Thursday, December 24, 2009

DJ DeaDEyE PReSeNTs: "TRuE To The GaMe Pt. 4"...

Got a lil` Christmas gift for y`all courtesy of the folks over at It`s definitely on the DoPe side so y`all won`t be disappointed, trust me y`all DJ Deadeye comes correct with the track selection on this joint! If you`re a fan of M.O.P. & Termanology this joint`s most definitely for ya, so check it out...

DJ Deadeye Presents: True To The Game Pt. 4 (Da Mash Out Edition) [Hosted by M.O.P. & Termanology]
Released: 2009
Label: N/A

1. Intro {ft. M.O.P. & Termanology}
2. Larceny {M.O.P.}
3. Crazy {M.O.P. ft. Termanology}
4. Blood Sport {Lil` Fame of M.O.P.}
5. Thug-A-Thon {Lil` Fame & Termanology}
6. For The City {M.O.P. & Jadakiss}
7. Nobody`s Smilin` {Termanology}
8. My Kinda Nigga {M.O.P.}
9. In The Streets {Termanology ft. Lil` Fame}
10. Ring The Alarm {Lil` Fame}
11. I Want It {Lil` Fame}
12. Passion Is Money {Termanology ft.Lil` Fame & Quest Tha Youngin`}
13. Bang Time {M.O.P. ft. Styles P}
14. Game Room {Busta Rhymes & Lil` Fame}
15. Shell Casings {Billy Danze of M.O.P.}
16. Good Life {Lil` Fame}
17. Watch How It Go Down [Rmx] {Termanology ft. Lil` Fame}
18. Smell Like Money {Termanology}
19. Dearly Departed {M.O.P.}
20. Security {Lil` Fame}
21. What I Wanna Be [DJ Premier Mix] {M.O.P. ft. Rell}
22. Lights, Camera, Action {Lil` Fame}
23. Code Of The ST. {Termanology}
24. Blow The Horns [Rmx] {M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes}
25. Ridin` Thru {M.O.P. ft. Redman}
26. Welcome To The Machine [Rmx] {Termanology ft. Lil` Fame & Easy Money of ST.}
27. God Bless & Goodnight {Billy Danze}
28. Undescribable {Billy Danze ft. Busta Rhymes}


Saturday, December 19, 2009

DJ EaSy PReSeNTs: "RaKiM - The ReTuRN Of The GoD MC"...

I`ve got a bit of a DaMn CoLD so this is just gon` be a lazy post. A DoPe mix~disc, but a lazy post on my part.....LoL, enjoy...


Monday, December 07, 2009

EBoNy EyEZ PReSeNTs: "NiCe GiRLZ FiNiSH LaST"...

For those that don`t know of Ms. In Ya` Face, Ebony Eyez you can go head & familiarize ya`self by clickin` HeRe. Now for those that know let`s get on with the show.....LoL, back in September Marrio Gardner hipp`D me to the fact that Ebony was droppin` a new mixtape. So I did some searchin` & was able to come across a link to it, only down side to it was that the mixtape`s all in one mp3 file -- not single tracks. I wanted to take the time to split `em up for y`all, but unfortunately I didn`t have the time. Oh well, check it out any...

Ebony Eyez Presents: Nice Girlz Finish Last [Hosted by Mista Soull]

Released: 2009

1. Intro
2. Pocket Fulla Songz
3. Barbie Doll
4. Nice Girlz Finish Last
5. I`m Back {ft. Aloha}
6. Don`t Touch {ft. Murphy Lee}
7. My Dick {ft. Chocolate Tai & Penelope Jones}
8. I Don`t Like Yo` Girlfriend
9. Skit
10. Chit Chatta {ft. Chocolate Tai & Penelope Jones}
11. Heeey {ft. Moody Swing}
12. Never Bite Ya` Tongue
13. Oh Yes
14. St. Loui Women
15. My Patience
16. Freestyle
17. Lame {ft. Teiona}

Here`s a lil` somethin` else Marrio Gardner told me about as well...


DJ BeDZ PReSeNTs: "PuBLiC ENeMy - WaR @ 33 1/3 The MiXTaPe VoL. 1"...

Bein` the Orka BiG Public Enemy fan that I am I just had to share this mixtape with y`all `cuz DJ Bedz does a really good job with this joint! His track selection`s definitely on point, as he takes the listener on an entertaining journey thru a Public Enemy opus. I also thought it was DoPe that DJ Bedz also included the VH1 Behind The Music doc` at the end of the mix, real interesting ish! So do ya`self a favor & check it out...

