Thursday, February 28, 2008

BuDD@H BLe$$eD PReSeNTs - "The LaDy Of RaGe: STReeTs Of RaGe"...

I was an instant fan of The Lady Of Rage as soon as I heard the opening lines from her hit single "Afro Puffs"...

"I rock on with my bad self `cuz it`s a must
It`s the Lady Of Rage still kickin` up dust
So umm, let me loosen up my bra strap
And umm, let me boost ya with my raw rap
`Cuz I`ma break it down to the nitty~gritty one time
When it comes to the lyrics I gets busy with mine"...

She sure does...workin` with KaTS like Chubb Rock, L.A. Posse, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Daz, Kurupt, 2Pac, Bad Azz, Gangstarr etc. Now folkS tell me that she was discovered by the Chubbster, but I`ve also been told that she was down with a crew called The Outlaw Posse consisting of Unique, Kilo & Shahkim who happened to have a production deal with The L.A. Posse at the time. After networkin` with The Outlaw Posse & The L.A. Posse she ended up working on the 1991 L.A. Posse album "They Come In All Colors", around the same time she also had an uncredited appearance as Rockin` Robin on "Bring `Em Home Safely" a track from Chubb Rock`s "The One" album...

Apparently Dr. Dre heard her work on The L.A. Posse album & that`s when Suge Knight called her up & convinced her to head to L.A....we all know what happened then, she signed to Death Row Records & put in work on some CLaSSiC albums, mainly Dr. Dre`s "The Chronic", Snoop Dogg`s "Doggstyle" & the "Above The Rim Soundtrack" which featured "Afro Puffs". She dropped her solo debut in 1997 titled "Necessary Roughness", a year later she left Death Row & the music industry to focus on acting. It paid off, she ended up landing the role as Coretta Cox on the Steve Harvey Show...

Well that`s all I know about homegirl, it really is a shame that Death Row waited so long to release her solo joint. It should`ve dropped around the same time as the "Above The Rim Soundtrack" did to capitalize off the buzz "Afro Puffs" had, but that`s another story. So here`s a lil` Lady Of Rage mix I put together a few days ago. It`s a good collection of her tracks, I just couldn`t find that L.A. Posse album so that`s really all that`s missing. BiG uPs to my lil` bro` for workin` on the cover for me, anyway check out the mix...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - The LaDy Of RaGe: STReeTs Of RaGe
Mixed: February 2008

1. Intro
2. Afro Puffs
3. Afro Puffs [G-Funk Rmx]
4. Sho` Shot
5. Lyrical Gangbang
6. Microphone `Pon Cok
7. Niggas Don`t Give A Fuck {ft. Dogg Pound}
8. Get With Da Wickedness
9. Do What I Feel {ft. Dogg Pound}
10. Stranded On Death Row
11. For All My Niggas & Bitches {ft. Snoop Dogg, Daz & Kurupt}
12. Unfuckwitable
13. You Know My Steez [3 Men & A Lady Rmx] {ft. Gangstarr & Kurupt}
14. Some Shit
15. Bring `Em Home Safely {ft. Chubb Rock & 3rd Bass}
16. Batman & Robin {ft. RBX & Snoop Dogg}
17. Set It Off {ft. Snoop Dogg, MC Ren, Ice Cube & Nate Dogg}
18. Thorough Bitches {ft. Charli Baltimore, Gangsta Boo, Da Brat, Queen Pen & Scarlet}
19. Puffin` On Blunts... {ft. Dr. Dre}
20. Chronic Patrol Break
21. G-Funk Intro {ft. Snoop Dogg}
22. Keepin` It Gangsta {ft. Dogg Pound}
23. A Hold On Hip Hop {ft. Bad Azz & Legacy}
24. Big Bad Lady {ft. 2Pac}
25. Get With Da Wickedness [Rmx]
26. Afro Puffs [Extended Rmx] {ft. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg}


Sunday, February 24, 2008

"WeLCoMe To DeaTH RoW"...

This flick`s gotta be one of the better documentaries on Death Row Records, it gets an easy 3.5 out of 5 from me. Now of course Tha Row`s story has been covered many times, but it`s the way writer/ director Jeff Scheftel put it together. All the info` that`s shared with the viewer is great, lots of behind the scene ish. It`s Murphy`s Law...great empires fall & Tha Row hit with a tremendous impact when they finally reached rock bottom. It`s all covered in this movie, so check it out...

