Saturday, December 29, 2007

187 PRooF: "DoPe LiKA PouND oR A KeY"...

187 Proof - Dope Lika Pound Or A Key [Compilation]
Label: Wax That Azzs
Released: 1991

Stumbled across this joint while lookin` thru one of my boxes of cassettes trying to find an older mix tape I put together back in `99....LoL, at first glance I thought it was just some gangsta`D up mix I got from a friend. Then I took a look at the tracklist on the back & noticed a couple familiar Spice-1 song titles such as "187 Proof" & "East Bay Gangster", so I popped it up in the ol` tape deck & hit play. Gotta say that this joint`s a trip, not only does it contain some early Spice-1 tracks, but I`ve been told that it also includes an early mix as well as a remix of "Foul Play" The Coup`s very first recorded appearance. The track itself later appeared on their debut album "Kill My Landlord" album which dropped on Wild Pitch. It also has a few trippy instrumentals/dubs ("Lights Start Flashing") , interludes ("976-Spice" & "211 At 711") & the posse track "One Nation". It`s sort of like a weak attempt at a "We`re All In The Same Game" type of track, exactly who is on the song? I couldn`t tell you, sorry. There isn`t much info` on this compilation, but I can tell you a lil` about the Spice-1 tracks. First off, I gotta say that I`m actually DiGG`n this mix of "East Bay Gangster" more than the version that ended up on Spice-1`s debut album released on Jive Records. Maybe I just love how they used the bassline from the O`Jays` "Give The People What They Want", either way it`s DoPe! "Gangster Thang" is Spice kickin` some of his trademark gangsta tales over a simplistic Ol` School soundin` beat, there`s even a lil` Chuck D sample. “187 Proof” is a track that most folkS should know, lyric~wise it`s exactly the same as the album version. The beat`s a lil` different & there`s a bit of an intro before the track starts with Spice takin` a few hits off a joint & a sample of someone saying "A Green Leafy Substance..." followed by a sample "Roll up a phat one & pass it around..." over & over until the song sparks off. “2 B Reel” is a rare/unreleased track, Spice kicks gangsta flowS over a beat that just seems a lil` too soft for a Spice-1 track. Who knows maybe it was an attempt at a radio joint. So there you have it a lil` run~down of this relatively unknown compilation, check it out for ya`self...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "GRaDe EH! VoL. 3 (Fo` 20)"...

1. Intro
2. It`s Fo` Twenty {Bishop Brigante ft. Nate Dogg} [Prod. by T. Williams]
3. Ohhh [Rmx] {Jenna ft. Rochester a.k.a. Juice, Ken Masters & Bishop Brigante} [Prod. by BEATardZ]
4. Replacement Girl {Drake ft. Trey Songz} [Prod. by T. Williams & Boi-1da]
5. Yayo Technology [Dub] {Richie Sosa}
6. Eyes Of A Stranger {The Rawluck Movement} [Prod. by Pro Logic]
7. Silly Rabbits {Empire (Mezziah, T.R.A., Scandalis & Adam Bomb)} [Prod. by Big Sproxx]
8. The N~Word {Aristo}
9. Unauthorized Biography of James Brown {Seazon} [Remixed by Seazon]
10. Rock-N-Roll {Mayhem Morearty}
11. Try It One Time {K-Dot} [Prod. by Arkeologists]
12. Earthquake {ReLZ ft. Wayne White & Steele (Smif-N-Wessun)} [Prod. by NeMo]
13. Say Good Bye [Rmx] {Rugged Intellect ft. Party Arty, Sean Price & Rustee Juxx} [Prod. by Domingo]
14. What The Fuck?! {9th Uno & Tyranny} [Prod. by Arkeologists]
15. Fortress [Freestyle] {Ill Da Shystee (R.I.P.)}
16. Wake-Up Show Freestyle {Maestro Fresh Wes}
17. The Trilogy Pt. 1 (Three MCz) {Motion ft. Apani B Fly & Tara Chase}
18. Halfway Through The City {Masia One}
19. A Portion From Up North {Michie Mee & L.A. Luv}
20. Pimp Of The Microphone {HDV}
21. So I... {Frankenstein ft. Choclair}
22. These Days & Times {Checkmate ft. Concise}
23. Fitnredi {Rascalz}

This right here is just a lil` mix I put together for my cousin & a few of my American friends, a very cheap Christmas gift......LoL, anyway it`s all Canadian HiP HoP! Some old, some new...I started it off with the newer ish & closed things out with some of the older gemS, N`JoY...

DJ FoSHo`s "LoViNG THiS MuSiC"...