DJ Bedz Presents: Public Enemy - War @ 33 1/3 The Mixtape Vol. 1
Label: N/A

1. DJ Bedz Intro/ Here We Go Again
2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
3. Self Destruction
4. Shake Your Booty
5. Cold Lampin` With Flavor
6. Lost At Birth
7. Kevorkian
8. Welcome To The Terrordome
9. 1 Million Bottlebags
10. B-Side Wins Again
11. Col` Leepin`
12. Revolutionary Generation
13. Whole Lotta Love Goin` On In The Middle Of Hell
14. Power To The People
15. Burn Hollywood Burn
16. Bring The Noise
17. Bring The Noise [Rmx]
18. Can`t Do Nothin` For Ya Man
19. Caught Can I Get A Witness?
20. Who Stole The Soul?
21. Race Against Time
22. War @ 33 1/3
23. Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)
24. They Call Me Flavor
25. Party For Your Right To Fight
26. Move
28. Nighttrain
29. Fight The Power
30. Night Of The Living Baseheads
31. A Letter To The New York Post
32. Too Much Posse
33. 911 Is A Joke
34. Livin` In A Zoo
35. Rebirth Of A Nation
36. Rebirth
37. You`re Gonna Get Yours
38. Harder Than You Think
39. Hazy Shade Of Criminal
40. What Side You On?
41. Can`t Trust It
42. Revolverlution
43. Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
44. Buck Whylin`
45. Fear Of A Black Planet
46. Check What You`re Listening To
47. Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
48. Prophets Of Rage
49. VH1 Behind The Music Part I (19 mins.)


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

CL`CHe` & Ms. Toi`S "HuSTLe HaRD Pt. 2"...

Y`all know about Ms. Toi because I gave ya a lil` run down about her a
few posts back. Now as for Cl`Che` other than the fact that she`s from Houston, Texas & she`s one of Ms. Toi`s homegirls I know nothing about her, so someone out there needs to school me! This mixtape/ album BaNGs hard, if you`ve listened to the Ms. Toi album you`ll be familiar with a few of the tracks. So go `head & check it out...

Cl`Che` Presents: Cl`Che` & Ms. Toi - Hustle Hard Pt. 2
Label: Hustle Hard Entertainment
Released: 2008

1. Cl`Che` Intro
2. Make `Em Clap 2 Dis
3. Pimps, Playas, Hustlas {ft. J-Doe}
4. But U Can`t
5. Cl`Che` Interlude
6. Be Like Me {Ms. Toi & Nelly}
7. Hot Music
8. You Don`t Know Me
9. Molew of S.P.C. & Cl`Che` Interlude
10. Ching Chong {ft. Molew of S.P.C.}
11. Everythang (Cl`Che`}
12. Where Eva U Go {ft. Charlie Berry}
13. Leanin` It {Cl`Che` ft. Chyna White & Mz. Trinity}
14. Get It Crunk {ft. 8Ball}
15. Work A Twist {Ms. Toi & E-40}
16. Ms. Toi Interlude
17. All Night Long (Cl`Che`}
18. She`s Gangsta {Cl`Che` ft. 13}
19. Soufside {Cl`Che` & Lil` Kano}
20. How Hard I Try {Cl`Che`}
21. I`ma Hustla (Cl`Che`}
22. Got It On Your Mind {Cl`Che` & Oxx Montana}
23. Get Up Off Me {Ms. Toi}
24. Shotgun
25. Sumthin` I Can Go Home With {Ms. Toi & Nate Dogg}
26. Like Dem Boyz {Ms. Toi}
27. Rock Wit` A Diva {Ms. Toi}


Sunday, November 29, 2009

HeaTHeR HuNTeR`s "The UnExPeCTeD"...

Re~WRiTTeN with Re~uPP`d LiNKs as of 08.03.2014...

For those that have been livin` under a rock Heather Hunter is mostly known for her porn` career, adult film if ya want to get all technical. She`s appeared in numerous flicks & is the first African America woman to be inducted into the Adult Film Hall Of Fame. What some of y`all may not know is that her roots in HiP HoP go a lil` ways back, she used to work at the famed Latin Quarter club back in the day...

"My first memory of Hip Hop was the first time I actually saw Public Enemy perform at "Latin Quarter." It was a famous Hip Hop club in the early `80's, basically in the beginning of Hip Hop. I saw Public Enemy perform & that inspired me. That`s when I was consumed with Hip Hop..."


She LiNK`d up with the likes of DJ Premier, Scott Storch, Phantom Of The Beat & A Freedom Lyles for production on her album. Heather`s known DJ Premier since she was 15 years old...

"It`s so funny... I`ve been in this industry & I`ve had a career for 20 years, I have a lot of history. I grew up with a lot of people, DJ Premier I`ve known since I was fifteen years old. I used to work at the club Latin Quarter, so a lot of the Hip Hop artists that are huge today are people that I basically knew all my Life. Or we`ve been in the same club scene, the same night life through all these years. DJ Premier, I met him that way. With Scott Storch, Scott Storch came through. He really came to the table giving me the love & support of seeing me succeed, he`s a very close friend of mine. I consider him family. So, a lot of people that supported this album & put together this album were people that really want to see me succeed in life..."

