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SyLK-E. FyNe`s "Tha CuM uP"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted on 09.27.2009...

Alright y`all let me be perfectly clear here I really wanted to introduce y`all to Sylk-E Fyne by posting up her debut album "Raw Sylk", but unfortunately at the moment I can`t find the CD amongst all the boxes of CD`s that I brought back with me from Canada during my trip back in November....LoL, so y`all are just gon` have to deal with her second album "Tha Cum Up" for now (especially since I had a few requests for a re~uP on this joint). Once I find that "Raw Sylk" CD though I`ll post it up for y`all...

Anyways for those that aren`t familiar with Sylk-E Fyne (she has a MySpace page, but now~a~days who`s peepin` them?....LoL) I`ll school ya real quick. Reppin` South Central, Los Angeles, Sylk-E has been rhymin` since her high school days. It was somethin` that she did to keep herself distracted from the allure of the streets & all the trouble that comes along with `em. Her hard work, both musically & academically eventually paid off because not only did she receive a college degree, but she also link`D up with some Hip Hop legends. She`s worked with 2Pac, Eazy-E, Too $hort, Snoop Dogg & even toured with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. When she first stepped on the scene she was actually working along side the late great Hip Hop Thugsta Eazy-E as a member of G.B.M. (Gangsta Bitch Mentality), a group that he had been cultivating but unfortunately nothing of theirs was ever really released, aside from 2 tracks that I know of ("Shed No Tears" & "House Party") & they didn`t actually get an official release...

Since being a part of a group didn`t really work out to her benefit she decided to strike it out on her own & in 1998 Sylk-E Fyne signed with RCA where she was able to release her first album titled "Raw Sylk". While working on the album she linked up with Chill & the two of them recorded the surprise hit single titled "Romeo & Juliet". It got plenty of play during the summer of `98, I remember seeing the video all over the TV music stations like B.E.T., MTV & Much Music. Needless to say "Romeo & Juliet" was BiG for Sylk, it managed to reach the Number 6 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 that year & still remains her biggest hit today. Unfortunately for her though the buzz from the hit smash single wasn`t enough to help generate interest in her debut album "Raw Sylk". Even though the album was a decent effort it sold poorly, peaking at the 121st spot of the Billboard 200. Disappointed in the album`s sales RCA made the decision & dropped her from the label...

So in 2000 Sylk-E Fyne bounced back & signed with Rufftown Records to release her sophomore album titled "Tha Cum Up". The album features her second & last (to my knowledge anyway) charting single titled "Ya` Style", a collabo` with Snoop Dogg & Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The song reached the Number 17 spot on the Billboard Rap Singles chart of that year. Unfortunately for her though I guess Ruffhouse Records was expecting another smash hit single like "Romeo & Juliet" or they were just hoping that people would cop her second album off the strength of that single because they did little to no promo for "Tha Cum Up". Maybe they blew their budget on the music video for "Ya` Style", who knows? The computer animated versions of Snoop & Bizzy are killer though.....LoL, anyway just like her debut album this one was also a commercial disappointment. Some other side~notes about Sylk-E Fyne that y`all may not know are at one point in time she was signed to Snoop Dogg`s Doggystyle Records. She was also featured on the original version of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & 2Pac collabo` "Thug Luv"...

So what do I think of "Tha Cum Up" you ask? Well I think it`s OK, probably good for a one time listen because honestly it doesn`t really offer anything that`s groundbreaking or worthy of much replay value. If you`re a fan of hers & haven`t heard her second album then give it a listen. If you haven`t heard of Sylk-E. Fyne before though I do apologize, don`t let this album deter you from checkin` out her debut album because it is definitely much better than this one! "I`mma Give It To Ya" is a decent opening track for the album, nothing mind blowin` but it isn`t too shabby either. "How Hot?" featuring Chill is OK, but definitely a long shot from their previous hit "Romeo & Juliet". Ya can`t blame them though for attempting to capture that spark once again. "Dirty South Central" comes off as a weak attempt to ride the jock of the Southern style that was huge at the time, it also features an uncredited appearance by a kat named Diamond I believe, I`m probably wrong on the name though....LoL