Hopefully y`all had a good Christmas, mine was decent. Didn`t really get much on the gift~side of things, but that`s not what it`s about for`s really about the BiG family meal! It`s too bad my lil` bro` couldn`t make it down from Toronto, `cuz the turkey was great (not to mention the ham, cranberries, mash potatoes, stuffing, the pies & etc...)! Anyway, after my 3 plates of food (munchies kick`D into over~drive) I roll`D up 2 nice sized bluntS, grabbed some beer & popped in my homie DJ Fosho`s latest SLoW`D & CHoPP`D mix "Loving This Music". Figured that ya gotta be in the right mind~state/ mood to really get into a SLoW`D & CHoPP`D mixed joint, so what better way to do so than with a lil` of that R& know that Refer & Beer! Fosho does his thang & delivers a nice mix. It has a heavy Southern~vibe to it, no surprise there...I mean c`mon, it`s a SLoW`D & CHoPP`D mix & Fosho`s repp`N Texas! No worries though, the joint`s far from one~sided. Fosho throws Junior MAFIA, Styles P & Bone Thugs & in to the mix as well TLC to give it a lil` variety. Gotta say out of all the tracks the top 3 for me are: "It`s Supposed To Bubble", "Trill Niggas Don`t Die" & "Life Goes On", just DiGG`n how they were chopped, so check it out for ya`self...

1. Sunshine {Lupe Fiasco}
2. Dirty Acres [Instr.] {Cunninlynguists}
3. I`m A Hustler {Pimp C}
4. Don`t Waste My Time {Bone Thugs-N-Harmony}
5. Get Money {Junior M.A.F.I.A.}
6. All I Know Is Pain {Styles P}
7. One Time {Ky-Mani Marley}
8. Be With Me {J. Holiday}
9. Creep {TLC}
10. Sei Luv {Messy Marv ft. J. Valentine}
11. Give My Last Breath {Trae}
12. Trill Niggas Don`t Die {UGK ft. Z-Ro}
13. Like Yesterday {PSK ft. UGK}
14. It`s Suppose To Bubble {UGK}
15. Git Out My Face {Scarface}
16. Sunset {Ja Rule ft. The Game}
17. One Day {UGK ft. Ronnie Spencer & Mr. 3-2}
18. Life Goes On {Trae ft. L. Boogie}

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

16 BaRS PRoDuCTioNs PReSeNTs: "CaNaDiaN GaNGSTeR"...

1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dreamin`
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 {ft. Lil` Wayne}
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)
7. Sweet
8. I Know
9. Party Life
10. Ignorant Shit {ft. Beanie Sigel}
11. Say Hello
12. Success {ft. Nas}
13. Fallin`
14. Blue Magic
15. American Gangster
16. American Dreaming [Bonus Track]
17. Sweet [Bonus Track]
18. Ignorant Shit [Bonus Track]

YeS-YeS, with all the MaSH-uPs/ReMiXes of "American Gangster" floatin` around out there I just had to share this ReMiX album put together by 16 Bars Productions & titled "16 Bars Productions Presents - Jay-Z: Canadian Gangster". The beatS were created by T~DoT producers Big Sproxx, Lee Harvey & Mazaman & they give Jay-Z`s concept album that good ol` maple Canadian touch with their golden~era elements & soulful samples, so check it out for ya`self...

For more info` peep:


Monday, December 17, 2007

D.O. SiGNs DeaL WiTH HaLFLiFe...

As a kat from Canada I`ve got to take some time out to BiG uP Toronto emcee D.O. aka Defy the Odds who recently signed a deal with Halflife Records/EMI to drop his sophomore album "Stay Driven" in Fall of 2008. If you`re not up on D.O. ya may remember him as the emcee who entered the Guinness Book Of World Records on July 5, 2003 at the Darknights Nationals Car Show & Urban Lifestyle event in Markham, Ontario when performed the longest freestyle in HiP HoP`s history. The total time? Eight hours & 45 minutes!! What`s great about D.O.`s new deal is that Halflife Records is actually run by SuPeR TiGHT producer/ emcee Classified. So not only is homie going to get some iLL beatS for "Stay Driven", but I`m sure we can expect to see some features from the Halflife Crew which consists of DJ IV, J-Bru, Mic Boyd, Jordan Croucher & Chad Hatcher. Here`s a couple videos for tracks off his debut album "The Northstarr"...

"Just Forfeit" {ft. Arabesque, G. Stokes & Slakah}

"Defy The Odds" {ft. Mac Graham}

"Get Free" (Art Of Fresh (D.O. & Slakah The Beatchild)}

"The Grind" (D.O.`s newest single)...

D.O.`s myspace page:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "PHuCK WHaT Ya HeaRD!!!"

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - PHuCK WHaT Ya HeaRD!

1. Intro (2:03)
2. Dope Man [Radio] {N.W.A.} (4:43)
3. Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn {Eazy-E} (3:40)
4. Don`t Sweat The Technique {Eric B & Rakim} (2:47)
5. Welcome To The Terrordome {Public Enemy} (5:22)
6. Skit #1 (0:56)
7. What Goes Up [Rmx] {Mack Da Maniak ft. King Just & Chubb Rock} (3:13)
8. GP Connection {Pop Da Brown Hornet} (3:02)
9. Ill Street Blues {Kool G Rap & DJ Polo} (3:40)

10. I`m Still Number One {KRS-One} (2:21)
11. Down Wit` Us {Redman} (2:32)
12. Foxy`s Bells {Foxy Brown} (1:34)
13. Rock The Bells {LL Cool J} (2:59)

