Wednesday, March 20, 2024

GaNG STaRR`s "MoMeNT Of TRuTH [PRoMo CaSSeTTe SaMPLeR]-[HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]...

First off, BiG~uPs & much ReSPeCT goes out to dirt_dog for the original source file!
I felt that this joint was something that needed some sort of documentation when it comes to Hip Hop History. So I decided to edit it up by separating the tracks & interludes, as well as BuMP`n up the volume on a few tracks just to make it more enjoyable. I really miss the days of record labels actually coming up with some original promo type of stuff when it came to an album. You know to generate a buzz for their soon-to-be-released albums. At times you could end up hearing an unreleased version of a song or a remix. Sadly, however with this promo tape that`s not the case! This joint just consists of album snippets & some interludes that has Guru actin` like he`s sneakin` a listen of these snippets amongst one of his homies...




1. Intro
2. You Know My Steez [Snippet]
3. Interlude #1
4. Royalty {ft. K-Ci & JoJo} [Snippet]
5. Work [Snippet]
6. Interlude #2
7. What I`m Here 4 [Snippet]
8. B.I. vs. Friendship {ft. M.O.P.} [Snippet]
9. Interlude #3
10. Next Time [Snippet]
11. New York Strait Talk [Snippet]
12. Outro
R.i.P. GuRu...

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

N.W.A.`s "JuST DoN`T BiTe iT [ORiGiNaL VeRSioN]...

What`s good? What`s happenin`?? What`s lovely my people??? Hope all is well with y`all! Today I`m celebrating the fact that I was able to revive an external HDD from 7 years ago that I thought was long dead, since it stopped working in 2021. First off I`m not sure if you`d call this the demo version or the original version of N.W.A.`s "Just Don`t Bite It". Y`all know that oral sex anthem from the 1990 released EP titled "100 Miles & Runnin`"? This version is unreleased however, it`s pretty much the same vocally as the retail release, the only difference really at least to me is the beat. I really wish that I knew about the story behind this version, but I`ve got to be honest. I found this on a recently revived lost HDD from about 7 years ago. Can`t remember where exactly I grabbed the file from, but it`s definitely not my rip.....I say rip because it sounds like it was sourced from a cassette tape. I downloaded the file sometime back in 2020... 



1. Just Don`t Bite It [Original Version]






BaCK~uP LiNK #1


BaCK~uP LiNK #2












R.i.P. EaZy-E...

Monday, December 11, 2023

Kardinal Offishall`s "Eye & I" [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]...

What`s good? What`s happenin`?? What`s lovely y`all??? Hopefully Life`s treating you well, it`s rough out here for a Human nowadays! With that being said I`m here to celebrate this highly overlooked album from the Canadian Hip Hop Ambassador himself, Mr. Kardinal Offishall. It`s been so over~look`D that I had to put my HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN touches on it. You know, so it receives the proper light that it should be getting.πŸ˜‰ It`s actually his debut album titled "Eye & I" originally released back in 1997 thru Capitol Hill Music Inc. The album was recorded during 1996 & 1997. Kardi` produced most of the album himself; except for "Sweet Marie" & "Jeevin (Life)" which were produced by Saukrates. While the both of them produced the opening track "Breakdown (Keep Moving)" together...

So let`s keep it moving & get to the "Breakdown" shall we? YeS-YeS, it`s fresh & smooth with features from Saukrates & Denosh (some of y`all may have heard her on the Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth joint "It`s A Love Thing" released in 2004). It`s a decent way to open up an album, Kardinal flexes his lyrical prowess while Denosh & Saukrates mellow out the hook. The album`s first single "On Wid Da Show" follows with some features from Afrolistics (a.k.a. Ro Dolla) & Tara Chase. It`s most definitely the first banger on Mr. Offishall`s debut...


