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DJ QUiK`s "The DeaTH RoW SeSSioNS EP" [BooTLeG]...

Re-uPP`d originally posted 05.18.2009...

Jorge said...
Man this album is crazy! Thanks for the link.

What`s good y`all? Today I have something to share with y`all that falls into the bootleg category from West Coast producer/ rapper DJ Quik. Apparently this joint was leak`D to the `Net sometime around 2008, but I`m just getting around to it now. I`m a BiG fan of Quik`s so when I found a compilation of some of the man`s work from his Death Row Records days I was pretty hyped! From what I can tell the tracks on this bootleg are mainly from 1994-1995, DoPe none~the~less. The only real downside for me is that most of the good songs (like tracks 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 & 14 to list a few) all have lil` radio/ DJ tags on `em.......I hate that!....LoL, they`re only a few seconds in length so it`s not really all that bad, just wish I could hear 2Pac`s "Heartz Of Men [Retail Demo Version]" without the lil` tag at the beginning of the track. Oh well, one HiP HoP head can wish can`t he?....LoL

Anyway let`s speak on the music shall we? Standout joints for me are; "Boom" (Quik`s poppin` some shots at MC Eiht on this one), "Late Night" (always liked this 2Pac joint, but never heard this version with AMG on it), "Dollaz-N-Sence [Demo Version]" (much different from the version that was featured on the "Murder Was The Case Soundtrack"; not only is the beat different, but this version doesn`t have a hook & Quik`s homies 2nd II None join him on the track), "Words To My First Born" (even though I have heard this before it`s still a winner in my books). My favorite track on here though has to be 2Pac`s "Heartz Of Men [Retail Demo Version]"!!! 

The intro to the track is very different, `Pac doesn`t mention Suge Knight at all & DJ Quik`s scratchin` is very iLL & on point. Don`t get it twisted though y`all this entire bootleg bangs hard, even the R&B flavored joints are far from weak while the instrumentals will keep ya` head noddin` (side note: for some reason the "Dollaz-N-Sence [Instr.]" gets a lil` choppy towards then end). The only track on here that I didn`t really enjoy is track #10, mainly because it`s a 6 minute & 30 second interview with Suge Knight (the interviewer sounds like Luke of 2 Live Crew fame) that has some shitty sound quality. The only relevance that this interview has to the rest of the bootleg is that Suge mentions the fact that Quik produced a few tracks for Danny Boy.....LoL, this ish could have been cut down by like 5 minutes, oh well overall it`s a good listen so check it out...

Label: N/A
Released: N/A

1. Intro
2. Boom {DJ Quik}
3. What That Is? {Baby Eagle ft. DJ Quik}
4. Bringing The Funk [Rmx Instr.] {Stra-8 G}
5. Words To My First Born {2Pac ft. Nutt-So}
6. Loc`ed Out Hood [Live G-Funk Rmx] {DJ Quik}
7. Let`s Get Down [Death Row Rmx] {Tony! Toni! Tone! ft. DJ Quik}
8. Dollaz-N-Sence [Instr.] {DJ Quik}
9. Late Night {2Pac ft. AMG & DJ Quik}
10. 4 Or 5 For Danny Boy (Suge Knight Interview)
11. Doggy Style [Live Version] {DJ Roger with DJ Quik}
12. Dollaz-N-Sence [Demo Version] {DJ Quik & 2nd II None}
13. Something For The Mood [Instr.] {DJ Quik}
14. Heartz Of Men [Retail Demo Version] {2Pac}



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DMX`s DeMo...

Obviously if you`re not a true HiP HoP head or a fan of DMX then this probably won`t spark your interest much, however if you are then I`ve got a lil` treat for ya. What I have for your listening pleasure today is DMX`s Demo Tape from 1991-1992. Info~wise there`s not too much that I know about this demo unfortunately. So I can`t tell you who handled the production or anything like that, but I`m guessin` that these are probably some of songs that X submitted back in 1991 to The Source Magazine that ended up getting him some shine in the "Unsigned Hype" column & then shortly after that signed to Ruffhouse, a Columbia Records subsidiary where he dropped one of his first singles "Born Loser"...

