Monday, March 06, 2023

SPiCe-1`s "DuMPiN` `Em iN DiTCHeS" [12 iNCH]...

What`s good? What`s lovely?? What`s happenin` y`all??? I hope Life`s been treatin` you well! Today I`m going to be dustin` off a good ol` 12 inch single from the East Bay Gangsta himself, Spice 1. This joint was released thru Jive Records back in 1993 to help promote his second album titled "187 He Wrote". So on this "Dumpin` `Em In Ditches" single you get a total of 5 tracks. The first 4 joints are produced by CMT & E-A-Ski, while the last song on this single "Smok`Em Like A Blunt" was done by Too $hort while Ant Banks mixed it down...

The first track on this 12 inch is the Street/Album Version of "Dumpin` `Em In Ditches", a great song in my opinion. CMT & E-A-Ski supplied Spice with a great backdrop for him to flex that hard gangsta ish that he`s well known for spittin`, they even somehow managed to make the sleigh bells work. The second joint on this single is the Extended Version & it shares the same beat as the Street/Album Version. What`s DoPe about it however is that it`s more of a Clean/Radio Version of the song, but Spice 1 actually took some extra time to redo the lyrics without any cussin` or lame censored edits. He definitely gets some extra props from me for spendin` that time on the song because I really hate when the artists get lazy & choose to leave the song as~is & just have it lamely censored. Then again it may not be the artists themselves that make that choice, the record labels are more than likely behind it. Either way tho, I dig it! I mean if you can still give a song that hard gangsta edge without having any cussin` on it, you`re definitely a talented emcee...
The third song on here is the Video Version which is essentially the same as the previous track without the extended instrumentation. Following that is the Instrumental, for those wondering it has the clean hook on it instead of the album`s dirty version. The final joint on this 12 inch single is the Too $hort produced "Smok`Em Like A Blunt". Honestly it`s far from some mind blowin` lyrical masterpiece, but I do dig the Reggae vibe that it has. It`s the same version that appears on the "187 He Wrote" album if you were wondering. So there ya have it, enjoy the tunes...



A1. Dumpin` `Em In Ditches [Street Version]
A2. Dumpin` `Em In Ditches [Extended Version]
B1. Dumpin` `Em In Ditches [Video Version]
B2. Dumpin` `Em In Ditches [Instr.]
B3 Smok`Em Like A Blunt


Monday, January 16, 2023

FoXy BRoWN`s "BK MaDe Me" [UnReLeaSeD]...

 What`s good? What`s happenin`?? What`s lovely y`all??? Hope all is well & the new year has been treating you well! Lately I`ve been on a Foxy Brown kick, searchin` for them unreleased jewels & gems since she hasn`t really been supplying us fans with anything new to listen to. I came across this song titled "BK Made Me" that was originally recorded for her 2001 album "Broken Silence". It`s DoPe & on that deep heart~felt emotional tip, kind of similar to the Ron Isley assisted joint "The Letter". For whatever reason it didn`t make the actual album, maybe it was a sample issue? Who knows for sure aside from the label heads in control of the album`s release. I can only guess that perhaps they felt that the album didn`t need to have 2 songs with the same type of content & vibe. With that being said tho, I think that they made a mistake by not choosing this song because it`s pretty awesome. Don`t get me wrong "The Letter" is a good song & I guess that the Ron Isley feature gave it a bit more of that commercial appeal, but "BK Made Me" is the better song in my opinion. Thankfully the song did get a release thru the mixtape circuit DJ Clue`s "Stadium Series Pt. 3" being one of the tapes that it was featured on. Thankfully this tagless version was out there for all of us Foxy fans, unfortunately it`s not in the highest of quality 128 kbps to be exact, but whatever at least we can give it a listen without any annoyingly placed tags, enjoy...


Sunday, November 27, 2022

C.P.O.`s "To HeLL & BLaCK [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]"...

It`s been a long minute...