 "Da Brown" is next & I`m not even goin` to front this hook got stuck in my head for 2 weeks straight after revisiting it for some reason. Probably because it reminds me of that 1980`s Body Rap toyπŸ˜‰ Kardi` does his thing of course. The first "Hint-A-Lude" is pretty much just a one time listen thing. It`s not ever a necessity to enjoy the rest of the album, but you know how the `90's albums were with their skits & interludes. BiG~uP De La Soul! πŸ˜† "Mysteries" follows with its smooth`D~out vibes, I`m sure that there`s a few uncredited features on this joint bwecause I can clearly hear that there`s some other folks contributing but I`ve got no idea who they are, either way tho it`s a decent listen. "P.W.O.T."; the Ro Dolla a.k.a. Afrolistics & Kardinal Offishall collabo` comes next & neither emcee disappoints. Although I feel Kardinal owns the track, my opinion of course. "Brothers function with an automatic slang, Yang makes the Yin. We slang rhyme banging off the walls like Brooklyn Smalls, yo we Biggie"!!! 


The woman~appreciation anthem "My Niah" featuring L.J a.k.a. Lock Jaw comes next & gives women the respect that they`re deserving, ladies we do love all of y`all!πŸ˜‰"Madmoizellez" has Kardi` flexin` game to his girl, while Wade O. Brown provides the R&B vibes to the hook & the rest of the track. From what I know of Wade O. Brown, he has been doin` his thing on the R&B tip as early as 1997 up in Canada. I first heard him on the Beat Factory`s "GROOVEssentials Vol. 1" compilation on the track "Give Me The Chance". Once again the second "Hint-A-Lude" isn`t anything of necessity, listening~wise. "Make It Happen" features Van~City`s Red1 of the Rascalz, bringin` an East/West Canadian collabo` to the album. Kardi` & Red1 pretty much hold their own going back & forth over the Kardinal Offishall produced track which  also includes an uncredited Saukrates feature on the song`s hook. "W.I. Philosophi" is another interlude & it features Miss Raelene, I`m not exactly sure who she is. Most likely someone that Kardinal knows, sadly tho she`s delivering a message that`s still~relevant today, some 27 years later!!!


 "Sweet Marie" featuring Nicole Sinclair is next & has Kardi` paying homage & respect to his mother, just as all men should! Not quite on "Dear Mama"`s level, however still a DoPe tune nonetheless! After the heart~felt stuff comes "Bellee Buss (Don`t Make Me Laugh)". This joint`s more of a lyrical skill flexin` track for Kardinal with it`s chucklin` 'get on it` hook sample. "LoLo" would definitely make Uncle Luke proud! I`m not sure if that was his intent, but it sure comes off that way to me with its Miami Bass Music vibesπŸ˜‰.Tara Chase is featured & introduced on the Kardinal produced "King Of Da Hill". Perhaps this was recorded before ''On Wid Da Show''? I couldn`t tell ya unfortunately. Even with its Jazzy vibes, I won`t even try to lie "Elle A" is the only track that I skip over on this album & realistically it`s not even a song it`s more of a super long interlude, so I don`t feel so bad in doing soπŸ˜†. "Jeevin` (Life)", which also has the album`s second music video featuring Jully Black (Most will probably know of her work on Nas` "Heaven" track from 2002). Jully is flexin` her talent early on in her career here for y`all...

"Naughty Dread Pt. II" is the bangin` self~produced sequel to his introduction to the Hip Hop world on the 1996 released BeatFactory`s "Rap Essentials Vol. 1" compilation. I`m surprised that it never received an actual music video because the tune`s definitely a banger! Then again so should have the original, again that`s just my opinion. The third "Hint-A-Lude" isn`t anything special either after one listen. The double~time`D call & response "Friday Night" closes out the retail release of the album. It`s not the greatest of tunes to close out an album, but it`s still definitely enjoyable...


 Now y`all know me...when I`m celebrating an album I try to make it a truly enjoyable experience for the listener, especially if the record labels are sleepin`! The fans definitely want this type of stuff, if you think other~wise you`re trippin` with no luggage & missin` out on some for~certain revenue! It`s y`all labels` loss, I`ll do ya` job for ya😏So on this HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN we definitely had to start things off by adding the very first song that I heard from Kardinal Offishall; the self~produced "Naughty Dread" from the previously mentioned "Rap Essentials Vol. 1". A DoPe introduction indeed, but that`s only my opinion. Now for a much more rawer version, there`s the "Naughty Dread [Elington West Mix]". This is my preferred version simply because there`s no edits here yo! I truly enjoy this version of the track the most for obvious reasons πŸ˜†. 