Bein` the HiP HoP fan that I am I`ve always been interested in hearin` rarities, unreleased songs or albums, but demos are some true gold to my ears. To me they`re DoPe because you truly get to hear the artist at their start & from that you can compare & see how they`ve matured & expanded their style (or how they fell off) over the years, especially if they become vets in the game. Anyways I added the last two tracks; "Catchin` The Same Hell" & the Stretch & Bobbito performance to this demo because they`re from the same time period & well I just wanted to hear a few more early Divine Master of the Unknown tracks....LoL

I`ll give you a lil` description of what you`ll be hearin`, oh yeah keep in mind the sound quality isn`t gon` be in HD or anything....LoL, it is what it is since most of this was more than likely ripped from a cassette. Anyway, the first interesting thing that you will or should notice immediately is that DMX doesn`t sound at all like the "It`s Dark & Hell Is Hot" X or the X of now~a~days for that matter. He sounds pretty much like any other New York emcee from that time period (1991-92), which isn`t a bad thing because he doesn`t flow weak on the mic, it`s just interesting to note...

Things start off with "Three Little Pigs", a track that has X flippin` some storytellin` skills. DMX kicks the tale of the rise & fall of three characters; Polo, Guess & Goretex...named after some of the hottest designer gear at the time, pretty slick huh? "Unstoppable Force" is the next track on this demo & here X flips some rapid flows over a fast paced beat that even includes the sounds of a whip bein` cracked....LoL, funny thing is that to me X kind of sounded like he was jockin` LL Cool J`s or maybe even Big Daddy Kane`s steez on that joint...

It`s ironic in a funny way, well to me anyway.....LoL, that "Critical Condition" is the next song. Here DMX attacks weak rappers for bitin` & ish, he even mentions how K-Solo`s jockin` his style. Continuing with the K-Solo DiSSeS DMX drops "Original Author Of Spellbound". Now for those that do not know, DMX & K-Solo have beef simply because one bit the other`s style. That style of course is the 'Spellbound' style; a style of rhyming that involves the spelling out of words. Apparently both artists first met each other while in prison doing bids in the late 1980's, shortly after that (1990) K-Solo dropped "Spellbound". Now I`m not gon` get into the whole K-Solo & DMX beef thing in detail, I just wanted to briefly speak on it -- I`ll save the detailed discussion for another post. So on the "Original Author Of Spellbound" DMX takes major shots at K-Solo, he even pops a few jabs at EPMD...

The first of the 'bonus tracks' if you want to call `em that.....LoL, is "Catchin` The Same Hell" a short track clockin` in at just over 2 minutes in length from 1992 I believe. Followin` that is an appearance from Percee P & DMX on the CLaSSiC Stretch & Bobbito Show from 1991, definitely a lil` gem for y`all HiP HoP luvas, so go `head & check it out...

Label: N/A
Released: 1991-92

1. Three Little Pigs
2. Unstoppable Force
3. Critical Condition
4. Original Author Of Spellbound
5. Catchin` The Same Hell
6. Percee P & DMX on The Stretch & Bobbito Show (1991)


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LiL` KiM PeRFoRMiN` LiVe (1996)...

Gon` take y`all back to 1996, I believe, with a live performance from Lil` Kim, Lil` Cease & a few of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. kats while DJ Clue handles the DJ`n of course. Kim kicks it off with "Queen Bitch" & then ends things off with "No Time". The performance isn`t anything that`ll blow you away, just thought it was a cool lil` glimpse back in time to share with y`all. The file is in mp4 format so you should be able to check it out on your i-Pods, enjoy...


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WaiS P`s "PReMo PiMPiN`"...

What`s up y`all? Got some ish from Wais P to share with y`all today. Now I have heard a few joints from Wais P over the last couple of years, mainly tracks he`s done with producer D-Dot -- but I had no clue that homie is a member of Da Ranjahz. Y`all may remember them from the DoPe DJ Premier produced "Insp Her Ation" joint that also featured Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob fame...

Da Ranjahz (Haph Dead & Wais) are from the same Crown Heights, Brooklyn `hood as Jay-Z & they just happen to know Damon Dash quite well. So it`s no surprise that at one point they were affiliated with the Carter Faculty which was a management company that was under Roc-A-Fella Records. While they were affiliated with the Roc not a whole lot materialize, there was some internal beef with their manager B-High & Damon Dash so as a result they were pushed to the back burner -- as is the story of so many iLL emcees...