14. Skit #2 (0:30)

15. Phuck What Ya Heard {Mad Kap} (5:29)
16. True Gangstas {Ruffa} (4:10)
17. Lettha Brainz Blo {Heltah Skeltah} (3:59)
18. Married To Marijuana {Noreaga} (3:09)
19. Stop Smokin` That Shit {KMD ft. Sear, Kurious & Earthquake} (4:01)
20. Pandemonium {The Pharcyde} (3:49)
21. Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress {Boogie Monsters} (5:25)
22. Uh Oh {KRS-One} (3:52)
23. Manifest Destiny {Urban Thermo Dynamics} (4:30)

I put this together back in October but for whatever reason forgot to post it up here....LoL, it`s mainly older jointS that I was listening to at the time. These lil` mixes are created because I just get so bored with a lot of the newer ish that`s been comin` out, forcing me to turn to the good music for some escapism...


SToLeN FRoM AFRiCa VoL. 1...

Stolen From Africa VoL. 1
Released: 2007

Produced & conceived by Logikal Ethix & Unknown Mizery, this Mix CD "Stolen From Africa Vol. 1" was created to address all the gun~play that`s been happening in the T~DoT (Toronto). Their goal is to "uplift, motivate & educate" (to quote the back cover) folkS on the issues that have been affecting the families & communities, hoping to spark thought & discussion. They do so with the help of various Toronto artists; from Motion, T-West, Nem-i-sis & Baby Grhyme to Aristo, Tru-Paz & Mathematik (no DiSReSPeCT to those I left out). So far I`ve only listened to the first 3 tracks (I`ll post my thoughtS after I`ve listened to it all the way thru), but I`m lovin` it! Some great tuneS right here with a proper message, check it out for ya`self...

Check out Stolen From Africa here:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"WeLCoMe To The GHeTTo [12"]"...

Released: 1992
Label: Jive Records

A1. Welcome To The Ghetto [Extended Rmx] (5:44)
A2. Welcome To The Ghetto [Radio Edit] (4:28)
A3. Welcome To The Ghetto [Radio Edit Street] (4:32)
B1. Welcome To The Ghetto [Short Rmx] (5:02)
B2. Welcome To The Ghetto [Instr.] (5:02)
B3. 187 Pure (3:38)

I`ve always been a fan of Spice-1, ever since I first heard his self titled album from `92. Gotta admit, at first I was felt that homie was all gun~talk. After a second listen though, I realized he`s a vivid, hard~edged & angry GaNGSTa, but he`s got a very distinct style of rapp`N...even if it is GaNGSTa`D up! I really like his earlier albums (Spice-1, 187 He Wrote, Amerikkka`s Nightmare, 1990-Sick) compared to the ish he`s droppin` now~a~days. As for this 12", it`s 'From the Jive cassette & CD "Spice 1"', what`s iLL about this 12 inch is that you get the "Welcome To The Ghetto [Rmx]" with an extra verse that`s not on the album version (imagine that:). There`s also "187 Pure", one of my fav` Spice-1 trackS...storytelling at it`s finest, he`s rappin` the story with the character names being drugs...
"I once knew a nigga named Indo Weed
Used to hang out with killers slang Ice & Speed
Had a little bitch named Mary Jane
Who had a brother named Coke & he carried a cane
Coke & Indo, 2 BiG mackS
Coke had a grenade, told Indo "Catch!"
Doin` it just for fun, best frinds don`t gank
You catch `em kickin` it at the park a lot, fuckin` wit` Dank
Dank was real, just a hardcore nigga
Shot his bitch up `cause she drank all the liquor
Seen him at the park drinkin` 40`s last week
Did a drive~by on some niggas in a Jeep
He shot up Heroin & P.C.P.
Some niggas from a clique called L.S.D.
These niggas wasn't playin`, they got straight to the point
Shot up his mother`s house, col` smoked the joint
All he left was 2 brothers by the last name Doobie
Two midget~ass gangsters, both strapped, both moody
One had the 9 (mm) & the other had the 4-5
When they did a hit it took `em both to drive
Didn`t use nothin` fast like a `Vette or a Jag`
Did a drive~by in a mutha fuckin` drop top Zig~Zag
Coke & his sister Mary Jane
On Marijuana block drinkin` 40`s to the brain
And wasn`t trippin` off the gunshots
`Cause on Marijuana Block no one calls the cops
The mutha fuckin` murder rap got you keyed for sure
`Cause it`s 187 PURE, check it out..."

For y`all sample lovers, they should be pretty simple to pick out but if not you`ve got "Inner City Blues" by Marvin Gaye & SOS Band`s "No One`s Gonna Love You"...

Friday, November 09, 2007

BooT CaMP CLiK HiTs CaNaDa FoR TouR...

Not sure if everyone is up on this, but I`ve got to mention it since they`re one of my favorite HiP HoP groups...the Brooklyn crew, Boot Camp Clik anounced that they`re head`N to Canada for a 7~CiTy TouR. They`re gon` SPaRK thingS of on Thursday November 22nd in Montreal Quebec at the Saints Showbar & thingS will come to an end down in Edmonton Alberta at the Starlight Room. Not only will Smif-N-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah, Buckshot & Sean Price perform new ish from from albumS like "Casulaties Of War" & "Last Stand" but they`ll also perform their CLaSSiC trackS from back in the day as well. Here`s the list of Tour DateS...

