thank you...

Label: N/A
Released: 2009

1. The Secret Weapon [Intro]
2. Underground {ft. Adam Bomb & T.R.A.}
3. Soul On Ice [Dub]
4. Get `Em Out {ft. Staalin}
5. It`s Already Over {ft. F1, Adam Bomb, Tek-Man & Muggz Money}
6. Back To Back {ft. 9th Uno}
7. Last Days
8. Straight Spittin` {ft. Puzzle & Paradox}
9. Natilus {ft. Tek-Man, Mezziah & T.R.A.}
10. Off My Chest
11. High Noon {ft. Tek-Man & F1}
12. Fab 5 {ft. T.R.A., Tek-Man, Scandalis & Adam Bomb}
13. I Killed That {ft. The Beast & Kid Cocky}
14. Lord Finesse [Dub]
15. Boom `N` Pound (Return Of The Boom Bap) [Bonus Track]


Monday, June 06, 2011

AnGeRViLLe`s "THiS HiTs FoR FRee PaRT 3"...

The Ville`s back, that`s right y`all I`ve got some more Angerville tunes for y`all to BuMP! This is the third installment of their 'This Hits For Free' series & they continue to bring the iLLneSS. Unlike "This Hits For Free Part 2" this one`s strictly Angerville -- sure Illvibe, Tommy Knox, Exaduz, Rekless, Swanny & Scale Breakers make cameo appearances but it`s all the `Ville here. Once again fellow T-DoT producer Gamshooter is on the boards & provides some DoPe beats for Angerville to rip, as do the rest of the beat~bangers on this project. Standout joints for me are; "My Thing", "Hometown", "2 Gunz", "Fade Away", "Ville`s Back", "Foot In The Grave" & "Perspectives". Do ya`self a favor & check it out `cuz you`ll be glad ya did...

Label: N/A
Released: 2010

1. Beat Goes On {ft. Illvibe} [Prod. by JL Prophet]
2. My Thing {ft. Tommy Knox} [Prod. by Nick Zervos]
3. For Granted {ft. Exaduz} [Prod. by JL Prophet]
4. Hometown [Prod. by Professor X]
5. 2 Gunz [Prod. by Sinthetic Productions]
6. Fade Away {ft. Rekless & Swanny} [Prod. by T-Rupt]
7. Gamshooter Interlude
8. The Truth {ft. Scale Breakers} [Prod. By T-Wiss]
9. It`s Over [Prod. by Nick Zervos]
10. The Spot [Prod. by DJ Docta]
11. Quicksand [Prod. by Know It]
12. Ville`s Back [Prod. by Gamshooter]
13. Foot In The Grave [Prod. by Robby Rush]
14. Young Money Dub
15. My G
16. Warning [Prod. by 2Deep]
17. Perspectives [Prod. by Hustle Beats]
18. Nuthin` But A... [Prod. by Geneva GM]
19. Gamshooter Outro