When asked about her album & how long it took to complete here`s what she had to say...

"I`ve been working on my album itself for about a year & a half, 2 years. Mastering the craft of rapping & being good at it. I have been working on that about 6 or 7 years.

..."The Unexpected" as in the content of my album, I would think that would be kind of expected because I`ve never been shy of my past. I embrace the sexual industry part of me, as well as the mainstream. I've always tried to collaborate them both. "The Unexpected" part of my album is that I can actually rhyme, I`m actually a good rapper. [chuckles] People are shocked by that because when I took on the craft of learning how to rap, it was unexpected to me as well. I guess when you truly have a passion for something, you`re really gonna do your best. I found my niche musically. I used to be with Island Records in `93 when I did House music and then I was signed to Tommy Boy Records. Tommy Boy Records basically didn`t know what kind of music to do with me & I got shelved. So it took me a second to get back into the music business because I wanted to make sure that I truly knew what kind of music I really wanted to do..."

Heather was also a graffiti artist in the early 1980`s until she got busted by the cops....LoL, now she paints on canvases & owns an art gallery where she displays her works...

"My art is my first love. It`s so funny because I used to be a graffiti artist until I got busted, like any graffiti artist might. I was put into a workshop as a child, which was Keith Harings workshop - that inspired me to go & start painting on canvases. I`ve been painting for a while; fifteen or sixteen years of my Life. I`ve painted a lot of private collection stuff through celebrities & close friends, a lot of people that I know..."

"...I have an art gallery that I`ll be opening some art for in NYC. I`ll be exhibiting my paintings as well as new artists, popular artists - anything I can contribute. Culturally art is in my blood. There's nothing I can do about it..."

Anyways the album itself isn`t anything groundbreakin`, but if you were really expecting a 5 mic masterpiece from a rappin` porn` star then I`d have to say that you need to slam your head off ya` computer`s keyboard a few times til some logic kicks in......LoL, Heather`s not a bad emcee, I mean I have definitely heard much worse. The problem is that most folks won`t get passed her past, you know that porn` career. So not too many people will take this as a serious effort. The reality is that Heather just did in real Life most of the things that Lil` Kim could only brag about doin` in her records. I`m kind of surprised that Heather didn`t holla at the Queen Bee for a feature on her album, that could`ve been a killer track! Anyway Ms. Hunter doesn`t really do much to get herself out of that stereotype though since she pretty much keeps it X~rated all the way thru the album. That`s fine if that`s the route she wanted to take because quite frankly she does sound best when spittin` them sexually charged raps anyway. The Mr. 'Put It In Your Mouth' Akinyele assisted "Suk-A..." is proof of that & so is the DJ Premier produced "Freak Like Me" (this joint should`ve been the lead single if ya ask me) as well as "Girl On Girl". "So Serious" which is the album`s only single if I`m not mistaken isn`t a bad track either, Akinyele & Wyclef have lil` cameos in the music video...

The album is rather short clockin` in at just under 45 minutes but that`s not a problem, the down~side is that there is a hell of a lot of useless Interludes; 6 in total not including the Intro that features Mr. Cee. Some of the Interludes make sense because they allow the song that follows them to play off of it. Like the Janet Jacme featured "Bring The Tool Box [Interlude]" for example which lead into "Girl On Girl", but then there are a few that are pretty weak & pointless like that "Spin That [Interlude]" for example. The only track that I found to be completely out of place on this album is "In Love". In my opinion it doesn`t fit because it`s a love song & it just sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all the X~rated raps. It`s not a wack tune, it just doesn`t go with the rest of the album`s content. It`s kind of like the only person rockin` clothes at a nude beach.....LoL, so there ya have it if you are interested give the album a listen. I have also included the music video for "So Serious" with the album since it`s actually a 2~disc joint. One`s the album & the second is a DVD with the music video on it, it`s in mp4 file format so it should work just fine if you`re looking to play it on your i-Pods or i-Phone or whatever else you chose, enjoy...

Label: Blo Records
Released: July 12, 2005

1. Intro {ft. Mister Cee}
2. 4 Seconds {ft. Erinyes & Madison Tayol}

3. Spit That [Interlude]

4. Wassup?
{ft. Madison Taylor}
5. Don`t Stop [Prod. by Scott Storch] {ft. EST}
6. Suk-A... {ft. Akinyele}
7. Ms. Hater [Interlude] {ft. Signacha}
8. What About H? {ft. Madison Taylor}
9. Freak Like Me [Prod. by DJ Premier]
10. Bring The Toolbox [Interlude] {ft. Janet Jacme}
11. Girl On Girl
[Prod. by Fantom Of The Beat]{ft. Madison Taylor}
12. Rap Bitches [Interlude] {ft.
Mr. Cee}
13. So Serious
{ft. Madison Taylor}
14. Mr. Hater [Interlude] {ft. S.G.}
15. Hot One {ft. Erinyes}
16. Club Hopper
{ft. Madison Taylor}
17. Orgazmic [Interlude]
18. In Love {ft. Chalu}

FiLeSWaP LiNK...