1. Thursday, November 22nd: Montreal, Quebec: Venue: Saints Showbar
2. Friday, November 23rd: Ottawa, Ontario: Venue: Babylon Nightclub
3. Saturday, November 24th: Toronto, Ontario: Venue: Opera House Sunday
4. November 25th: Winnipeg, Manitoba: Venue: Energy Lounge Monday
5. November 26th: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Venue: Odeon Event Center
6. Tuesday, November 27th: Calgary, Alberta: Venue: The Warehouse
7. Wednesday, November 28th: Edmonton, Alberta: Venue: Starlight Room

Boot Camp Clik live @ the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sept. 27, 2006) Pt. 1...

Boot Camp Clik live @ the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sept. 27, 2006) Pt. 2...

Boot Camp Clik live @ the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sept. 27, 2006) Pt. 3...

Boot Camp Clik live @ the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sept. 27, 2006) Pt. 4...

Night Riders......R.i.P. Aaliyah

Headz R Ready...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "Tha MoRe I SMoKe"...

1. What U Think The Police Gon` Do? {Baby Cham} (3:54)
2. Clear The Air {Busta Rhymes ft. Akon & Shabba Ranks} (3:49)
3. Salute {Clinton Sparks ft. Ludacris, Kardinal Offishall & Busta Rhymes} (3:43)
4. Officer Down {Kardinal Offishall ft. 50 Cent} (2:25)
5. My Gun {50 Cent} (3:07)
6. My Bitch {Game} (3:33)
7. Transformers {Ras Kass ft. Namebrand} (3:53)
8. Letter To B.I.G. {Guerilla Black} (4:09)
9. Tell Me When To Go [Rmx] {E-40 ft. Kanye West, Ice Cube & Game} (4:27)
10. Two Type Of Bitches {UGK ft. Dizzee Rascal & Pimpin` Ken} (4:51)
11. Ghetto Love Song {Mac ft. Nas} (4:09)
12. The More I Smoke {Coughee Brothaz} (4:25)
13. How To Roll A Blunt {Redman} (3:15)
14. How To Kill A Cop {Ill Bill} (2:56)
15. Willie On Glock {Don Scavone} (3:54)
16. Rawness {Teflon} (4:02)
17. Fire {M.O.P.} (4:50)
18. When The Gun Draws {Pharoahe Monch ft. Mr. Porter} (3:12)
19. Street Freestyle {Bling Bling - Rappin` Crackhead} (1:11)
20. Crackhead {Big Lou} (3:37)
21. Real Hip Hop {Juice}

Here`s a mix I put together before the end of October, it`s just a few trackS that I`ve been listening to. A few new joints by Busta Rhymes, Ras Kass & Mac (think No Limit) featuring Nas & then there`s a couple older jointS, gotta have a nice mixture of the two, enjoy...



Released: 2007

1. Murda Hextro
2. CALTROiT {ft. Indef & Chevy Jones}
3. I Need It {ft. Tash & Ras Kass}
4. Bang That Shit Out {ft. Diverse}
5. Mouth Music {ft. Guilty Simpson & Busta Rhymes}
6. On Top Now {ft. Stat Quo & Dr. Dre}
7. Juggernats {ft. Young Dre, Glasses Malone & 40 Glock}
8. Goatit {ft. Phat Kat & Elzhi}
9. Spectacular {ft. iLLa-J, Frank Nitty & Busta Rhymes}
10. 4 All My Niggas {ft. Planet Asia, Mista Fab & Ya Boy}
11. Bad Girl
12. Inconvenient Truth
13. Go Hard {ft. Ras Kass & Royce Da 5`9}
14. If You Ready {ft. T3, Kardanal Offishall & iLLa-J}
15. Ret 2 Go {ft. Ms. Jade, Lady Of Rage & Peeps}
16. Everything {ft. Kardanal Offishall & Trek Life}
17. Movie Star {ft. Focus}
18. Not The Way {ft. Mike Ant}
19. Bishop Lamont Outro

YeS-YeS, back at it again....LoL, some more FRee ish for y`all courtesy of - thanks for the gem! An iLL collabo between Cali`s Bishop Lamont & Detroit`s Black Milk titled "CALTROiT" (get it: Cali - the i + Detroit - the De :) mixed by DJ Warrior with plenty DoPe featured artists, as you can see by the tracklist. The beatS bang hard & the rhymeS harder, not much more to tell ya. Check it out for ya`self, it`s not that often that ya get FRee DoPe (MuSiC)...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

BaByGiRL`s "HoLLa At Me i`LL PuT iT oN YoU"...