Since things didn`t work out with the Roc Da Ranjahz decided to go the independent route & released their debut album titled "Who Feels It Knows" in 2003. Unfortunately things between Wais & Haph started to sour, some personal now they`re on the solo tip. After that Wais` hustle got a lil` different, he started managing escorts & dancers on some pimp ish like a New York Too $hort......LoL, except this kat is wayyyyyyy more lyrical than $hort Dog. Anyway let`s get to the music shall we? What I have for y`all to check out it a short lil` almost EP like freebie from Wais P titled "Premo Pimpin`". What you get is Wais P spittin` some of that pimpin` flow over beats produced by DJ Premier, sure it`s only 6 tracks & 5 skits but trust me the ish is DoPe...

Label: N/A
Released: 2012

1. Competition [Skit]
2. Multiple Sclerosis
3. Premo Fresh [Skit]
4. Money In The Yard
5. Some Of The Best [Skit]
6. Lessons
7. Premo Still Prevail [Skit]
8. Come Back To Collect
9. When The Cops Come (Snitch Bitch)
10. Trill O.G. Bun B [Skit]
11. Amphitheater

Here`s a DoPe interview with Wais P from, the ish was all jumbled so I decided to space it all out for y`all...
How did you end up on Roc-A-Fella Records? Did you like working with the Roc?

We were there from the beginning. We were there when the Roc was a pebble and the records used to come to Jay’s house. It’s bigger than music with us. I still go to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with Jay’s aunt in Brooklyn. It’s a family thing. We were around from the beginning. And we were managed by a guy named B-High like, “I be high.” He was also managing Memphis Bleek at the time. At this moment, we don’t work together, but for right now I’m doing me. But that’s my mans.
What was the Carter Faculty and what really happened to make it collapse?

Damon and Jay wanted us to be on Roc-A-Fella Records. They wanted us to be the Mobb Deep of Roc-A-Fella Records. B-High and Damon didn’t get along. A lot of people didn’t get along with Damon. B-High had two artists. He had Memphis Bleek and he had us. B-High was like, “I can’t have Da Ranjahz because I don’t like Damon Dash. I’m still cool with Jay, so Jay helped me start another company so I can put these cats out.” It was another venture. Bad management made it collapse. They didn’t know what it took to run your own company. I think that at the time, they didn’t know that it took so much responsibility. [When running your own record label], let me use this metaphor, it’s kind of like a car, you have to have all your pistons hitting at the same. You have to have all your business hitting at the same time. When the album is ready, you have to have your records spinning.
What did that do your career?

It did more to my personal relationships because it separated us. We felt like we had to drive our own shift. Sometimes in this business the friendship becomes a marriage. When we divorced the company, we divorced the people. We had to go do our own thing.
Was that the initial push to make you move towards working independently?

I would say that was the initial push because I heard Seinfeld say one day I want to write my own jokes and one day have a show base d on my own life because I never wanted to fail and say, “Oh, I failed because of that guy over in the corner.” I wanted to win or lose, and if it didn’t pop, it was on me. That’s the way we felt and that’s why were moving forward. I think it was a blessing in disguise. Some of the cats he had under his belt aren’t relevant to the 13-14 year old listener. When your run is done, it’s done. Whoever was under their umbrella at that time.
What’s the difference between being on a major label and working independently?

Things aren’t being done for you. Every artist, really, at the end of the day wants to focus on their music. That’s your biggest headache, that’s your biggest job. You want to go in and do music. Let the executives do all that other funky shit. The music is always pure. It’s the business of music is when shit gets funky, ya dig? Every artist wants to focus on their music and That’s one of the pros of being on a major label if you’re on a good one. It’s all about if they’re focusing on you. A lot of major record labels are throwing tomatoes at the wall. You got people who are supposed to be doing things but aren’t doing them. You can get mixed up in a major label. One of the pros about being independent, you can make all your own moves. You’re dealing with the radio DJ`s and the personalities, you’re dealing with everyone. It’s tough getting those doors open. I’m having fun with it right now. I’m in control with all of my finances. I’m doing what the fuck I want to do. I’ve got Devin the Dude on my project. I know what I spent. I’m flying him in, paying for his hotel, everything. I’ve got accountability on everything. It’s expensive, but it feels good.
What did it feel like to finally release your own debut album?