SoLiDFiLeS LiNK...


Sunday, November 15, 2009

MC HaMMeR`s "Too TiGHT"...

Oh you didn`t know Mr. Hammertime was down with Tha Row? I didn`t know either until I read about it in some HiP HoP magazine, I think it was Vibe back in the day. Anyway the album was recorded sometime around 1996 or just a lil` prior to that. Hammer had first met Suge Knight around 1988 & the two had remained friends since, he was also a close friend of 2Pac`s. I`m not too sure why the album was shelved, but Hammer explains things best...

“It was the year [1996] that `Pac actually lost his life – a year of turmoil. Music became insignificant at the time. You know Death Row transitioned, Suge had got arrested at that time. So we didn’t have a chance to get the music out..."

“I just remember how excited `Pac was working on the album with me. We had already done three or four things together for the album. The title track “Too Tight,” `Pac had laid down the concept, I came up with the track. `Pac had already laid down the hook & started writing verses because he wanted it to be a certain way from his perspective...”

The album itself has some nice features like Big Daddy Kane, 2Pac, Kurupt, Spice-1, Danny Boy, Storm, Mac Mall & Numskull to name a few. So if you`re a fan of that unreleased Death Row ish I suggest that you DL this joint to add to ya` collection...

MC Hammer - Too Tight
Label: Death Row Records
Released: N/A (1996)

1. Intro
2. I Got U Bouncin`
3. Too Late Playa {ft. 2Pac, Big Daddy Kane, Nuttso & Danny Boy}
4. The Beat {ft. Spice 1, K9 & Mad Dogg}
5. Down In My Hood {ft. Danny Boy & Lil` Big}
6. Props On The Spot
7. Get Up
8. Player Hater Of The Week
9. Town By The Bay {ft. Danny Boy & Lil` Big}
10. Can U Feel It? Pt. 1 {ft. Storm, Nutt-So, Kurupt, Mac Mall & Numskull}
11. Hammer Time Brings It
12. Everybody Party Down
13. Free Intro
14. I Wish U Were Free
15. Tuesday Night
16. Unconditional Love


Saturday, October 31, 2009

ToP DoGG`s "EVeRy DoG HaS HiS DaY"...

You probably know of Top Dogg as the Snoop Dogg sound a~like from Compton, California that Suge Knight had signed to Death Row Records around the time that Snoop had left for Master P`s No Limit Records, 1997-1998 I think it was. Many headZ say it was more of a retaliation move than a business move for Suge & I`d have to agree. I mean c`mon it was just too much of a coincidence that homie sounded like Snoop! Not only that, Top Dogg`s first appearance (I could be wrong) was on the "Gang Related Soundtrack" as a hidden track titled "Going Back To Cali" a bold Biggie, Puff Daddy & Bad Boy Records DiSS...

By bold I mean when I first heard the track I thought it was actually Snoop...LoL, I remember hearin` it on the radio....ah good ol` College Radio, "The Jeep Beats Show" I believe it was I could be wrong, either way I was sayin` to myself, "DaMn now Snoop`s DiSS`n `em!" Then thru the miracles of a Ghetto Blaster & a blank Memorex cassette tape that had been recording the show, I hit rewind listened to it again & figured the whole ish out....LoL

I think that was all part of Suge`s plan anyhow & to his credit I`m sure it did help garner some attention. That`s probably why to continue the buzz that Top Dogg gained from that "Goin` Back To Cali" track, he gave Top Dogg an appearance on the "2Pac Greatest Hits" double CD album, on the song "All About U" -- Top Dogg replaced Snoop on the track...

Top Dogg`s next appearance would be on the 2001 released Death Row compilation album "Chronic 2000" on the J-Flexx produced track "Top Dogg Cindafella". A side~note, Snoop released a track titled "Snoopafella" which appears on his "No Limit Top Dogg" album & it features lyrics that are real similar to that that are featured on "Top Dogg Cindafella" so I can only guess that Snoop actually wrote the lyrics but Suge had Top Dogg add his twist to it for his version. Check it out for ya`self...

Top Dogg also had the DJ Quik produced track "We Don`t Love `Em" featured on that "Chronic 2001" album as well. In my opinion it`s a much better track than "Top Dogg Cindafella", I don`t see why they wouldn`t have put together a music video for this joint. Then again I guess the video for "Top Dogg Cindafella" was just another Suge shot at Snoop. Not only did Suge go for a lil` revenge with "Chronic 2000", he also tried his shot at comedy. Just look at Top Dogg`s third appearance on the compilation, Tha Realest`s track "They Wanna Be Like Us" which also features Doobie. How could it not seem just a lil` funny when you have a 2Pac & a Snoop sound a~like featured on the same track titled "They Wanna Be Like Us"???