It Started in Compton. It Ended in Infamy...

Welcome To Death Row
Studio: Xenon
DVD Release Date: September 25, 2001
Run Time: 104 minutes


"The CoMe uP: She GoT BooTy EDiTioN"...

Being the man that I am, one of the few weaknesses I have is the love for a nice phat ass (on a woman this is, don`t get it twisted:), so that`s basically what possessed me to post up this joint. It`s nothing really all that spectacular, however it does have Buffie "The Body" & Deelishis (Flava Of Love fame) hosting & it also features 50 of the sexiest skrippaz, pole dancers, models & rump-shakers -- really that`s all I need to say...

The Come Up: She Got Booty Edition
Released: 2008
Release Type: DVD Rip


Monday, February 18, 2008


Seen this movie when it was first released back in 2000 & really enjoyed. Thought it was well written, Christopher Nolan (writer & director) did a good job. Anyway, I watched it again the other day & thought it would be something to share with y`all. For those that aren`t familiar with the movie I`ll give you a lil` run~down of the plot. "Memento" is the story of Leonard (played by Guy Pearce) a former insurance investigator that has this condition with his short~term memory -- he can not make new memories; he knows who he is but if you talk to him for too long he`ll forget how the convo` started or even who he was talking with. He`s trying to solve the apparent murder of his wife using notes from a personal file, Polaroid pictures & tattoos on his body, given his condition he can`t always trust the notes so he has the main facts tatt`D. Along the way he meets up with two different people; Natalie (played by Carrie-Anne Moss) & Teddy Gammell (played by Joe Pantoliano), both are quick to help Leonard but also take advantage of him & his condition for their own gain. The movie will have you watching closely trying to piece the story together yourself & by the end you`ll see that British writer Christopher Nolan ran the entire story backwardS for a lil` twist, so check it out...

Studio: Sony Pictures
DVD Release Date: September 4, 2001 (Originally Released in 2000)
Run Time: 110 minutes

Side~note...there`s a lil` cameo from Jorja Fox, CSI`s Sarah Sidel -- she plays Leonard`s wife...


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

J.J. FaD`s "SuPeRSoNiC"...

Takin` it back with J.J. Fad`s "Supersonic", their debut album -- also the title to their one & only hit. Listening to the album now you can almost point out the place & time that the music was created; Nineteen-Eighty-Eight in Los Angeles...bringin` to mind of course N.W.A. -- surprising to some N.W.A.`s production team, consisting of DJ Yella, Dr. Dre & the Arabian Prince, produced the bulk of the album. Production~wise it`s almost like they were paying homage to their West Coast Electro~Rap roots from the mid~`80's, but the beatS are perfect mesh for Sassy C, MC J.B. & Baby D`s style & flow. Aside from the couple of Pop~vibe`D tracks this joint`s definitely worth a listen if you`d like to take a lil` step back into the Ol` School...

J.J. Fad - Supersonic
Label: Ruthless Records
Released: 1988

1. Supersonic
2. Way Out
3. Blame It On The Muzick
4. In The Mix
5. Eenie Meenie Beats
6. My Dope Intro
7. Let`s Get Hyped
8. Now Really
9. Time Tah Get Stupid
10. Is It Love?


Monday, February 11, 2008

"SouTH CeNTRaL"...[MoViE]

Here`s a 'hood~flick' from the early `90's that doesn`t really get much light, overshadowed by "Boyz N The Hood", "New Jack City" & "Menace II Society". It may have something to do with the fact that it`s more emotional, not shoot `em up BaNG~BaNG...LoL, anyways the movie takes place in L.A. & opens up with young Bobby Johnson (Glenn Plummer...think Parnell in "Menace II Society") BouNCiN` from jail. After getting into some BeeF with Genie Lamp, a local DRuG~JuGGLeR, Johnson CaPS Genie`s Lamp. He stays on the low for a couple of months, then decides to roll out with a few other fellow Deuce gang MeMBeRS. Along the way, unfortunately for them, they happen to pick up an undercover cop who ends up BuST`n them for possession...

