Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "BuTTa~SiDe uP"...

Here`s another mix of some tracks that I`ve been listening to for the last few weeks, mainly jointS on the 90`s tip but worth a listen none~the~less. BiG uP my lil` bro` once again for helpin` me create a quick cover...LoL, BuTTa~SiDe uP bitcheS!!!

One of my favorite Large Pro` jointS, I believe it`s featured on the "Nutty Professor Soundtrack"...

Da King & I`s "Flip Da Script" was a good joint, but Premier`s Remix made it a great tune. It`s kind of like when you BBQ a good beef steak & you`ve got this tasty BBQ Sauce to go with it. Without the sauce the steak`s still good on ya` taste~budS, but with the sauce it has your taste~budS bustin` some dance moveS `cuz they`re simply lovin` it...

The first time I heard Nine`s "Lyin` King" I loved it. Without biting his tongue he spoke the straight up TRuTH over a menacing beat that helped project his message of fake fu` fuckaS out there in the Rap game. Funny thing is, 12 years later shit`s still relevant..

"How I Could Just Kill A Man" was the first track I had heard from Cypress Hill, still remember when I heard it because I was watching my favorite movie "Juice" starring 2Pac & Omar Epps. Thought it was BaNG`n, I love the beat on this one...

The Original Version of "Come On", a Biggie track featuring Sadat X is done with a nice dark & murky beat complete with samples from the movie "Harlem Nights", a pretty rare find (one of the reasons I added it into the mix)...

"Da Dirty B-Side" is CLaSSiC! For those not from this planet it`s a Biggie & Da Brat collabo. It was featured on the "Funkdafied [Da EP]" & an edited version of it was used for the "Bad Boys Sountrack"...

The DJ Honda Remix of Da Brat`s "Funkdafied" is another rare track, the beat`s a lil` more mellow`D out than the Original but DoPe none~the~less...

She`s definitely got SKiLLZ on the mic, but for some reason Bahamadia`s always been a slept on emcee. "Total Wreck" is an iLL joint from her debut album "Kollage", the Remix is off the 12 inch single...

Gotta admit that I don`t listen to a lot of Latifah, but "Just Another Day" was definitely one track that I used to BuMP all the time as a teen when it first dropped...

I know absolutely nothing about Suga & "What`s Up Star?" is the only song that I`ve ever heard from her -- regardless, this joint BaNGs. The song is featured on "The Show Soundtrack"...

"Dom Perignon" is the only Lil` Shawn track that I`ve ever really listened to. It`s got a nice party~vibe to it & the Biggie sample on the hook doesn`t hurt either...

"True Fu-Schnick" was one of my favorite tuneS as a teen in junior high, Shaheed`s Fix gives it a nice funky touch...

Even though I like the Original Version of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth`s "I Got A Love" more (the beat`s way iLLeR!!!) I had to include the Remix since it`s a joint not too many folkS have heard...

The Beatnuts Remix of Naughty By Nature`s "It`s On" isn`t nearly as live as the Original Version, but I hadn`t heard it before so I thought I`d include it in the mix...

Adagio`s "Ass & Benefits", is a track I used to BuMP loudly `cuz well that`s what I`m about....LoL

"The Yearn" is not only a safe~sex P.S.A. but it`s always a nice party rockin` joint. One thing I kind of miss is them iLL party anthem type jointS that the Lost Boyz would drop, where y`all at???

"Drugs" is probably my favorite Lil` Kim track; Kim flexin` flowS over a hard poundin` beat with Biggie on the hook...

I just love the beat on the "Hiatus Remix", Diamond D & CRU rip some iLL lyricS Over it. Enjoy the unofficial video....LoL

Here`s the Original Version...

There isn`t much of a difference between the Remix & the Original Version of CRU`s "Just Another Case", there`s a slight change in the beat but that`s about it. The Remix is from the "Just Another Case" CD Single...

"So Many Tears" is a track that just touch`s my soul every time I listen to it. It`s definitely one of my fav` 2Pac tracks, I just love how he captures the emotion on this joint...