"Players Comin` Up" features Phantom Smoove, it`s OK but nothing special. "Lick It" is a weak attempt at a sexual track, but it`s just too lame for my tastes. "My Life" is a decent joint, not sure who the uncredited emcees are though. "Tha Cum Up" features Mr. 'Who Dat' JT Money, it`s not too bad but again nothing super spectacular either. "Dirty Game" features Nicole Renee as well as another uncredited emcee, it doesn`t matter much though because there`s not much to make you want to check it out again anyway. "Ya` Style" is by far the best track on this album, sure the Snoop & Bizzy Bone features help but the beat`s also pretty good. "Why Oh Why?" closes out this album, it`s alright & could`ve been a good way to end things, but the super simplistic hook just makes it lose much of it`s replay value...

I know that it looks like I`m hating on this album, but honestly I`m not I`m just being real. Sylk-E. Fyne has definitely given listeners much better music than what`s included on this album Just check the features that she`s done with other artists like Eazy-E, Too $hort & 2Pac to name a few, or better yet peep her first album "Raw Sylk"! Maybe "Tha Cum Up" sounded better when it first dropped, but 14-soon-to-be-15 years later it`s safe to say that this joint hasn`t aged all that well. The beats range from fair to decent, while the lyrics are just OK. Remember now, this is just my opinion you may really DiG this album & that`s fine - to each their own! So good `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: Rufftown Records
Released: 2000

1. I`mma Give It To Ya
2. How Hot? {ft. Chill}
3. Dirty South Central
4. Players Comin` Up {ft. Phantom Smoove}
5. Lick It
6. My Life
7. Tha Cum Up {ft. JT Money}
8. Dirty Game {ft. Nicole Renee}
9. Ya` Style {ft. Snoop Dogg & Bizzy Bone}
10. Why Oh Why?

For those of y`all wondering, apparently she`s working on a new album...


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BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - "I`m TaLK`n ABouT CHiCKeN WiNGZ"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 11.07.2009...

I know that I haven`t posted anything in a while, but no this blog isn`t dead yet! I have just been busy with Life, it`s bound to happen once you become a parent....LoL, anyways I`m going to attempt to get a few posts up on here within the next few days. To start things off I have a Re~uP of a mix that I had originally put together back in 2009. Since I have had numerous requests to post up new links for it I decided to do so seeing as how I was able to grab a bunch of CD`s from my parents` crib in Canada when I visited them in November. This mix that I`m referring to is titled "BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: I`m TaLK`n ABouT CHiCKeN WiNGZ". At the time that I had originally put it together it was a nice combination of new & older tracks, but now obviously it`s just old & older joints....LoL, anyway the iNTRo says it all! Check it out & enjoy this lil` Christmas gift...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - I`m TaLK`n ABouT CHiCKeN WiNGZ
MiXeD: Saturday, November 07, 2009

1. iNTRo
2. D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) {Jay-Z}
3. Robot {KRS-One & Buckshot}
4. Hidden Scriptures {Krumb Snatcha}
5. Thru My Eyez {X-Clan ft. Tony Henry & Bun B}
6. Choose Your Side {La Coka Nostra ft. Bun B}
TaXeS [iNTeRLuDe]
8. Off The Books {The Beatnuts ft. Big Pun & Cuban Link}
9. You Ain`t A Killer {Big Pun}
10. Thug Paradise {Capone-N-Noreaga}
11. How Many Emcees (Must Get Dissed) {Black Moon}
12. Crooklyn Dodgers {Buckshot, Special Ed & Masta Ace}
iNTeRLuDe #2
14. Hate {DJ Haze ft. Young Buck & Game}
15. Fuck Y`all {DJ Quik & Kurupt}
16. Blaaow! {Hittman ft. Dr. Dre & Knoc`Turnal}
17. Trafficin` Green {Crooked I}
18. Only In California {Mack 10 ft. Ice Cube & Snoop Dogg}
19. Cali Kali {Kali}
20. Breathe Thru The Years {J. Cardim ft. Saigon}
21. Hustle In My Blood {AZ}
22. I`ma Go & Get My... {Busta Rhymes ft. Mike Epps}
23. My Job {Cam`Ron}
24. Mr. DJ {Warren G}