After a while I figure Suge Knight grew tired of the whole Top Dogg thing because once Top Dogg`s contract with Tha Row expired he was released, but his album "Every Dog Has His Day" was shelved though promo copies were released. SO if you`re down for a few laughs go `head & check it out...

YGD Tha Top Dogg - Every Dog Has His Day
Label: N/A
Released: N/A (2005)

1. Intro/ Goin` Back To Cali [Extended Version] [Prod. by O.F.T.B. & Brian G]
2. Ghetto Fairytales [Prod. by Kurt "Kobane" Couthon]
3. Can`t Fuck With Dogg [Prod. by PRO]
4. Just Be Thankful {ft. The Koss Band} [Prod. PRO & Darrell Crooks]
5. Trippin` [Prod. by PRO]
6. Me & My Boys [Prod. by O.F.T.B., 2 Tuff, Carl "Butch" Small]
7. Top Dogg Cindafella [Prod. by J-Flexx]
8. She Used To Know Me {ft. PB} [Prod. by Assasin]
9. We Don`t Love `Em [Street Mix] [Prod. by DJ Quik]
10. If U Can`t Stand The Heat {ft. Eastwood} [Prod. by Magic & EZ]
11. They Wanna Be Like Us [Street Mix] {ft. Tha Realest & Doobie} [Prod. by Kurt "Kobane" Couthon]


Saturday, October 10, 2009

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "LeaN BaCK & PuFF SLoW (Da SWiNe Edition)"...

Here`s another mix I put together for my homie NiP on the same day I did "THaT`s DaT SHiT BoY!". He was having a BiG pig roast; lots of beers, women & food....he needed some tunes, so I threw this together quickly. It`s nothing special, but the ladies DuG it......LoL, so check it out & enjoy...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - LeaN BaCK & PuFF SLoW (Da SWiNe Edition)
MiXeD: SePTeMBeR 12, 20009

1. iNTRo
2. Cookies-n-Apple Juice {Cam`Ron ft. Skitzo & Byrd Lady}
3. Diva [Rmx] {Beyonce ft. Ciara & Termanology}
4. Holla At A Playa [Rmx] {Jae Millz ft. Lil` Wayne}
5. Different Girls {Nu Jerzey Devil ft Lil` Wayne}
6. I Don`t Chase `Em {Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg}
7. Poh Me Anutha {Tech N9ne ft. Potluck & Kutt Calhoun}
8. Watcha Wan` Do? {DJ Quik & Kurupt}
9. Arab Money {Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Browz}
10. Don`t Play With My Dough {J. Cardim ft. Red Cafe, Wale & MIMS}
11. P.I.M.P. [Rmx] {50 Cent ft. Snoop Dogg}
12. Bottom Of The Pussy {Cam`Ron}
13. Fuck Me For Free {Akinyele}
14. Wait [Rmx] {Ying Yang Twins ft. Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Lil` Scrappy, Free & Mr. Collipark}
15. Tipper Love {DJ Drama ft. The-Dream, LA The Darkman & Too $hort}
16. Fire {Twista ft. Lil` Boosie}
17. I Can Sell It {E-40 ft. Cousin Fik}
18. Mr. White Boy {Germ Ghee ft. Gucci Mane}
19. Polos & Timbos {M.A.G. ft. Jae Millz}
20. Cry Baby {Millyz ft. Killer Mike, Red Cafe & Smoke Bulga}
21. Lick It Good {P.A.T.}


BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "THaT`s DaT SHiT BoY!!!"

Since I`m headin` out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents, I figured that I`d share with y`all a mix I put together back in September. I`ve been meaning to upload it so I could post it up for y`all, but I`ve been a lil` on the lazy side -- I blame the cold~ass, rainy weather that we`ve been having up here in the O~DouBLe T, but that`s another story for the Weather Channel to discuss.....LoL, as always this mix consists of both old & new tracks, so enjoy! And to all my Canadian folkS out there, have yourselves a happy Thanksgiving! Drink lots, SMoKe LoTs & Eat MaD amounts of that good ol` home~cook`D food!!!