The hard hittin` beat & hook is what really captured my attention at first, but Jamal does his thing lyrically as well...

"Street Struck" was the first Big L joint I heard, after the first 45 seconds I loved it. I really dug how L kept it street but still managed to drop a track with a positive message...R.i.P. BiG L...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - BuTTa~SiDe uP
Mixed: April 13, 2008

1. Intro
2. The Mad Scientist {Large Professor}
3. Flip Da Script [DJ Premier Rmx] {Da King & I}
4. Lyin` King {Nine}
5. How I Could Just Kill A Man {Cypress Hill}
6. Come On [Original] {Biggie ft. Sadat X}
7. BuTTa BReaK #1
8. Da Dirty B-Side {Da Brat ft. Biggie & J.D.}
9. Funkdafied [DJ Honda Rmx] {Da Brat ft. J.D.}
10. Total Wreck [Rmx] {Bahamadia}
11. Just Another Day {Queen Latifah}
12. What`s Up Star? {Suga}
13. BReaK
14. Dom Perignon {Little Shawn}
15. True Fu-Schnick [Shaheed`s Fix] {Fu-Schnickens}
16. I Got A Love {Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth}
17. I Got A Love [Rmx] {Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth}
18. It`s On [Beatnuts Rmx] {Naughty By Nature}
19. Ass & Benefits {Adagio}
20. The Yearn {Lost Boyz ft. Pete Rock}
21. BuTTa BReaK #2
22. Drugs {Lil` Kim ft. Biggie}
23. Hiatus [Rmx] {Diamond D ft. CRU}
24. Just Another Case [Rmx (Radio Edit)] {CRU ft. Slick Rick}
25. So Many Tears {2Pac}
26. Fades `Em All [Pete Rock Rmx] {Jamal}
27. Street Struck {Big L}


Thursday, April 10, 2008

ETeRNia on The ZRo HouR...

Being a Canadian & a BiG fan of female emceeS ya know I just had to share this DoPe podcast/ radio show from my homie EDAYE`s
"The ZRO Hour", the show`s special guest is none other that Toronto`s own Eternia. I`m not gon` get into all the details about the show, just gon` say that it`s definitely worth checkin` out so don`t SLeeP! Hit up "The ZRO Hour", give the show a listen & tell EDAYE that LyRiX sent ya...


1. MY KINDA NIGGA - Heather B {ft. M.O.P.}
2. PUT YA STAMP ON IT - Akrobatik {ft. Talib Kweli}
4. PERFECT TIMING - C.L. Smooth {ft. Skyzoo}
5. CHICKEN - The Smile Rays
6. EVIDENCE - Eternia
7. MANY MANY - Eternia
9. THE MEGA - Eternia
10. HOSTILE GOSPEL [RMX] - Talib Kweli {ft. Joell Ortiz & Blu}
12. U C. US - Aarophat
13. MECCA & THE OX [Prod. by Pete Rock] - Vast Aire {ft. Vordul Mega}


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yo-Yo`s "EBoNy" & "BLaCK PeaRL"...

Yolanda Whittaker...or as the HiP HoP world knowS her Yo-Yo definitely deserves some propS for her role in the Women`s HiP HoP movement, but she tends to be forgotten. I`m not really sure why, regardless though she`s gon` get some well deserved BiG uPs on this BLoG! Most of y`all should know about Miss Yo-Yo, if you don`t -- no worries I`ll give you a lil` run~down...you`re just gon` have to do me a favor first, pick up your keyboard & slam it over your head at least 3 or 4 times until a few keys fall off. That way you`ve knocked yourself senseless, a good enough reason for not knowin` who Yo-Yo is.....LoL, JoKeS! Anyway, I`ll give you that run~down now...