At that time, as Da Ranjahz, there wasn’t an album. We just put out a mixtape to let people know were still here. We did a video and record with Cee-Lo right before Gnarls Barkley took off [Editor’s Note: The album Who Feels It Knows released in 2003]. But we had a different investor for that. The people distributing our mixtape stopped funding the project. This is what’s in store for my release coming soon. What’s happens as you go through life, you grow as a person. You understand? When I started off, I was 16-17 selling to stay afloat, that’s what you rapping about. Since I was growing, my hustle got different. Why not put our lives as they are right now because that’s what people feel. You gotta put that new script into the music so people can feel you. So when it’s real, they feel you. And since I left the game, I’ve been managing dancers and escorts in the streets on some pimpin’ in the streets. So that’s what I’ve been fucking with. Haph is a musical genius. He’s been teaching himself piano and guitar. Kinda like an Andre 3000 cat. He’s really musical, man. So he said, “Let’s branch off and do some solo projects. You really living that pimp life and you need to put an album together about that and you from New York and you can really rap.” I thought it was a good angle and a good marketing tool. I had the most fun getting on this shit and telling the truth. The name of the album is tentatively titled K. PoNY. King Pimp of New York. This is something that has never been done before. Everybody from New York can’t sell crack and everybody can’t be a killer. I mean everybody? The market must be low if everybody got keys? I’m going to be the first one to do it from a different angle.
Why the illegal business? What happened to you and Haph?

We had some things happen you know. But I don’t want to go into too much detail about me but you know… The music business is sporadic. You might get a check for $20,000 in September and you might have to live off that check for three months depending on how popular you are and if you’re working. If you don’t have a relevant record that’s spinning, you don’t have an income. I think 50 Cent said it one time, “You have to create an income to maintain your lifestyle. And do what you have to do but at the same time have room to work and to be where you need to be when people want you to be there, you know things you can’t do when you have a nine-to-five.” When you have a nine-to-five, you have to adhere to a schedule. You have to create an income to support your family. Haph has his connections on what he’s doing and I’ve got my connections to do mine. I mean I’m trying to bring the flair back to the game. That right lingo, that swagger, you know what I mean?
How did you meet up with D-Dot? What’s it like working with him?

When we first started, we all used to work out of Jimmy Henchman’s studio – one of the realest niggas in the game. 50 [Cent] was there. Jay was there. Black Rob used to work out of there. Ras Kass was there. Bleek was working out of there. I could go on and on. And D-Dot used to be in there and he is one of the greatest producers of all time. He used to always tell us that we was the future. I had seen him in the club and I told him I was doing this project and it’s all about pimping and about how it’s never been done before. And his eyes lit up. So then he jumped on it. He’s the one that’s been helping me broker all the deals with the side artists. He gets everything poppin’ for me.
What kind of sound are you focusing on right now?

I got a little bit of everything on there. Strip club records. That New York sound. That slowed down piff style hooks. Scram Jones is a New York producer and he did a hook that’s got slowed down piff hook kind of like what Rick Ross be doing and that’s relevant to right now. But the sound is still very much New York. The album is all about having fun. It’s not about degrading women. It’s all about having fun and it ain’t about killing 30 niggas in a night at the club.



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Here`s a promo CD Single from the Cash Money Millionaires titled "Project Chick" produced by Mannie Fresh. This single`s actually from the compilation album "Baller Blockin`" that was released on Cash Money Records back in 2000. For those that don`t know the Cash Money Millionaires consist of the Big Tymers (Baby & Mannie Fresh), Lil` Wayne & Juvenile. Go `head & check out the tune...

Label: Cash Money Records
Released: 2000

1. Project Chick [Radio Edit] {Big Tymers, Lil` Wayne & Juvenile}
2. Project Chick [Extra Clean] {Big Tymers, Lil` Wayne & Juvenile}
3. Project Chick [Instr.]
4. Project Chick [LP Version] {Big Tymers, Lil` Wayne & Juvenile}
5. Project Chick [Call Out Hook]


BiG Boi`s "KRyPToNiTe (I`m On iT)" [CD SiNGLe]...

Here`s a single from Big Boi of Outkast off his "Big Boi Presents: Got Purp? Vol. 2" compilation album released back in 2005 titled "Kryptonite (I`m On It)". It features Killer Mike, BlackOwned, C-Bone & Rock D over a bangin` beat that`s sure to keep ya` head noddin`. You get 4 tracks in total on this single; the Radio, the Album, Instrumental & Acappella versions of "Kryptonite". So go `head & check it out...