Capital Punishment Organization, probably better known as C.P.O. to most, is from what I can gather an MC Ren produced album for Lil`Nation (a.k.a. C.P.O. Boss Hogg). The reason I say this is because MC Ren introduces Lil` Nation as C.P.O. in the music video for "Ballad Of A Menace". At first I originally thought that it was some type of group that MC Ren put together consisting of members; DJ Train, The Chip, Young D, Lil` Nation (a.k.a. Boss Hogg), Big Truck, Big Chop & Kashan The Lyrical Menace. However I`m sure that I was wrong with that assumption & think that they probably just contributed to the project itself titled "To Hell & Black" released in 1990 thru Capitol Records....



Unfortunately Boss Hogg passed passed away from natural causes on January 13, 2022. It`s a DaMn shame that he can`t actually bless the Hip Hop world with another album. His voice was incredible & most definitely very distinct in sound, just check "The Eulogy" off "The Murder Was With Case Soundtrack" featuring another lost Hip Hop soldier Slip Capone (R.I.P.). DJ Train who is mostly known for his work with JJ Fad & MC Ren also sadly passed away back in 1994 (July 26th), a victim of smoke inhalation from a house fire...



The Chip a.k.a. Chip MC (props to TERMINATED for putting me on to that link) is an high school acquaintance of MC Ren`s who was invited to contribute to the C.P.O. album that he was producing. Aside from that, I don`t know much else about this project. Feel FREE to school me n anything that I may not have covered regarding this project...


Overall I`d say that this album`s a decent listen. Is it mind~blowin`? Nope, but it does have some bangin` joints on it. MC Ren`s production definitely compliments CPO`s flows providing a solid back~drop for the lyrics to mesh with. My favorite joint on the album is most definitely "Homicide"! Wish that they had released it as a single so I could hear the instrumental, maaaaannnnnnn I dig that beat & love that scratched hook! That`s gotta be DJ Train`s work!!! The single "Ballad Of A Menace" with MC Ren is another good tune, but then again the other MC Ren assisted "Gangsta Melody" doesn`t disappoint either...

Since this album`s been so DaMn slept on, my opinion of course, I felt that it was only right to give it a little shine & hit it with that HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN spin. I mean we gotta salute DJ Train & CPO/Lil` Nation! Had to hit the singles for the bonus tracks on this one for the most part, I`m actually kind of surprised they didn`t include any of the remixes on the retail release of the album since the tracklist was only 10 tracks in length originally. With all that being said the first bonus joint that I added to the album is an apparent Oprah DiSS, I found this on the last few seconds of "Gangsta Melody". If you listen there`s a few seconds at the end of the track that are actually reversed, so I flipped `em back around & that`s what they were sayin`. For some reason at the time MC Ren wasn`t such a huge Oprah fan, I`m sure if you listen closely it`ll all make sense...


Am I trippin` or does the last quarter of the "Ballad Of A Menace [Homicidal Theme Rmx]" have an LL Cool J "I`m Bad" vibe to it? I`m not complaining at all because once that beat flips Lil` Nation handles it like a veteran, it was actually kind of iLL to hear a West Coast spin over that type of beat. Without question "The Movement [Rmx]" is definitely an improvement over the album version. I feel that the beat`s a lot more suited for the lyrical content in comparison to the album`s version. However my favorite remix on the album overall is "This Beat Is Funky [Mo Better Funky Rmx]", that ish is straight up fiyah!!!

C.P.O. - To Hell & Black [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]
Label: Capitol Records
Released: 1990-2022

1. Ballad Of A Menace {ft. MC Ren}
2. C.P.Osis
3. Ren`s Rhythm
4. Flow To The Rhythm
5. The Wall
6. Homicide
7. Somethin` Like Dis
8. The Movement
9. This Beat Is Funky
10. Gangsta Melody {ft MC Ren}
11. Oprah DiSS
12. Ballad Of A Menace [Homicidal Theme Rmx]  {ft. MC Ren}
13. Ballad Of A Menace [Radio Edit] {ft. MC Ren}
14. The Movement [Rmx]
15. This Beat Is Funky [Mo Better Funky Rmx]
16. This Beat Is Funky [Video Mix]
R.i.P. DJ TRaiN & C.P.O. BoSS HoG...

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "SLiCK RiCK (ReSPeCT The RuLeR)"....

 Re~uPP`d, originally posted Sunday, July 27th, 2008...