Yo-Yo made her first recorded appearance on the song "It`s A Man`s World" from Ice Cube`s 1990 album "AmeriKKKa`s Most Wanted". Continuing to work with Cube she dropped her critically acclaimed debut album in 1991 titled "Make Way For The Motherlode" containing the hit single "You Can`t Play With My Yo-Yo" featuring Ice Cube. Then she followed things up with 1992`s "Black Pearl", an album that the critics seemed to enjoy but the sales were disappointing. I guess fanS just didn`t like the uplifting themes & positive messages that went against the norm` at the time, that being Gangsta Rap...

Yo-Yo did somewhat of a 360 with her 1993 album "You Better Ask Somebody", comin` with the gun~talk & blunt sparkS. She was definitely more on the combative side of things with this LP, clearly demanding ReSPeCT -- making sure that she didn`t come off preachy with all the positivity like many felt she did on the previous album. It`s almost like she was trying to redeem herself, even goin` as far as DiSS`n herself on the song titled "They Shit Don`t Stink" spittin` the rhymeS...

"I fell off but now I`m back, `cuz that "Black Pearl" shit was wack..."

Actually, I read an interview with Yo-Yo from Rapstation.com where she was asked about "Black Pearl" & DiSS`n it, here`s a lil` of what she had to say about it...

"It was a shock & people wasn`t ready for it. When I dissed it, I didn`t really DISS IT. I mean, I did, but I DIDN`T, you know what I mean? It just wasn`t what I wanted at that time. But hey, it was a break through...I was battlin` my identity anyway. West Coast was so gangsta...I had never been a tom boy. (laughs) I was fightin` trying to show my feminine side & tryin` to work with Cube & the N.W.A. image, just being a female in it though..."
(you can read the rest of it here...)

Anyway, "You Better Ask Somebody" also contains Yo-Yo`s 3rd collabo` with Ice Cube "The Bonnie & Clyde Theme". This joint was actually a B~SiDe on the album`s 1st single, "IBWin` Wit` My Crewin", funny thing though it`s really the only song off the album that received substantial radio airplay. "Total Control" was her next album, released in 1996 with features from Ice Cube, MC Breed, MC Lyte, Ruff Dogg & production from Yo-Yo herself, Warren G & DJ Battlecat. The album flopped, but it did contain "Bonnie & Clyde II" her 4th collabo` with Ice Cube. In 1998 Yo-Yo finished recording "Ebony" her 5th & final album (at least for now), but due to label PoLiTRiCKS it was never released. Promo copies of the LP & 12 Inches of "Do You Wanna Ride?" were put into circulation, but a retail album never seen the light...

Aside from rappin` Yo-Yo has also done a lil` actin`, appearing in a few movies like 1991`s "Boyz N The Hood" & 1993`s "Menace II Society". She also held down a few TV show roles as well; appearing on "Martin" as Sheneneh`s homegirl Keylolo & on "New York Undercover" as Nikki to name a few. If you`ve played "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" then you`ve also heard her voice as Kendl Johnson (CJ & Sweet's sister). Alright, I`m sure that`s more than enough info` for y`all so we`ll get to the albums. Today I`ve got 2 Yo-Yo joints for y`all "Ebony" & "Black Pearl", so enjoy & thank Anonymous `cuz he or she dropped the links as a comment under that Spice-1 DVD post...

Yo-Yo - Ebony [Unreleased Album]
Recorded: 1998
Label: Elektra Records/ Asylum Records

1. Intro (0:29)
2. Countin` Money (3:27)
3. Do You Wanna Ride? {ft. Kelly Price & Missy Elliott} (4:05)
4. Is It All Still Good? {ft. Gerald Levert} (5:41)
5. Get Up (And Do Your Thing) (3:33)
6. Never Gonna Fall Again (3:47)
7. Fantasy (4:10)
8. Let Me Be The One (4:16)
9. Good Girl (4:52)
10. I Would If I Could {ft. Missy Elliott} (3:50)
11. Pass It On {ft. Big Chan, Nic-Nak, Shorty G & Lady T} (4:45)