Label: Virgin Records
Released: 2005

1. Kryptonite [Radio] {Big Boi ft. Killer Mike, BlackOwned, C-Bone & Rock D}
2. Kryptonite [Album] {Big Boi ft. Killer Mike, BlackOwned, C-Bone & Rock D}
3. Kryptonite [Instr.]
4. Kryptonite [Acappella Explicit] {Big Boi ft. Killer Mike, BlackOwned, C-Bone & Rock D}

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D.B.A. FLiP`s "FLiP On THiS"...

Re-uPP`d, originally posted on 05/18/2009...

Here`s another over~look`D West Coast gem from 1996 by Inglewood, California`s D.B.A. Flip. With some decent lyrics & iLL laid~back G~Funk type beats (a few produced by Chris "The Glove" Taylor) there`s not much to dislike about the album. My favorite track is the Ras Kass featured "It Ain`t Nothing Nice", but other standouts include "It`s Friday Night (Just Got Paid)", the Biz Markie cover & Ol` School ode "Vapors" & "Stay True Damu", a track that has D.B.A. Flip spittin` cautionary tales about crime & fast money over a bouncy G-Funk beat -- definitely some fiyah! Info~wise I know nothing about D.B.A. Flip so if you do please feel free to share ya` info` with the rest of us.....LoL, for now just enjoy his music...

Label: Sony
Released: October 29, 1996

1. Intro To Inglewood
2. Flip On This
3. I Got Money {ft. Poly Seed}
4. It`s Friday Night (Just Got Paid)
5. Keep It Tight
6. Baby Thumper
7. Vapors
8. On Everything I Love
9. Stay True Damu
10. My Funeral
11. Pass The Joint
12. It Ain't Nothing Nice {ft. Ras Kass}
13. Peace of Mind
14. At My Tilt

FiLeSWaP BaCK-uP LiNK...


"KiLLaFoRNia ORGaNiZaTioN"...

Re-uPP`d, originally posted 5/18/2009...

For y`all visitors today I`ve got a lil` West Coast gem that slipped under the radar for most. From what I can gather Killafornia Organization is similar to the Murder Squad except the various artists rep` the West Coast. This self titled debut released back in 1996 on Killa Cali Records is the only album that they have released as a group. Members of the group included; Boodro, 50 150, Big Time (a.k.a. Animosity), DJ Raw Steele, Shag Man (a.k.a. T.O.P.N.O.T.C.H.), Boogie Man, UNI (a.k.a. The Big U), Crazy Face (a.k.a. Darren Vegas) & J-Rock...

The album features appearances from Compton`s Most Wanted (MC Eiht, Boom Bam & Tha Chill), Dazzie Dee of Da Lench Mob, Trey Dee of Tha Eastsidas, South Central Cartel`s Havoc & Prodeje, as well as some lesser~known artists like Killa, Hard Times & the Wize Guyz. The production was all done by 3 Strikes, not too sure who they are but a few of these beats are bangers! The project itself received micro~small promotion, that`s probably why I missed out on it the first time it dropped. Honestly I just found it when I was lookin` for some MC Eiht albums, it`s definitely worth a listen so go `head & check it out...

Label: Killa Cali Records
Released: August 27, 1996

1. Intro {ft. Tha Chill}
2. Killafornia {ft. Boom Bam & Tha Chill}
3. Funkfest {ft. Bonaphyde, Tha Chill, Boom Bam & MC Eiht}
4. Throw It Up {ft. Boom Bam, Tha Chill & Tray Deee}
5. 3 Strikes {ft. Tha Chill}
6. Who You Gonna Run 2? {ft. Wize Guyz}
7. Mash Down {ft. Dazzie Dee, Killa & Tha Chill}
8. Killa Cali Invasion {ft. Tha Chill}
9. Six Million Ways {ft. MC Eiht, South Central Cartel (Havoc & Prodeje) & Tha Chill}
10. 187 Degrees {ft. Hard Times}
11. No Luv In This Game {ft. Wize Guyz}
12. Sleepy Balls [Skit]
13. Hood Ratz {ft. Boom Bam, Tha Chill & MC Eiht}
14. Evil That G`s Do
15. No Way Out {ft. Hard Times}
16. Just Ridin` {ft. Killa}


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FLeXX`s "So ReaL"...