Released: December 31, 1996 (CD: July 15, 1997)
Label: Critique

1. Intro
2. Who`s Playing Who?
3. It`z A Man`s World
4. Holla At Me! {ft. Mystikal}
5. I Ain`t Yo` Bitch
6. To Tha Click
7. No Matter What
8. Ain`t Gonna Let Nobody {ft. Ghetto Twiinz}
9. What Dem Freaks Be Yellin`
10. I Can`t Be Faded {ft. Dark Souljahs}
11. High Like An Eagle
12. Cure For This
13. Tha Signing
14. I Can`t Say No
15. No Matter What

1997 album from the lead rapper of Gangsta Rap group H.W.A., Babygirl. This joint here has a heavy Southern vibe to it beat~wise, lyrically Babygirl does her thing but she won`t be going down in the history bookS as an iLL femcee. Her style`s similar to Lil` Kim or Foxy Brown, actually maybe it`s the other way around but y`all get the idea...

PRiNCe ALi`s "I MiSS 1994 EP"...

Released: 2007

1. Incistroduction (0:57)
2. Grew Up {ft. Louieville Sluggah} (2:26)
3. Respect {ft. Thieven Stealburg} (2:52)
4. Movements {ft. Kev Brown} (4:20)
5. Rap Author [Incise Rmx] {ft. Craig G} (3:32)
6. Rap Author {ft. Craig G} (3:41)
7. Incisimission (0:32)
8. On Our Way (3:24)
9. Jazzy Incision (0:13)
10. Bloaw (2:36)
11. Drift {ft. Theiven & Blue} (3:33)
12. Dear Slave (3:01)
13. Outro (0:50)

DoPe EP right here from Toronto, Canada`s Prince Ali! What I like about this joint is how the beatS have that `94 type of sound without really sounding dated. My fav` jointS off this would have to be "Grew Up" & "Rap Author", I`m not going to say to much more y`all just need to check this joint out for ya`self...


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HoLLeR WeeN MiX...

Some more of that good ol` free ish! This right here is a nice lil` mix from Rhek the DJ posted at a lil` early treat for y`all trickS (that was corny as hell sorry:)

Monday, October 22, 2007

ANGeRViLLe & GaMSHooTeR`s "ANGeR MaNaGeMeNT EP"...

Angerville & Gamshooter - The Anger Management EP Full Album (ZIP File)

1. Intro
2. Rage-A-Holic
3. Hip Hop
4. Hustlin`
5. Fast World
6. The Way It Is
7. Straight Spittin` {ft. Rob Kelly}
8. Sadness Of The Piano {ft. Bluntologist}
9. Outro

I always dig free ish, but when it`s DoPe it`s just that much better! Here`s a free digital download EP from Canadian HiP HoP crew ANGERVILLE (emcees Conscious Thought, Fortunato & Ill Da Shystee (R.I.P.)) & Gamshooter (DoPe producer from Toronto, Canada). Gotta say that both of them worked well with each other, Gamshooter`s beatS meshed well with ANGERVILLE`s lyricS. My fav` track`s "Sadness Of The Piano", just lovin` the beat on this track but it`s the lyricS that really hold my attention. Do ya`self a favor & check it out...

Check these link`s for more info` on these katS...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

RaW, UNCuT & X-RaTeD...

Released: 1987

1. Invasion Of The Flat Booty Bitches (5:13)
2. She`s A Bitch (9:57)
3. Oakland California (6:52)
4. The Bitch Sucks Dick (6:34)
5. Short Side (Blow Job Betty) (12:17)

Some ol` school Too $hort right here, this is for the die~hard $hort fanS. Far from his best work, but it showS ya just how he started out droppin` them nasty rhymes. Gotta love the length of some of these trackS...

Monday, October 15, 2007

NoNCHaLaNT`s "UNTiL The DaY"...

Released: March 26, 1996
Label: MCA Records

1. Intro (1:54)
2. It`s All Love (4:59)
3. Crab Rappers (4:28)
4. 5 O`Clock (4:47)
5. Lookin` Good To Me (4:27)
6. Kickin` It With Non [Skit] (0:50)
7. Have A Good Time (4:54)
8. Lights `n` Sirens (4:16)
9. Non Interlude (1:32)
10. Until The Day (4:45)
11. Mr. Good Stuff (5:04)
12. Thank You (4:24)
13. Outro (1:30)

Nonchalant, an iLL femcee from Washington D.C. dropped "Until The Day" back in `96. Y`all should remember her from her hit single "5 O`Clock", speaking about Black~on~Black crime...anyways she`s got a smooth`D out, laid~back style of flow & she dropS some intelligent lyricS over some R&B~laced beatS on her first & only album. The album`s DoPe (my opinion of course), but I think it suffered sales~wise because a lot of folkS felt the beatS were too R&B minded & her socio~political lyricS came off as too preachy, kind of like what katS say about KRS-One. Regardless of it`s commercial success, the album itself is straight up solid; rhythmically, lyrically & musically (that`s a lot of lly`s:). Sure there`s a lot of R&B-drenched trackS, but they`re consistently appealing & Nonchalant`s lyrics & flow only help to add replay value to them jointS. Stand~out jointS; "5 O`Clock", "Crab Rappers" & "Lights `n` Sirens"...


Sunday, October 14, 2007

CaNDy FReSH`s "JuST The WaY You LiKe iT"...