Yo-Yo - Black Pearl
Released: June 1992
Label: East West Records

1. The No Intro (0:12)
2. Home Girl, Don`t Play Dat {ft. Deadly Threat} (2:38)
3. So Funky (3:02)
4. Black Pearl (3:10)
5. Cleopatra (3:46)
6. It`s A Long Way Home (4:36)
7. You Should Have Listened (4:00)
8. Woman To Woman (2:26)
9. Hoes {ft. Deadly Threat} (3:13)
10. I Can`t Take No More {ft. Sir Jinx} (3:39)
11. A Few Good Men {ft. Kam} (3:50)
12. Will You Be Mine? (4:05)


Thursday, April 03, 2008

SPiCe-1`s "GReaTeST HiTs On DvD"...

For all the Spice-1 fanS out there this one`s for you. This DVD`s hosted by Tha Milkman & he speaks with the East Bay Gangsta as they run thru some of his music videos. It features all his CLaSSiCs, so enjoy the file itself is a 1hr. & 14min. mp4...

Spice-1 - Greatest Hits on DVD

1. Dump `Em In Ditches
2. Trigga Gots No Heart
3. In My Neighbourhood
4. Strap On The Side
5. Ain`t No Love
6. Welcome To The Ghetto
7. 1990-Sick
8. 187 Proof
9. Playa Man
10. East Bay Gangsta
11. Murda Show
12. Face Of A Desperate Man


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MaRVeL - FRee OnLiNe MiXTaPe (MiXeD by DJ LaW)...

As a special thanks to the folkS out there who copped Marvel`s "No Streets, Just The World" album Mumbles Hip Hop dropped this free online Marvel mixtape mixed by DJ Law consisting mainly of some iLL but older Marvel trackS, including the CLaSSiC Saukrates collabo` "Hate Runs Deep", "Last Days" with Da Grassroots & "Rhyme, Shine & Buss" featuring Kardinal & Y-Look. Definitely worth a listen, especially if you`re a BiG CaNaDiaN HiP HoP fan so check it out & thank Mumbles...

1. Intro
2. Rock `n` Roll Life {ft. Solitaire & Ro Dolla} [Prod. by 12bit]
3. Conversation {ft. Solitaire & Choclair}
4. The Bentness {ft. Arcee} [Prod. by Jake One]
5. Skankin` [Prod. by Saukrates]
6. Time Of The Signs [Prod. by Mr Attic]
7. Last Days {Da Grassroots ft. Marvel & G-Knight}
8. Hate Runs Deep {Saukrates ft. Marvel}
9. Red Light District [Prod. by 12bit]
10. Stop Sleeping Showcase (July 3, 2004)
11. To The Limit [Prod. Eeema]
12. Irationz {ft. E-Dot} [Prod. by Mr. Attic]
13. The City [Prod. by Eeema]
14. Long Time [Prod. by Kenny Neal]
15. Rhyme, Shine & Buss {Kardinal Offishall & Y-Look}
16. My Dream {Saukrates ft. Marvel}

For those of y`all that are interested in coppin` Marvel`s "No Streets, Just The World" album after hearing the free mixtape, you can get it
here. If you want the CD it`ll run you $10.99 (US) or if you just want to cop the digital mp3 album it`s only $5.99 (US), hit up Mumbles & tell `im HeRBaN LyRiX sent ya...


BLuNT PReSeNTs "A.W.O.L. (The ReMiXeS)"...

I`ve said it before & I`ll continue to say it until I stop breathing...I LoVe FRee MuSiC, correction I love free DoPe MuSiC!!! So when I came across this joint up on HiP HoP CaNaDa DoT CoM I couldn`t help but share this joint with y`all. The beatS, in my opinion are at least 3 timeS iLLeR than the originalS! Vancouver, Canada`s Blunt a.k.a. Bluntologist did a great job breathing some new Life into AZ`s "A.W.O.L" (ya know he`d love it too!). Thanks a lot for the tuneS homie, keep them BaNGeRS comin`!!!