I`ve always been an huge fan of Ricky Walters a.k.a. Slick Rick ever since I first heard "Children`s Story" back in `89! Even as a young buck I thought he had some iLL storytelling abilities. That`s definitely something that I think helps keep an emcee entertaining & gives `em more replay value. Just peep tracks like the previously mentioned "Children`s Story", "Indian Girl", "Behind Bars" or even "Adults Only" -- very entertaining indeed....LoL, anyways I was bored a few days ago & decided that I`d put together a lil` mix of some rare & unreleased Slick Rick joints as well as a few of my fav` Ricky D tracks. So here`s what I came up with, nothing special but definitely worth a listen if you`re a BiG Slick rick fan. Gotta BiG~uP Roy Johnson from the Bust The Facts Crew for a whole lot of the unreleased tracks & the folks from over at TiMe 4 SuM AKSioN for a few of the rare 12" joints as well, thanks a lot fellas truly appreciated...

Cover coming soon...

1. iNTRo
2. Children`s Story [Chuck Chillout 1989 Mix]
3. Samson
4. Caveman Captain
5. Treat Her Like A Prostitute [Movie Version]
6. It`s A Boy [Large Professor Rmx]
7. A Letter
8. Star Trek
9. I Shouldn`t Have Done It [Extended Mix]
10. Sittin` In My Car [Def Mix] {ft. Jermaine Dupri}
11. Behind Bars [Warren G Rmx] {ft. Warren G}
12. It`s A Boy [King Rmx]
13. Get Bizzy {ft. Greyson & Jayson}
14. Gambling
15. Mistakes Of A Woman [Sid Rmx]
16. Practice Over At Chill Will`s Crib [1984]
17. La-Di-Da-Di [DJ Cash Money Mix] {ft. Doug E. Fresh}
18. Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
19. Trouble
20. I Own America [LP]
21. I Own America [Original]
22. Just Another Case [Rmx Radio Edit] {ft. CRU}
23. Frozen {ft. Raekwon}
24. The Show [DJ Revolution Mix] {ft. Doug E Fresh}
25. Lick The Balls
26. Live At The Lincoln Projects [1984] {ft. Doug E. Fresh}


Monday, July 25, 2022

CRU`s "Lisa Lipps b/w Wreckgonize" [Promo 12 Inch]...

Yeah I`ve dusted off a few CRU joints since I`ve found that 'lost' harddrive, I may as well share this one while I`m at it! Now keep in mind most of the files on said HDD are 25 or so years old, this one`s only in 192 sound quality wise unfortunately, but hey it is what is simply is. Not 3D-HD enough for ya? Carry on my friend.......LoL, I`m just happy to be able to access these files after all these years! Anyway as with most CRU tracks Yogi handles the production on both songs featured on this promo 12 inch single released back in 1997 by Rush Associated Labels. "Lisa Lipps" is the more upbeat of the 2 joints on this 12 inch album promo. I know that there were a few kats that laughed seeing Lisa Lipps & 12 inch promo in the same sentence, `80's & `90's babies stand up.......LoL


In all honesty & I`m only guessing here, this "Lisa Lipps" joint sounds as tho it all came together after a good solid Rhythm Blunt session -- at least to my ears anyway. It just sounds as tho The Mighty Ha is straight free~flowin` off the top of the dome after vibin` to the beat while on that extremely nice previously mentioned Rhythm Blunt session. "Wreckgonize" is definitely the darker of the 2 tracks on this 12 inch & features an opening verse from the late & underappreciated Harlem emcee Black Rob. The song`s production is solid & definitely captures the vibe of the lyrics, all 3 verses are great! However the hook to me is kind of lazy yet surprisingly still sort of works with everything else. Remember kids, "Carlos The Basehead is lurkin`..." word to Yogi`s second verse! You get the Dirty, Clean & Instrumental versions of each song on this promo so go `head, check it out & enjoy...




Label: Rush Associated Labels
Released: 1997

1. Lisa Lipps [Clean Version]
2. Lisa Lipps [Dirty Version]
3. Lisa Lipps [Instr.]
4. Wreckgonize [Clean Version] {ft. Black Rob}
5. Wreckgonize [Dirty Version] {ft.Black Rob}
6. Wreckgonize [Instr.]

R.i.P. BLaCK RoB...