Label: Wrap/Ichiban
Released: 1992

1. Real Golddigger (6:00)
2. Homie, You Ain`t Got An Ounce Of Mack In You (5:56)
3. You Got To Be Real (3:45)
4. Tricky Brothers (4:12)
5. Black Widow {ft. X2C} (3:57)
6. Payback Is Hell (4:47)
7. Take Your Time To Do Right (4:07)
8. Just The Way I Like It (3:33)
9. Do It Again (5:42)
10. Get Off (3:12)
11. Bad To The Bone (2:36)
12. To The Beat To The Bass (1:11)
13. Move That Body (3:15)
14. Another Weekend Night (4:01)

Very little is known about Candy Fresh, one of the many obscure rapper$ (female at that) who recorded for Ichiban`s Wrap label in the early `90's. "Just The Way I Like It" is her only release, at least to my knowledge. With a slightly nasal~type delivery this femcee rockS a playful style of rapping, far from an MC Lyte & she definitely isn`t droppin` socio-political rhymes like Sister Souljah, but that doesn`t matter because this Atlanta femcee let`s ya know that the album`s more about fun that anything else, however she does drop some streetwise ish. Track`s like "Homie, You Ain't Got An Ounce Of Mack In You" & "Tricky Brothers" has Candy attacking guys that she considers chumps. Candy Fresh produced the album herself along with Wink-D. Their production was sample~heavy, lovers of `70's Soul & Funk should recognize the CLaSSiCs like Funkadelic`s "Not Just Knee Deep", the Staple Singers` "Let`s Do It Again" & Foxy`s "Get Off"...


Thursday, September 20, 2007

H-BoMB`s "iN Yo` FaCe - The ALBuM"...

Released: 1996

1. Intro {ft. Eric B} (1:00)
2. It’s Straight (5:15)
3. Choose Or Lose (5:24)
4. Days That I Miss (4:13)
5. Living Off The Avails (4:00)
6. Connect The Dot {ft. Coolio} (3:52)
7. When I Fuck With You (3:41)
8. On The Job Training {ft. Bootsy Collins} (4:44)
9. A Better Life (3:49)
10. H Gets Live (4:10)
11. Players & Hustlers (3:31)
12. Mackin’ You {ft. Ohio Players & The Bride’s Of Funkenstein} (5:04)

I`ll give y`all a lil` info` on this kat even though I don`t know much about him myself. H-Bomb (a.k.a. HDV a.k.a. Jacky Jasper - yes the same kat that collab`s with Kool Keith frequently) dropped “In Yo` Face - The Album” back in 1996. The vibe of the LP production~wise is on some smooth`D out G`d up funk which really suits the featured artists as well as H-Bomb himself & lyrically you can see why H-Bomb collab`s with Kool Keith -- they`ve got a similar style. Anyway, check it out for ya`self. The album`s a lil` on the rare side as well so you`ll uncover another one of HiP HoP`s hidden gemS...


Sunday, September 16, 2007

"BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: ORiGiNs VoL. 2"...

1. I Keep Forgettin` {Michael McDonald} (3:47)
2. Regulate {Warren G ft. Nate Dogg} (3:56)
3. There`s Nothing In This World... {Tom Brock} (4:29)
4. Girls, Girls, Girls {Jay-Z} (4:25)
5. Who Do You Love? {Benard Wright} (3:53)
6. Loungin` [Rmx] {LL Cool J ft. Total} (3:35)
7. Walk On The Wild Side {Lou Reed} (2:56)
8. Can I Kick It {A Tribe Called Quest} (3:49)
9. The World Is A Place {Rhythm} (1:55)
10. Just Another Case {CRU ft. Slick Rick} (3:22)
11. Who`s Gonna Take The Blame? {Smokey Robinson} (3:27)
12. Live On Live Long {Capone-N-Noreaga} (4:42)
13. I Forgot To Be Your Lover {William Bell} (2:10)
14. Worst Comes To Worst {Dialated Peoples ft. Guru} (3:03)
15. Stick Up {Honey Cone} (2:40)
16. Get The Point {C.E.B.} (2:20)
17. Help! I Been Robbed {J-Bru ft. Ghettosocks & Jay Bizzy} (3:35)
18. Soul Bossa Nova {Quincy Jones} (1:34)
19. My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style {Dream Warriors} (4:22)
20. Before The Night Is Over {Joe Simon} (3:24)
21. So Fresh, So Clean {Outkast} (3:43)
22. My Jamaican Guy {Grace Jones} (1:54)
23. Doin` It {LL Cool J ft. LeShaun} (4:45)

Originally started making the ORiGiNs mixeS for myself, but a few friendS really dug `em & passed `em around & the feedback was positive so here`s the 2nd volume for y`all to N`JoY. The idea behind the mix is straight forward & simple; original trackS followed by HiP HoP jointS that sampled them...


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

YoMo and MauLKie`S "ARe U XPeRieNCeD???"