While Johnson`s being questioned by the PoRK~CHoP PaTRoL the newly proclaimed O.G's FiNGeRPRiNTS are match`D to the PRiNTS on the silencer & gun he used to murk Genie. STiCK`n to the code of the STReeTS he takes all the heat & ends up having to serve a dime (10 yearS) in prison. It`s while locked up he finds one of his ol` Deuce HoMieS, Loco & he tells Johnson that his own son, Jimmie is becoming a member of Deuce, stealing stereos for Ray Ray, the leader of the Deuce gang. Johnson has to fight in order to try & get his son out of the gang Life, to keep him from making the same mistakes he did. He has to convince Jimmie that being in a gang, everything that he lived his Life for, is not worth the price you pay...

South Central
  • Studio: Warner Home Video
  • DVD Release Date: July 27, 1999 (Originally Released in 1992)
  • Run Time: 99 minutes


Friday, February 08, 2008

DRaKe, SeaZoN & MaYHeM MoReaRTy MuSiC ViDeoS...

I was kind of hoping to get a few comments/thoughts on the "GRaDe EH! VoL. 3" mix I posted up towards the end of December -- not so much on the mix itself, more about the music & the artistS that are behind the tuneS, but for whatever reason that never happened....LoL, so I rolled up a SPLiFF & concluded that I should just post up some of the videoS (genius thought :) for trackS from "GRaDe EH! VoL. 3" so here goes...

First up we`ve got "Replacement Girl" from Drake featuring Trey Songz, you can peep a DoPe interview with Drake right here (BiG uP HiP HoP CaNaDa DoT CoM!!!)

Second up we`ve got the Nas inspired "Unauthorized Biography of James Brown (U.B.J.B.)" from Seazon, another iLL Toronto emcee. Read an interview with the artist formerly known as Rikoshay here...

Finally we`ve got "Rock-N-Roll" from Mayhem Morearty, if you want to read a lil` more on homie peep this interview...

So there y`all go, don`t be 'SCuRReD' peep "GRaDe EH! VoL. 3" & drop some commentS...

STaY BLeSS`n...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ANGeRViLLe`S "THiS HiTS FoR FRee"...

Some more good & free music from Angerville! The loyal vistorS of this BLoG should be familiar with these katS, if not GeT FaMiLiaR.....LoL, I`ve just quickly sampled this but so far I`m really DiGG`n 6 trackS, "Battlefield" being my fav`. Check it out for ya`self & drop your thoughtS, I`ll be back with mine once I`ve given it a good listen...

Angerville - This Hits For Free

1. First Hit
2. It`s Angerville [Prod. by Jinx Beats]
3. Come Correct [Prod. by Mr. Smith]
4. 1, 2, 3
5. The Bridge
6. Blah
7. Parkdale
8. Eastern Promises [Prod. by TKO]
9. Celly Shouts
10. West [Prod. by Westnyle]
11. Highs & Lows [Prod. by Trakillaz]
12. Free
13. Waiting
14. Give It Up [Prod. by Rugged One]
15. Battlefield [Prod. by Gamshooter]
16. Sunday
17. In The City [Prod. by Young U]
18. Words Fucked


Monday, February 04, 2008

Too $HoRT`s "BoRN To MaCK"...[MuSiC ViDeoS]

After I finished up my post on the `73 movie "The Mack" the other day I decided that I`d share with y`all this joint called "Born To Mack (The Most Dangerous Videos)". Don`t know why, but I`ve been listening to a lot of Too $hort lately....LoL, anyway this DVD`s pretty iLL if you`re a Too $hort fan `cuz it`s a nice collection of some of his ol` school videos so check it out. Don`t forget to use the trick mentioned in the Snoop Dogg movie post..

Too Short - Born To Mack (The Most Dangerous Videos)
Released: 2003
Run Time: 73 minutes

1. Life Is...Too Short [4:07]
2. I Ain`t Trippin` [5:46]
3. The Ghetto [5:04]
4. Short But Funky [3:56]
5. In The Trunk [5:18]
6. I Want To Be Free [4:50]
7. I`m A Player [4:53]
8. Money In The Ghetto [4:32]
9. Get In Where You Fit In [5:25]
10. Cocktales [4:25]
11. Paystyle [4:28]
12. Top Down [4:40]
13. Ain`t No Women [4:09]
14. The Game Is Sold Not Told {ft. Goldy} [4:52]
15. Get Your Hustle On {ft. Baby DC} [4:39]
16. Independence Day {ft. Keith Murray} [4:17]


MaRVaLeSS` "GHeTTo BLueS"...