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - THaT`s DaT SHiT BoY!
MiXeD: SePTeMBeR 12, 2009

1. iNTRo
2. Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth {50 Cent}
3. Thug-A-Thon {1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) ft. Lil` Fame}
4. Whar {RZA ft. Kool G Rap, Ghostface Killah & Tash Mahogany}
5. Kilo [Rmx] {Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Malice}
6. The Raw {Inspectah Deck ft. Saigon & Bekay}
7. Woo-Hah! [World Wide Rmx] {Busta Rhymes ft. Ol` Dirty Bastard}
8. Bring The Pain {Method Man}
9. Sound Bwoy Buriell {Smif-N-Wesson}
10. D. Original {Jeru Tha Damaja}
11. Mad Izm [Buckwild Rmx] {Channel Live ft. KRS-One}
12. Smoke A Blunt To The Promo {Redman}
13. Music Makes Me High [L.T. Hutton Extended Club Rmx] {Lost Boyz ft. Tha Dogg Pound & Canibus}
14. iNTeRLuDe #1
15. U Can`t C Me {2Pac}
16. Geez Make The Hood Go `Round {MC Eiht}
17. iNTeRLuDe #2
18. Cigarette {Toe Tage City}
19. What You Gonna Do? {Madd Rapper ft. 50 Cent}
20. Girl Interrupted {DJ Deadeye ft. Termanology & Skyzoo}
21. My City {B.A.M ft. Lil` Fame}
22. Blow The Horns [Rmx] {M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes} [Prod. by Fizzy Womack]
23. Shine My Way {Party Arty} [Prod. by Drawzilla]
24. Everyday Iz War {Ali Vegas} [Prod. by DJ Premier]


Sunday, October 04, 2009

SPLiFF`s "BRiNGiN` DRaMa"...

I`ve got somewhat of a rare release for y`all today & it comes from the rapper named Spliff, now with a name like that it was only right to feature him up on this BLoG....LoL, anyway I`m sure there`s a lot of folks out there that have no clue about this emcee so I`ll give y`all a lil` rundown...

Spliff`s love for HiP HoP began at an early age, in fact it started back in 1984 when he was only ten years old. He was living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida when he set out to make a name for himself & his city. Four years later (1988 to be exact) Spliff & one of his homies connected to form the group the 808 Posse, but the group was short lived though, disbanding in 1992 -- that`s when Spliff really started to grind on the music tip. His hard work finally paid off in 1993 when he linked up with an independent record label named Down $outh Records, which was later renamed to $traight 2 Gold Incorporated. Under the direction of the label he started to work on his first official project titled "Underground Funk"...

May 26, 1994 was the day that "Underground Funk" was released. A lil` later on in the same year Spliff`s father, who was in the Air Force at the time, received orders to relocate to Colorado Springs, Colorado. With the relocation came the end of his agreement with Down $outh Records, so in September of 1994 Spliff submitted his demo to Felony Records, a Denver, Colorado label. Impressed by his music, the label signed him & they released his second album titled "Bringin` Drama" in 1995...

He later opened up shows for acts such as Shang (the comedian), Keith Murray, DMD, Lil` Troy, Tha Alkaholiks, J-Shin, Kid Frost, Ginuwine & many others. Now sometime between 1995 & the present day Spliff changed up his moniker, he now goes by the name M.A.S.U. -- an acronym for M.ust A.lways S.tay U.nited. In 2001 Spliff a.k.a. M.A.S.U. connected with Born 2 Die Records to release "No Mercy". He`s also featured on "Paper Chasin`" a track from Mob Affiliates` 2001 album titled "Many Voices...One Flame". He`s also featured on "1, 2", "Tunnel Vision" & "Krunk Funk", all tracks from the 2001 $traight 2 Gold Inc. release, L.D. "The Power of Hip Hop"...

So there y`all go, hope that`s enough info` for ya. Now go `head & get to checkin` out the tunes, enjoy...

Spliff - Bringin` Drama
Label: Felony Records
Released: 1994

1. Dat Nigga
2. Feel Da Flow
3. On & On [Sinister Mix]
4. Madd Styles
5. Under Pressure
6. Freak Da Funk
7. Axt A Fool `N` Jack A Fool {ft. The Hustlaz}
8. It Don`t Stop
9. Cummin` Thru
10. Devil`s Advocate [Instr.]
11. Where Ya Headed? {ft. The Funky Devil}
12. Nobody`s Safe
13. On & On [Radio Mix]

Spliff`s MySpace...


RaS KaSS` "WoN`T CaTCH Me RuNNiN` [12 iNCH]"...

Here`s a DoPe promo 12 inch from 1994 by WeST CoaST lyrical genius Ras Kass. It features 2 tracks, "Won`t Catch Me Runnin`" which was produced by Bird, he`s done a lot of Ras Kass` earlier beats like "ETC." & "On Earth As It Is..." for example. The second track is "Remain Anonymous" along with Ras Kass. & it was produced by Vooodu, a rapper/ producer who was also a part of the now defunct Cali group Western HemisFearOn this 12 inch ya get both LP & Radio versions of each track along with the instrumentals, you also get a "Special Moet Mix" of "Won`t Catch Me Runnin`". The lyrics are the same, but the beat`s different -- it`s got the same sample that Tone & Poke used for Foxy Brown`s "If I..." track off her "Ill Na Na" album. Anyway, go `head & check out the 12 inch for ya`self...