Label: Ruthless Records
Released: 1991

1. Doors [Intro] (1:28)
2. Glory (4:49)
3. Watch Out Black Folks (3:10)
4. Mockingbird (4:32)
5. For The Love Of Money {ft. Jewell Caples} (4:30)
6. The A-Train (3:59)
7. Soul Psychedelic Side (2:55)
8. When Your Back`s Turned {ft. Jewell Caples} (4:11)
9. Mama Don`t (3:40)
10. Brain Child (2:58)
11. Society`s Relentless (4:20)
12. Daddy Rich (4:24)
13. Are U Xperienced? (3:04)
14. For The Love Of Money [Instr.] (4:33)

This album here is pretty rare now~a~days, most folkS don`t even know of these kats. Yomo & Maulkie were repp`N L.A. & signed with Eazy-E`s label Ruthless Records sometime in the early `90's. Even though the group was labeled hardcore (probably due to their association with N.W.A.) they were more on the Public Enemy tip when it came to the lyricS. Just peep "Glory", "Society`s Relentless", "Watch Out Black Folks" & "Mockingbird" . The album itself was executively produced by Eazy-E, but the production~side of things was handled by DJ Yella. That`s probably why the same titled track "For The Love Of Money" ended up as a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony hit instead. The beat & background vocals by Jewell Caples (think Death Row, "Woman To Woman" off the "Murder Was The Case Soundtrack") are the exact same for both songS. Gotta admit it though, Bone Thugs killed that track! So I guess I can hate on DJ Yella for recycling the beat, wonder if it was his or Eazy`s idea? Anyway that`s another story, unfortunately for both Yomo & Maulkie their only album fell into the abyss along with any chance at commercial success. Not sure if it`s the fact that they borrowed their album`s title from Jimi Hendrix`s famous debut album or that Ruthless Records just didn`t know how to promote such a group when Gangsta Rap music like N.W.A. was their bread & butter, either way the Rap game was a bitch to both of `em so Maulkie went on later to become a member of Ice Cube protégés Da Lench Mob...


Sunday, September 02, 2007

ARieS SPeaRs` "I AiN`T SCaReD!!!"

Released: November 15, 2005

DiSC 1 [Stand-Up]

1. Intro (4:48)
2. Post 9-11 (5:47)
3. Brontosaurus Chulpas (2:55)
4. Helping White People (2:52)
5. Weed & The Safari (2:17)
6. West Africans (3:19)
7. 7-Elevens (2:47)
8. Earthquakes (3:33)
9. 20 Million Dollars (4:07)
10. Sports Fans (2:34)
11. Stop Fuckin` With Me (3:03)
12. Slim Jim (1:42)
13. Musical Titties (4:45)
14. Couples (3:24)
15. Robosex (2:57)
16. All The Time (3:13)

Disc 2 [Prank Calls]

1. Reverend DMX (7:35)
2. British Dry Cleaners (Cum Dress) (2:28)
3. Buffalo Wing Pizza (6:33)
4. Mr. Dakiai`s Helicopter (4:14)
5. Iranian Gun Trade (2:27)
6. Akunday`s Carpet (5:33)
7. LL Cool J (Gay Club) (3:41)
8. Iranian Missle Man (5:11)
9. Mr. Daykiai`s Jacuzzi Bail Party (3:31)
10. Iranian Pt. 2 (4:50)
11. DMX & The Doctor (6:49)

This kat is funny as hell! I`m sure you`ve all seen him on Mad TV, if not I`m sure you can do a lil` search on youtube to find a clip or 2. Anyway this double album dropped back in 2005, the first disc being live stand-up comedy & the 2nd being some of the funniest prank callS I`ve ever heard. The stand-up comedy`s great but it`s really the 2nd DiSC that I DiG! Aries pulls off some of the iLLeST prank callS with ease. From the DMX & LL Cool J impersonations to Akunday`s bloody carpet call, you`re guaranteed some laughS! One of my fav`s is the Buffalo Wing Pizza call. I`m not gon` ruin it for anyone, so you`re gon` just have to check it out for ya`self...


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WHo GoT Da PRoPS???

Not to bad it only took about 3000 HiTs for someone to really take
but that`s another story....LoL, really just wanted to take some time to BiG~uP another blog I frequent on the reg`;
WaKe YouR DauGHTeR Up.
The blog itself is most def` a gem! Travis dropS some iLL knowledge within his entertaining & humor~filled writing, every visit`s worth the time spent. Alright, alright enough of the dick~riding....LoL, just give the blog a peep you`ll be glad ya did...

"G-FoRCe 19"...

G-Force 19 - SiDe A...

G-Force 19 - SiDe B...

"G-Force from Toronto
No American clone --
Drop the flow
Where I`m from??
T-Dot O..."

I`m kind of lack`N with the info` on this mix~tape, no tracklisting.....sorry, but that shouldn`t deter you from checkin` it out. G-Force (Repp`N Toronto, Canada just like the quote says) dropped some iLL tapeS back~`n~tha~day so I`ve been told. This is actually the first one I`ve listened to & I have to say that it`s pure FiYaH! It`s got a lot of reggae blendS & they`re done somethin` proper, so give it a listen for ya`self...

"A.W.O.L. [CooKiN` SouL RmX ALBuM]"...

