Tuesday, March 02, 2021

FuNKMaSTeR FLeX & The GHeTTo CeLeBs` "NuTTiN` BuT FLaVoR" [12 iNCH]...

What`s lovely my peoples? Hope Life`s treating ya fairly! Today we`re gon` take it back to 1995 & dust off a 12 inch single released thru Wreck Records by New York`s infamous DJ Funkmaster Flex & The Ghetto Celebs called "Nuttin` But Flavor". I`m not truly sure exactly who the 'Ghetto Celebs' are, but I`m just guessin` that it probably just consisted of whoever was featured on a Funkmaster record at the time of release. For any Hip Hop head this right here is a gem of a single for many reasons, but I`ll just state 2 of `em right now `cuz that`s all that`s needed! First off; you get to hear some early work from 3 great emcees who are no longer here BLeSS`n us with music right now; Ol` Dirty Bastard, Biggie & Craig Mack! So GoD BLeSS the dead, R.I.P.!!! You get to hear why Hip Hop truly loves Ol` Dirty`s standout style on "Nuttin` But Flavor". In my humble opinion he outshines both Charlie Brown & Biz Markie on the track, no DiSReSPeCT....but that`s just how I hear it! Secondly; the B-Side of this single features some live from the Palladium freestyles from none other than the late & great Biggie & Craig Mack which were recorded on August 5th, 1994 (Funkmaster`s birthday apparently). What`s interesting about the Craig Mack freestyle is that it also features Biggie kickin` some raps right along with him, which is kind of rare because there`s not very much recorded material of them working together. The Biggie 'freestyle' includes some rhymes that would later end up on "Unbelievable". So there ya have it y`all, enjoy...


Label: Wreck Records
Released: 1995

1. Nuttin` But Flavor {ft. Charlie Brown, Ol` Dirty Bastard & Biz Markie}
2. Nuttin` But Flavor [Instr.]
3. Live At The Palladium [August 5, 1994] {Craig Mack ft. Biggie}
4. Live At The Palladium [August 5, 1994] {Biggie ft. Puff Daddy}

R.I.P. BiGGiE, CRaiG MaCK & OL` DiRTy BaSTaRD....

Saturday, January 16, 2021

MaGNoLiA SHoRTy`s "MoNKeY On Tha DiCK EP"...


W`ud up my peoples? Hope all is well! Today we`re gon` head down South on a Bounce music tip. We`re going to dust off an EP that was released by Cash Money Records in 1996 from Magnolia Shorty. I believe that it was Birdman who discovered her which would explain how she became the 2nd lady signed to Cash Money Records, Ms. Tee was the first. Also called the Queen Of Bounce, she actually received her stage name Magnolia Shorty from another New Orleans legend, Magnolia Slim (a.k.a. Soulja Slim). Seein` as how both came from the rough & dangerous Magnolia Projects it was a natural choice. Paying her dues she collaborated with Juvenile & the Hot Boys, eventually releasing this EP that we`re talkin` about now...
The "Monkey On Tha Dick" EP was entirely produced by Mannie Fresh & features guest appearances from fellow label mates B.G. & Juvenile. This is definitely for the Bounce fans since 4 of the tracks on here cater to that spectrum of music. It makes total since considering that was her lane & these tracks display just that. Especially on the title track, which is exactly why it received both an explicit & radio version. I wish that it would`ve had a music video. Guess Baby & them didn`t quite have enough ca$h money yet, or maybe it was more of a local/regional hit. Either way it is definitely a solid Bounce track! "Charlie Whop!!" is in the same vain as the title track. "Soldier Chant" is the weakest joint on this EP in my opinion, had it been like 2 minutes shorter I guess it wouldn`t have been so bad but it just goes on for far too long! "Magnolia Shorty" has Juvenile & B.G. making an appearance on the only non~Bounce joint on the EP. The trio display good chemistry together & deliver a track that would be right at home on any Hot Boys album...   
 Unfortunately for her family & the Hip Hop world on December 20, 2010 Renetta Lowe a.k.a. Magnolia Shorty was shot 26 times & murdered while sitting in a car with another occupant in her gated apartment complex. Unlike many of those Hip Hop murders this case was actually closed & those responsible charged. On February 22, 2017 both McCoy "Rat" Walker & Terrioues "T-Red" Owney, were found guilty of the murder. It`s because of those fools that the world will never get to hear an album from Shorty & that`s a DaMn shame! She had a lot of talent & from what I heard was working on a full length album around the time of her death. "My Boy" a collabo` with Kourtney Heart is one of the last songs she recorded before her death...

Label: Cash Money Records
Released: 1996

1. Cash Money Style Intro {Manny Fresh}
2. Monkey On Tha Dick
3. Charlie Whop!!
4. Soldier Chant
5. Magnolia $horty {ft. B.G. & Juvenile}
6. Monkey On Tha D$ck [Radio]

R.I.P. MaGNoLiA SHoRTy....