Re-uPP`d, originally posted 5/18/2009...

This one`s for the homie ToKe DaWG....he was lookin` for the Flexx track "Represent", so I figured since I had the entire album I`d just post it up for him & anyone else that`s interested. I don`t know much about Flexx; he`s a Christian Rapper, I believe that he reps South Central, California. "So Real" is his debut album, but this kat has put in some good work behind the mic -- he has at least 5 or 6 albums out now. So there ya have it homie, enjoy the music...

Label: Pandisc Records/ Born Again Records
Released: 1996

1. So Real
2. Lean On The Lord
3. Main Line
4. Price
5. Represent
6. Rumble
7. When I Make It In
8. So Real [Vocal Version]
9. Miss You Mama
10. Storm



Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Re-uPP`d, originally posted on 5/17/2009...

Y`all ViSToRS are gon` have to help me out with this one, because honestly I really don`t know a DaMn thing about these KaTs! So don`t be shy & SCHooL a Mu` FuCKa!!!...LoL, regardless though I will share with y`all the lil` bit of info` that I do know. Other than the fact the that this album is pretty rare & out of print, these KaTs are RePP`n Sacramento, California & the entire album was produced by Bumpin` T. Sorry y`all that`s all I know....LoL, anyways check out the tunes & enjoy...

Label: Manor Records
Released: 1995

1. You Can`t Fuck With These
2. Niggas Better Back Up
3. Mentally Disturbed
4. Another Day On The Block
5. Mob Niggas
6. I`m A G

FiLeSWaP BaCK-uP LiNK...


Monday, August 06, 2012

"Ya HeaRD! VoL. 1 PeNaLTy MiXTaPe"...

Got another lil` gem for y`all to check out courtesy of Cipha Sounds, so first off BiG uPs to him! He originally posted it up on his blog back in 2008......LoL, the link`s been long dead, so fortunately for you I have uploaded it again. This time around however I have taken a lil` time to edit, separate & tag the tracks to make it a lil` easier to listen to. Don`t worry I have also included both sides A & B as they were, one long mp3 for each side...LoL

So what is it? I know you`re askin`......LoL, well just check out what Cipha Sounds had to say about it with his blog post:

To this day people ask me if I have a copy of this mix.
I finally dug it out of the basement for all of you…
This mixtape I did in `98 is by far the item I am most asked about.
It was basically the album sampler of Nore’s first solo album N.O.R.E.
(niggas on the run eatin) before it came out. This was the era of Big Pun,
LOX, Cam’Ron, DMX, and all other Tunnel Bangers*. Nore pretty much had some
kind of feature or guest appearance with all of them and more. Man, I miss
this era in new york. This was the best summer with banging joints on the
radio. My boy Mayhem that worked at Penalty records at the time had an idea
to do more than just put snippets on a cassette for the sampler. He thought
of mixing all the hot joints featuring Nore together to make it crazy. This
shit blew up in the streets. I was never a big mixtape dude but this
definitely got bootlegged in the streets heavy. No CD’s were pressed from the
label, but all the bootleggers on 125th Street and Jamaica Ave. had them on CD…
Thanks guys. Please enjoy...

* Tunnel Bangers:
Records that used to rock the legendary Tunnel night club to the extreme.
ie: The Benjamins, Get At Me Dog, Put It In Your Mouth, Where I’m From,
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, My Mind Right, Wild Out, etc.

                                            -- Cipha Sounds

So the "Ya Heard! Vol. 1 Penalty Mixtape" is pretty much a Noreaga mixtape except for the last 3 tracks on Side B, they`re from artists that were signed to Penalty Records at the time. Side A is hosted by Funkmaster Flex & is mixed by Cipha Sounds, while Side B isn`t mixed by Cipha or hosted by Flex at all. I`m not sure why they didn`t just keep it goin` thru~out the entire tape, it would`ve made it that much iLLeR -- just my opinion of course. A couple things to note that make this tape worth listening to: 

1) The original version of "L.A., L.A." is on here, you know the one that has that beat that`s similar to the Dogg Pound`s "New York, New York"...