AZ - A.W.O.L. [Cookin` Soul Rmx]

1. So Sincere [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (1:56)
2. Never Change [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (5:37)
3. New York {ft. Raekwon & Ghostface} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:45)
4. Can`t Stop [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:25)
5. Still Alive [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:57)
6. AZ`s Chillin` [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:30)
7. City Of Gods [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:52)
8. Street Life {ft. Half-A-Mill & Begetz} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:29)
9. Bedtime Story [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (2:51)
10. The Come Up [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:56)
11. Envious {ft. Bounty Killer} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:37)
12. A.W.O.L. [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:37)

This right here is a DoPe remix of AZ's latest album "A.W.O.L.", now I`m not really a fan of all these remix albumS that have been comin` out ever since Jigga released his vocals of the "Black Album" for headS to remix, but an iLL album`s an iLL album & this right here is one of `em! Cookin` Soul consists of a group of 3 producerS/DJs from Spain, production~wise their combination of Funk & Soul sampleS add a nice early 90`s feel to their beatS. So check it out...


CaSiDiNe`s "MaN HaNDLeR"...

Label: 75 Girls Records
Released: 1988

1. Secret Weapon (6:27)
2. Pimping Ain`t Easy (But The Girls Got It Down) (7:21)
3. Yeah Bitch, I`m CasiDine (8:10)
4. She Daddy (8:15)
5. Let Me Live My Life The Way I Want To (6:16)
6. I`m Your California Girl (5:08)
7. I Need The Beat (4:40)

Other then the fact that this HuN-E`s from Oakland & the album was released in 1988 by 75 Girls Records & Tapes (The same mid~80`s Hip Hop label, owned by Oakland entrepreneur Dean Hodges, that put out much of the early material by rapper Too $hort) there isn`t a whole lot of info` on this album. The LP itself definitely has an ol` school vibe to it both beat & lyric~wise, production was handled by Dean Hodges & Kenneth "Hollywood" Houston. Stand out trackS include "Secret Weapon" & "She Daddy", the later has CasiDine goin` off on an 8 minute X~rated tip. Overall the LP itself isn`t anything special, but worth checking out if your a fan of the females in Hip Hop...


Monday, August 20, 2007


Label: Priority Records
Released: 1996

1. Got `Em Twisted
2. 1-800 Got Yo M`N
3. East Bay Gangstrez
4. Female Rydaz
5. My Name Is Nine (Yeh, Da Gun)
6. Now U Wanna Come Back (Reunited We`re Not)
7. Whatever It Takes
8. She`s Bad
9. All Aboard
10. Ghetto Tears
11. Go Down On It
12. Murder Squad 4 Hire
13. Creep Wit My Chrome [CD-Only Bonus Track]

Sh`Killa was one of the few female rapper$ to emerge from the `90`s West Coast Gangsta Rap scene. A member of the Murder Squad, she dropped "Gangstrez From Da Bay" in 1996 on G.W.K. Records, produced by West Coast Gangsta rapper$ Havoc & Prodeje. The album itself was very influenced by the Dr. Dre/ Warren G G-Funk type of sound, but even though the album`s sound doesn`t really stand out there are a few BaNG`n beatS & catchy hookS.
Sh`Killa`s style of rappin` isn`t nearly as complex as say MC Lyte or Jean Grae, she basically goes for the shock value with a G`d up twist...


Sunday, August 12, 2007

DJ FooD STaMP PReSeNTs: "DJ PReMieR BLeNDs"...

New & CLaSSiC trackS blend`D nicely with some DJ Premier produced BeaTS...

1. Eric B. & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul b/w Just To Get A Rep (3:51)
2. The Roots - Don`t Say Nuthin` b/w Take It Personal (2:21)
3. J-Live - True School Anthem b/w The Format (2:25)
4. C.L. Smooth - Warm Outside b/w Sucka Free (2:29)
5. Jurassic 5 - What`s Golden? b/w Mass Appeal (3:18)
6. Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem On `Em b/w Ante Up (4:18)
7. Masta Ace Inc. - The B-Side b/w First Nigga (3:03)
8. Nas - One Love b/w Crooklyn Dodgers II (5:17)
9. Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin` Ya`Self b/w Rock Stars (3:34)
10. Dr. Dre {ft. Snoop Dogg} - Still D.R.E. b/w Thick (3:30)
11. Jedi Mind Tricks {ft. Kool G Rap} - Animal Rap b/w The Militia (2:31)
12. Smif-N-Wesson {ft. Talib Kweli} - Crystal Stair b/w Recognize (3:34)
13. Boulevard Connection {ft. Rakaa Iriscience, Last Emperor, Maylay Sparks & Babu} - Copenhagen b/w Rappaz R. N. Dainja (2:47)
14. Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty b/w Unbelievable (4:06)
15. Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow b/w Enough Beef (3:01)
16. Big Shug - The Way It Iz b/w The Enemy (3:49)
17. GZA - Beneath The Surface b/w M.U.G. (1:57)
18. Asheru {ft. Talib Kweli} - Mood Swing b/w Suspended In Time (3:17)
19. Black Moon - How Many Emcees b/w Lady (3:13)
20. Lord Finesse {ft. O.C. & KRS-One} - Brainstorm b/w Come Clean (4:27)
21. Common {ft. Sadat X} - 1-9-9-9 b/w Above The Clouds (3:05)