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

LiL` KiM on HoWaRD STeRN`s RaDiO SHoW...

A re~up for a post dated Saturday, May 14, 2011...




I`m trying to clean out my computer`s hard-drive & in the process I came across this video of an appearance that Lil` Kim made on the Howard Stern Show. She`s promoting her "Notorious K.I.M." album so I`m guessin` that the year`s around 2000 or so. The video is about 21-22 minutes in length. Can`t even try to front Kim looks pretty smokin`! Howard Stern is flirtin` with her the whole time sayin` her titties are poppin` out. Aside from all the jokin` & ish Lil` Kim does speak on the relationship she had with her father, not a great one. She also speaks a lil` bit about Biggie & their relationship. Then towards the end they bring in "Brock The Stutterer" & he sings in an attempt to get signed to Lil` Kim`s record label. I kinda felt bad for the dude, he did an alright job but the whole time they were crackin` jokes & clowin`  him. Anyway if you`re bored & lookin` for a laugh peep this video...




Lil` Kim on Howard Stern [2000]


Friday, January 31, 2020

KRS-One`s "KRS-One [HeRBan DeLuXe VeRSioN]"...

After playin` the hell outta my "Return Of The Boom Bap" tape back in the day, ya best believe that I was super stoked when KRS-One dropped his self titled second solo album 9 days before my 15th birthday in 1995. I still hadn`t quite upgraded to a CD player at the time so I eventually copped the cassette thru one of those mail order tape/CD clubs, either Columbia House or BMG Music. I can`t really remember which, it`s been a long while since I`ve seen the tape, it`s still at my parents` crib in storage somewhere. I also played the fuck out of that "KRS-One" cassette, it`s a great album!!!

My only gripe with it is all them DaMn interludes in between most of the songs. I understand why they are included; either he needed an ego stroke or just wanted to show the listeners how Hip Hop he is by gettin` shout outs from many of Hip Hop`s key players. It all depends on how ya want to look at it. Either way, after hearing it once or twice you really don`t need to hear it again & again. Unfortunately for me since I had the tape the only way to skip the interludes was to hit the ol` fast forward button on my stereo`s tape deck or walkman. So once I had enough money saved up I made the upgrade & bought the CD...

Unfortu-FuCKiN-Ly you still have to skip the interludes on the CD version of the album. However it`s a little easier to do this time around, hit the skip/next track button. The interludes should have been separate tracks, but for some odd reason KRS intended for us to hear these shout outs upon every listen. Maybe it was Jive Records` choice to format the album like that, who knows for sure? Either way it`s not something that I particularly enjoy about the album! I just want to dive into the head noddin` Boom Bapp`N sounds whenever I throw it on. FuCK all these interludes!....LoL, so it was only fitting for me to put my HeRBaN DeLuXe touch on this KRS classic!!! 

With this VeRSioN I didn`t have to adjust any of the volume on the songs, they were all at a decent level. I simply separated the previously mentioned shout outs/interludes from the songs & made them individual tracks. I did boost the volume on some of the interludes because I found them to be a little on the low side, also I decided to separate the lil` 'taggin` intro' that starts before "Out For Fame" & made it it`s own track so we can get right into the song. The "Outro" was simply separated from the end of "Health, Wealth, Self". The 3 bonus tracks come from a variety of sources; the "Rappaz R. N. Dainja [Kenny Parker Mix]" comes from a 12 Inch single, "The Truth [Original Version]" comes from some untitled KRS-One compilation that I found on my hard~drive (so unfortunately I have no clue where it truly came from, see what I did there?...LoL) & the "1-2 Pass It [Stretch Armstrong Rmx]" came from one of the members on the Philaflava T.R.O.Y. forum. Essentially this is the way that the album should have been formatted, my opinion of course. Enjoy... 

Label: Jive
Released: 2018

1. Intro
2. Rappaz R. N. Dainja
3. Interlude #1
4. Da Automatic {ft. Fat Joe}
5. MC`s Act Like They Don`t Know
6. Interlude #2
7. Ah Yeah!
8. R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.
9. Interlude #3
10. Free Mumia {ft. Channel Live}
11. Hold
12. Interlude #4
13. Wannabemceez {ft. Mad Lion}
14. Represent The Real Hip Hop {ft. Das EFX}
15. Interlude #5
16. The Truth
17. Rich Nice Speaks [Interlude #6]
18. Build Ya` Skillz {ft. Busta Rhymes}
19. Interlude #7
20. Taggin` Intro
21. Out For Fame
22. Squash All Beef
23. Interlude #8
24. Health, Wealth, Self
25. Outro
26. Rappaz R. N. Dainja [Kenny Parker Mix]
27. The Truth [Original Version]
28. 1-2 Pass It [Stretch Armstrong Rmx] {D&D All-Stars}