Ras Kass - Won`t Catch Me Runnin` b/w Remain Anonymous [Promo 12"]
Label: Patchwerk Recordings
Released: 1994

1. Won`t Catch Me Runnin` [Radio]
2. Won`t Catch Me Runnin` [LP]
3. Won`t Catch Me Runnin` [Instr.]
4. Won`t Catch Me Runnin` [Special Moet Mix]

5. Remain Anonymous [Radio]
6. Remain Anonymous [LP]
7. Remain Anonymous [Instr.]


YouNG SoLDieRZ` "YouNG SoLDieRZ"...

Got some more of that over~look`D WeST CoaST ish for y`all & it comes in the form of the Young Soldierz. Now for those that don`t know, the Young Soldierz were a group of rappers from Inglewood & Watts, California. They got together & formed during the making of the Bloods & Crips project titled "Bangin` On Wax" which was released thru Dangerous Records. The group was comprised of members; Big Wy, Dog, Pops & Lil` Stretch. Their first & only self~titled album, "Young Soldierz" was released in 1994 thru Dangerous Records. The album spawned two hit singles; "Alligator" & "If Tomorrow Comes"...

Shortly after the Bloods & Crips dropped their second album titled "Bangin` On Wax 2...The Saga Continues" the Young Soldierz met Death Row Records` co-founder Suge Knight & they eventually signed to Tha Row. They ended up getting some shine with a track placement on the soundtrack for "Murder Was The Case", that track was the "East Side, West Side [Rmx]". They also had a track on the "Gang Related Soundtrack", that track was titled "Take A Nigga Like Me". Those two tracks were pretty much the extent of their career on Death Row. The group broke up in 1998 around the same time that Tha Row was struggling. After the break up Big Wy & Dog (now Suga Buga) recorded "How Deep Is Your Hood" with the Damu Ridas. Later on they continued to rap by forming the group The Relatives. So there y`all have it, a lil` rundown of who the Young Soldierz are - now all ya gotta do is check out their music...

Young Soldierz - Young Soldierz
Released: February 2, 1994
Label: Dangerous Records

1. Alligator {ft. Keystone} (3:52)
2. If Tomorrow Comes {ft. Tammi Holt} (5:09)
3. In The Mornin` Man {ft. Dog} (4:00)
4. In The Pen [Skit] (0:27)
5. When I Think Of Home (4:46)
6. Flex Back To My Dog House (5:13)
7. Stressin` I Ain`t Livin` Right (5:03)
8. Wanted Child (5:12)
9. Cut Throat Punk [Skit] (0:08)
10. Tough Guy {ft. Dog} (4:08)
11. You Better Know (Who Your Homies Are) (5:31)
12. Mama Said (4:08)
13. Straight Gangsta Mack (4:07)
14. S.I.S. [Skit] (0:06)
15. Buck `Em With The 9 {ft. Nini X} (4:12)
16. East Side, West Side {ft. Keystone, TB Loc, Popps, Freeze, Big Strech & Flip} (7:46)
17. Outro (4:12)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MC ReN`s "ReNiNCaRNaTeD"...

If ya don`t know who MC Ren is ya need to SLaP ya`self & hit ya` web~browser`s "back" button `cuz you shouldn`t be here.....LoL, seriously! Now for all ya true HiP HoPPaZ what I`ve got for y`all is apparently an advance copy of "Renincarnated" least that`s what the file name read, but it`s more than likely leaked promo for some work that MC Ren has done with his Rebel Army group. It`s just a guess though, after all John Doe & Bigg Rocc are featured on just about every track on the album. So I can`t really see this being a TRUE MC Ren album. None~the~less the music is DoPe, so check it out & enjoy...

MC Ren - Renincarnated
Label: N/A
Released: N/A

1. Monster
2. Bringin` It {ft. Bigg Rocc}
3. Radio {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
4. It`s Nothing {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
5. In Da Ghetto {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
6. Don`t Do It {ft. Bigg Rocc}
7. America {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
8. Bang Wit` Me {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
9. Deadly {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
10. No Get Bacc {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
11. Old Times {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
12. On My Dicc {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}
13. John Doe {ft. John Doe & Bigg Rocc}


Sunday, September 27, 2009

BaLLy B`s "GoTTa Be GReeDy"...

Gotta be honest with y`all, I don`t know anything about this shorty -- other than the fact that she`s reppin` New Orleans. So like always, if someone can school me by all means go `head & do it! As for Bally B, she spits her gangstafied flows over some nice bouncy beats. So check it out & enjoy...

Bally B - Gotta Be Greedy
Released: 1998
Label: Hit `Em Records

1. Intro
2. Gotta Be Greedy
3. Bounce With Bally B
4. Uptown Soldiers
5. Smokin` Weed
6. Watch Out
7. Hit `Em Up
8. We Roll All Night
9. Hustlers
10. Smokin` Trees


TaiRRie B`s "The PoWeR Of A WoMaN"...