The "Naughty Dread [Rmx]" features Marvel & Ms. Nici on more of an underground grimy sound. Sadly it`s somewhat edited, but still enjoyable nonetheless, it`s also produced by Kardinal. The Saukrates produced "On Wid Da Show [Original Clean Mix]" features Jaden, Mali as well as Saukrates. In my opinion this version`s definitely much more on the catchier~side, word~up! Oh yeah, I also decided to include some YouTube ripped music video files for "Jeevin`" & "On Wid Da Show" as an extra added bonus. So enjoy & celebrate this underappreciated debut from one of Canada`s iLLeST talents. Thank you Mr. Offishall for blessin` HiP HoP with this mighty fine album right here, I SaLuTe ya` efforts & appreciate the many hours that I`ve spent listened to it & the many more hours that you spent creating this gem!!!


Oh  CaNaDa!!!

1. Breakdown (Keep Moving) {ft. Denosh & Saukrates}
2. On Wid Da Show {ft. Afrolistics & Tara Chase}
3. Da Brown
4. Hint-A-Lude #1
5. Mysteries
6. P.W.O.T. {ft. Afrolistics}
7. My Niah {ft. L.J.}
8. Madmoizellez {ft. Wade O. Brown}
9. Hint-A-Lude #2
10. Make It Happen {ft. Red-1 & Saukrates}
11. W.I. Philosophi {ft. Miss Raelene}
12. Sweet Marie {ft. Nicole Sinclair}
13. Bellee Buss (Don`t Make Me Laugh)
14. LoLo
15. King Of Da Hill {ft. Tara Chase}
16. Elle A
17. Jeevin` (Life) {ft. Jully Black}
18. Naughty Dread Pt. II
19. Hint-A-Lude #3
20. Friday Night
21. Naughty Dread
22. Naughty Dread [Elington West Mix]
23. Naughty Dread [Rmx] {ft. Marvel & Ms. Nici}
24. On Wid Da Show [Original Clean Mix] {ft. Jaden, Mali & Saukrates}

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

H.S.D.`s "LuNGs LiKe A RaSTa EP"...


H.S.D. were either PuFF`n TReeS in their high school bathroom, always comin` late or just straight up  skipp`N class. The High Skool Drop-Owts were a duo consisting of Meen Green (R.I.P.) & Marc Tha Murderah. I believe that they were reppin` the underground Hip Hop scene in Los Angeles at the time, but I`m only guessing because of Meen Green`s affiliation with Freestyle Fellowship as well as being an original member of Western HemisFear (along with Voodu, Bird & Ras Kass). Meen Green`s also the brother of DJ Battlecat. Unfortunately I don`t know anything at all about his H.S.D. rhymin` partner Marc Tha Murderah. The H.S.D. EP has a total eight tracks & one instrumental, featuring production from Fatjack, J. Sumbi, The Nonce & M.D. Himself, it also features a guest appearance by Ganjah K. Sadly this joint was only released on vinyl, at least to my knowledge anyway. Unfortunately, well at least to y`all audiophiles anyway it`s only in 192. However for those of y`all like me that are just happy to be fortunate enough to hear the music at all, you`ll definitely DiG this. I do wish that at the time my homie shared this with me that I had got him to give me a better quality rip, but honestly this is comin` off a 14 year of external hard-drive that I had thought was previously lost, so I`m still diggin` all the gems regardless, anyway enjoy...



Label: Beats And Rhymes Records
Released: 1997
1. Lungs Like A Rasta
2. Juicy Interlude
3. Despite
4. Far From A...
5. 420 Team
6. H.S.D.
7. Tape It Off {ft. Ganjah K}
8. Cement Boxin` Gloves (Solo)
9. Lungs Like A Rasta [Instr.]

BaCK~uP LiNK...


Sunday, August 20, 2023

The CaRTeL`s "On A MiSSiON"...