First off I`ve gotta BiG uP my homie Denis (BuST The FaCTs baby....LoL) for link`N me up with the album! I`d been lookin` for some of Marvaless` music for the longest time, but could never come across it. So once I finally got a chance to listen to her debut album ya know I just had to roll up some Buddah & take it in. For those that don`t know about Ms. Marva Jean she`s repp`N Sacramento, California & she was down with AWOL Records for her first few releases; her debut `94's "Ghetto Blues", `95's "Just Marvaless" & `96's "Wiccked". Her style`s more on the 'HaRDCoRe' side of things, but she brings her own distinct style & flow. She`s also worked with artists such as C-Bo, Lunasicc, Mac Mall, 2Pac (R.i.P.), Conscious Daughters & was even on Master P`s "West Coast Bad Boyz" compilation. So far this is the only album I`ve heard from her, but she does have a decent discog`, about 6 or 7 albums under her belt...

So without any more delay, here`s Marvaless` first album...

1. Ghetto Blues (4:48)
2. Niggas & Hoes {ft. Pizzo} (5:01)
3. Smokin` Da Bomb {ft. C-Bo & Rup Dog} (5:07)
4. It`s About Time (3:23)
5. Kill The Disrespect (4:08)
6. Can`t Stand The Heat {ft. C-Bo} (5:05)
7. Don`t Cross Me (4:22)
8. Another Dead Nigga (3:32)
9. Female Assassin (4:49)
10. Shouts Out (5:54)


The ZRo HouR - LiN Que & BeKaY SHoW

Y`all know me.....LoL, I`m an Orka BiG fan of female rapper$/emceeS or femceeS so I just had to tell y`all about the DoPe show that my homie Edaye has posted up on his ZRo HouR blog. Not only does he have Lin Que (think Isis from the `90's group X-Clan) on there for an interview (she ripS an iLL freestyle), but he`s also got Bekay (pronounced B-K) in for an interview & freestyle session as well. Here`s the playlist, peep my homie`s blog to DL the show...

#8 - Jean Grae
KILL DA KILLIN` - Cee-Rock "The Fury"
HELLO BROOKLYN [Shuko & Gunna Rmx] - Jay-Z {ft. Lil` Wayne}
GODspeed - Lin Que
SOMETHIN` REAL - Touch & Nato {ft. Wordsworth}
WHAT IT TAKES - Cymarshall Law


Saturday, February 02, 2008

"The MaCk"...[MoVie]

The Mack
Released: 1973

After watch this joint it`s pretty easy to see the influence that it`s had on the HiP HoP culture & those that represent it, from the emcees/rapper$, DJ`s & B-BoyS/GiRLS to the regular JillS & JoeS that cop the albumS & go to the concertS. Right off the top rapper$ like Snoop Dogg & Too $hort come to my mind, especially the latter seeing as how the movie was filmed on location in Oakland, California. $hort`s in my opinion sort of like HiP HoP`s "Mack".....LoL, but honestly I`m not wrong if ya really look at thingS. Anyway, what`s iLL about this flick is that much like early HiP HoP music it`s got that real grimy~grittiness to it, which is something that Michael Campus (Director) wouldn`t have been able to capture working on a soundstage...

Max Julien plays the role of "Goldie", Richard Pryor plays "Slim" & at the beginning of the flick they`re caught up in some junkyard gun~play. Outnumbered "Goldie" tellS "Slim" to get to KiCK`n rockS, he escapes but "Goldie" endS up in the pen` to serve a nickel (that`s 5 yearS for you squareS :). Once released he tries to piece his Life back together & visits his bro` "Olinga" (molded after Huey Long), played by Roger E. Mosley. "Goldie" comes to the revelation that he`s got 2 choices; the way of "The Mack" or that of his bro`s. Obviously he chooses the first, connecting up with "Slim" once again while takin` in some Obi Wan Kenobi~type PiMP`n wisdom jewelS from an older blind man, played by Paul Harris -- "Magnum P.I." mu` fuckas....LoL

Now that`s all I`m gon` say about the movie `cuz I`m not trying to ruin it for y`all, just remember to use to trick I mentioned in the Snoop movie post to avoid all that pop up & clickin` ish...