2) Although it`s only a snippet, the original version of "I Love My Life" with Nas on the hook is also on here. The version that made it to Noreaga`s debut solo album "N.O.R.E." has Carl Thomas replacing Nas...

So there ya go, now ya know the story behind the tape. Go `head & give it a listen, I`m more than sure you`ll enjoy it...

Label: Penalty Records
Released: 1998

Side A:

1. T.O.N.Y. {Capone-N-Noreaga}
2. L.A., L.A. (Original) {Capone-N-Noreaga ft. Prodigy}
3. Married To Marijuana {Noreaga}
4. Calm Down {Nas & Noreaga}
5. Stick You {Capone-N-Noreaga}
6. Bloody Money {Capone-N-Noreaga}
7. Bloody Money Pt. 2 {Noreaga ft. Nature}
8. Bonus Track #1 (I`m Leaving) {Nature ft. Noreaga}
9. Bonus Track #2 (Misery Needs Company) {Fat Joe ft. Noreaga}

Side B:

1. On The Run Pt. 1 [Interlude] {Jungle}
2. N.O.R.E. [Snippet] {Noreaga}
3. The Assignment [Snippet] {Noreaga ft. Busta Rhymes & Maze}
4. Animal Thug [Interlude]
5. Da Story [Snippet] {Noreaga ft. Maze}
6. I Love My Life (Original) [Snippet] {Noreaga ft. Nas}
7. On The Run Pt. 2 [Interlude] {Jungle}
8. 40 Island [Snippet] {Noreaga}
9. Esta Loca [Snippet] {Noreaga}
10. Fiesta [Snippet] {Noreaga ft. Kid Capri}
11. Thugs R Us [Snippet] {DJ Clue ft. Noreaga}
12. Jam On It {Cardan ft. Jermaine Dupri}
13. If It Don`t Make $... {Skull Duggery ft. Master P & Fiend}
14. I Know {Crooked Lettaz}


Sunday, August 05, 2012

"STiLL iN LoVe"...NeW JoiNT by WaRReN G

What`s up y`all got a new joint by Warren G to share with y`all it`s titled "Still In Love". Gotta say that I`m DiGG`n it, definitely lovin` that beat! So go `head & check it out, oh yeah here`s the lil` press release that I was emailed;

Multi-platinum recording artist Warren G, has released a new single entitled “Still In Love,” taken from his upcoming Mixtape of the same title. The single, presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and G Funk Music LLC, is available online now.

Warren G has been an innovator in the hip-hop industry, his debut album “Regulate... G Funk Era” in 1994, went triple platinum in the US, selling over 4.5 million units worldwide, debuting at Number 2 on the Billboard 200 after selling 176,000 in its first week. The lead single "Regulate" featuring Nate Dogg, became a smash hit around the world, and was certified platinum, receiving a Grammy Award Nomination in 1995, for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. Warren G has had a long successful career in the music industry, with eight LP’s (his reunion disc with Snoop and Nate Dogg 213′ "The Hard Way" was released in 2004 and quickly went Gold) already under his belt.

Fans can expect to hear more music from the new mixtape soon, and can stay up to date with Warren G by visiting The new website contains the latest music releases, videos, interviews, and more.

Warren G, "Still In Love,” the mixtape, out soon...



Saturday, August 04, 2012

NoToRiouS B.I.G.`s "ReaDy To Die"...

This is gon` be a quick lil` post since I`m feelin` a bit on the lazy~side....LoL, but that doesn`t mean that what I`m sharin` with y`all isn`t some DoPeNeSS! So what I have for your listening pleasure is Notorious B.I.G.`s debut album titled "Ready To Die" released back in 1994 on Bad Boy Records. What more needs to be said about this CLaSSiC HiP HoP album? NOTHIN`!......LoL, I`m gon` leave to music speak for itself, so go on & check it out...

Label: Bad Boy Records
Released: 1994

1. Intro
2. Things Done Changed
3. Gimme The Loot
4. Machine Gun Funk
5. Warning
6. Ready To Die
7. One More Chance {ft. Total}
8. Fuck Me [Interlude]
9. The What {ft. Method Man}
10. Juicy {ft. Total}
11. Everyday Struggle
12. Me & My Bitch
13. Big Poppa
14. Respect {ft. Diana King}
15. Friend Of Mine
16. Unbelievable
17. Suicidal Thoughts

R.i.P. BiGGie...