Up until a few days ago I had no idea that this compilation album even existed, but thanks to my homie LiNT`d PoCKeTZ he put me on to it. So BiG~uPs definitely has to go out to him! Sadly  tho the info` that I can share with y`all about it is pretty limited. Aside from the fact that it`s some Columbus, Ohio Hip Hop & most of the tracks on here are produced by Tmix (a.k.a. Timmy Lawson). That`s all I really know, so please excuse my ignorance! From what I can tell this was either a group or perhaps just a compilation that Big Hustler put together to showcase the Black Cartel Records roster. Either way tho it`s not a bad listen at all...
The "Intro" is your typical skip~able ish, just gotta be honest. The opening track "Player Hater" is handled by Big Hustler & Tek 9 with production by Tmix. It`s decent, with that lil` circus~like sample in there but for some reason the track goes on for over 7 minutes. It may have been better absorbed by the listener had it been placed further on down the tracklisting, maybe like as the compilation/album`s closing song, but that is simply my opinion. "Stressed Out" is the second track on this joint, produced by Tmix & it features Kiesha C, Tek 9, Big Hustler & Tina. It definitely has potential for radio~play. I could actually see this being one of the singles, not sure if they released any for this project tho. "Pray" could very well have served as the B-Side for the previously mentioned single "idea". It`s also produced by Tmix & features Kiesha C, Tek & Big Hustler. "Heavy In The Game" is definitely vibin` off Coolio`s "Gangsta`s Paradise" since Big Hustler pretty much used the same sample when he produced this joint, but honestly I feel that he did it some justice. I`m definitely DiGG `n this tune even tho I`m hella late on it! The Tmix produced "Settrip" with its "Hail Mary" 2Pac sample on the hook will have some of you reciting it no doubt... 
You can`t deny that Tek 9`s 'Commercial' "Premeditating" is straight out of Master P`s hustle-book. I mean not only is he doing an impression of him (my opinion of course), but it`s a promo snippet for a 'future album'. I`m not hatin` at all, just kickin` my opinion besides it was probably more of Big Hustler`s idea to do it up like that seein` as how it`s his show. Honestly tho, the joint`s not bad at all. Kiesha C definitely shines on one of the album`s strongest tracks "Fire" produced by Tmix which also features Big Hustler & Tek 9. That hook will possibly get stuck in ya` head, watch out now! "Blow They Mind" is another solid joint produced by Tmix once again featuring Tek 9 & Big Hustler. Kieha C owns the Big Hustler featured "Ballen"! You definitely can`t deny the West Coast influence on "Representing" with Big Hustler & Kiesha C, they`re Mid-West`N it y`all! Kiesha C most definitely steals the show on "Shake It Up" featuring Big Hustler & Tek 9, another single worthy joint, my opinion of course. Tmix provides a solid backdrop for Big Hustler & Tek 9 to flow over on the synth`D out "On A Mission". "Street Supremacy" most definitely has an synth`D all the way out sound while Tek 9 & Big Hustler hold it on down lyrically. So overall I feel that this compilation has probably for the most part been over~look`D by most folks, but y`all really need to fix that & peep this...  

With all that mentioned if anyone out there knows what these folks are doin` nowadays please let me know! I`m definitely interested in hearing about what happened to Kiesha C, Big Hustler & Tek 9. I`ve never heard of any of them outside of this compilation. So if there`s any Columbus, Ohio kats out there that can possibly school me, please do so...







1. Intro {ft. Shock}
2. Player Hater {ft. Big Hustler & Tek 9}
3. Stressed Out {ft. Kiesha C, Tek 9, Big Hustler & Tina}
4. Pray {ft. Kiesha C, Tek 9 & Big Hustler}
5. Heavy In The Game {ft. Big Hustler, Tek 9 & Fletch}
6. Settrip {ft. Tek 9, Big Hustler & Shock}
7. Commercial (Premeditating) {ft. Shock & Tek 9}
8. Fire {ft. Kiesha C,Tek 9 & Big Hustler}
9. Blow They Mind {ft. Tek 9 & Big Hustler}
10. Ballen {ft. Kiesha C & Big Hustler}
11. Representing {ft. Big Hustler & Kiesha C}
12. Shake It Up {ft. Big Hustler, Tek 9 & Kiesha C}
13. On A Mission {Big Hustler & Tek 9}
14. Street Supremacy {Tek 9 & Big Hustler}
15. Outro {ft. Shock & Big Hustler}