Ya gotta hand it to Eazy-E, regardless of what some folks say about him he was definitely business minded when it came to the Rap game. He didn`t just stick with the whole Gangsta Rap thing, he wanted to branch out & gain all different types of listeners. You could see examples of this when he helped executive produce such Ruthless Records acts as Jimmy Z (a Rock/ Funk musician), J.J. Fad, Steffon, Po` Broke & Lonely & the A.T.B.A.N Klann. Eazy even signed a White female rapper by the name of Tairrie B...


Tairrie`s from Cali` & she`s been all over the place when it comes to music, I`ll explain as we go along....LoL, she first started her career as a member of Bardeux, a female Dance group from the '80`s. She left the group in 1987 after they dropped their first single "Three-Time Lover". A few years later Eazy-E scooped her up & she signed with Ruthless Records to release her only Rap album, "The Power Of A Woman". Eazy-E, Schooly D & Tairrie B herself all had a hand in the production for the album. Everlast, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, The D.O.C. & even Schooly D made guest appearances. As for Tairrie, she was far from the iLLeST on the mic when it came to lyrics & delivery, but overall I`ve heard worse -- the production helped a lot though...

After being released from Ruthless Records a few weeks before Eazy-E passed away she formed the Alternative Metal/ Rock band Manhole, which was later renamed to Tura Satana. After her work with Tura Satana she put together My Ruin, another Alternative Metal side~project & The LVRS (read about it HeRe), a Spoken Word side project...

So there ya have it, a lil` info` on the first White Woman rapper of Ruthless Records....LoL, if my mem`ry serves correct she`s also the only one. Anyway, I`ve added a 12 inch single along with the album in the DL link. So check it out, have a few laughs on me...

Tairrie B - The Power Of A Woman
Label: Ruthless Records
Released: 1990

1. Intro {ft. Quincy D III}
2. Swingin` Wit` T
3. Anything You Want {ft. Eazy-E}
4. Vinnie Tha Moocha` {ft. Everlast}
5. Step 2 This
6. Murder She Wrote
7. Packin` A Punch {ft. Quincy D III}
8. Let The Beat Rock
9. Player {ft. Dr. Dre, Eazy-E & The D.O.C.}
10. School`s In {ft. Schooly D}
11. Ruthless Bitch


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DJ JaY-O PReSeNTs - "N.W.A.: The CHRoNiCLe"...

Been a good minute since I heard a decent mixtape/ mix~disc, so I just had to share with y`all this joint right here. Gotta give DJ Jay-O his props for this one, the way he put everything together is great! He definitely gives the listener some entertainment, mixin` in sound clips from interviews along with some of the CLaSSiC tunes we all love & know. If you`re an N.W.A. fan you`ll enjoy this joint, so do ya`self a favor & check it out...

DJ Jay-O Presents - N.W.A. (The Chronicle)

1. Intro
2. Straight Outta Compton {N.W.A.}
3. I`m A Gangsta [Interlude]
4. Fuck Tha Police {N.W.A.}
5. Dr. Dre & Eazy-E To N.W.A. [Interlude]
6. Gangsta Gangsta {N.W.A.}
7. Jerry Heller (The Beginning Of Ruthless Records) [Interlude]
8. Dopeman [Rmx] {N.W.A.}
9. Boyz-N-The Hood [Rmx] {Eazy-E}
10. Eazy-E Solo Album [Interlude]
11. Eazy Duz It {Eazy-E}
12. The D.O.C. [Interlude]
13. It's Funky Enough {The D.O.C.}
14. Interview With The D.O.C. (2007)
15. D.O.C. & The Doctor {The D.O.C. ft. Dr. Dre}
16. The Contracts: Ice Cube Goes Solo [Interlude]
17. Amerikkka`s Most Wanted {Ice Cube}
18. Jackin` For Beats {Ice Cube}
19. Dead Homiez {Ice Cube}
20. 100 Miles & Runnin` {N.W.A.}
21. Just Don`t Bite It {N.W.A.}
22. Always Into Somethin` {N.W.A.}
23. Ice Cube vs. N.W.A. [Interlude]
24. No Vaseline {Ice Cube}
25. Dr. Dre Leaves N.W.A: Death Row vs. Ruthless [Interlude]
26. Fuck Wit` Dre Day {Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg}
27. Dr. Dre vs. Eazy-E [Interlude]
28. Real Muthaphukkin` G`s {Eazy-E}
29. Eazy-E [Interlude]
30. Let Me Ride {Dr. Dre}
31. Nuthin` But A G Thang {Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg}
32. It Was A Good Day {Ice Cube}
33. I`d Rather Fuck You {Eazy-E}

R.i.P. EaZy-E...