Friday, September 28, 2012

DoGG PouND PoSSe`s "DoGG E STyLe"

Gotta be honest with y`all.....LoL, I grabbed this from a pawn shop a few years ago - picked it up for like 2 or 3 dollars. The only real reason I chose it was because of the cover art (LoL, gotta love 3 chicks bent over in G~strings), that & I thought maybe it was some sort of Dogg Pound (you know Snoop, Kurupt & Daz) affiliated album. That`s not the case though my friends....LoL, I still really have no idea who the Dogg Pound Posse is -- however I will share with y`all what I do know. These 3 kats, or I should say doggs, probably rep` San Francisco.....this is just an assumption mind you, I base it on 2 facts though...LoL, 1) their album was released thru In-A-Minute Records, which I believe is a small indy label based in the Bay Area. 2) at the end of "Peep The Game" they use a short lil` clip from a movie or something talking about some "bogarts from `Frisco", probably referring to the Dogg Pound Posse`s hometown. Anyway there`s 3 members in the group; Cheeze Dogg & Chilly Dogg. As for the 3rd member`s name I couldn`t tell ya....LoL, maybe it`s Hawt Dogg, who knows someone school me please...

I know what you`re sayin` to ya`self after reading the last few sentences, "Is he for fuckin` real? That`s their names?? You`re joking right?!?"....LoL, nope well except for the whole Hawt Dogg thing of course. Those were the names they chose to rock with....LoL, anyway once you get passed their names it`s not all that bad really. Sure they may not have the mic presence of say Snoop Dogg or the production of Daz, but they do manage to drop some good tracks. Production for the album was handled by Dr. D, Don Marsh & Jeff Valentine. I`m not really familiar with any for these kats, but they do a decent enough job behind the boards...

The albums opens up with a short lil` storytelling track "Alias", the D.P.P. tell their tale using the names of guns for the names of the characters in their story. Not quite as iLL as Spice 1`s "187 Proof", but it`s still a good listen. "Angel Dust" is a cool track warning about the dangers of drugs backed by a beat that helps carry their message, there`s also some Richard Pryor samples used. You may recognize a few samples used for the beat on "Ride Me Like A Pony" (Kurtis Blow`s "That`s The Breaks" being one of `em), a song that ya should be able to figure out what it`s about....LoL, the D.P.P. drops the sexual flows in favor of some self~reflection & confession on "Life I Chose". Don`t worry though the sexual lyrics were only on hold for roughly 4 minutes & 30~some seconds....LoL, "Dogg E Style" covers the complex & mind bloggin` topic of the sexual position that every man wants to put Nicki Minaj in. I personally have no idea what a "Skunk Booty Bitch" is, but apparently the Dogg Pound Posse has no mercy for `em....LoL, at least that`s what they told me on the House~vibed "No Mercy 4 A Bitch"...

 Talk about comedy in track sequencing, we go from a "fuck a bitch" song to a love tune with "How You Like It?" which features Darryl DeBarge (of DeBarge Family fame). I personally didn`t like it, but hey it may be your cup of tea. "Speaking The Truth" is next, backed by a nice soulful beat the D.P.P. kicks some wise words for the youth. "Father Like Son" is another self~reflective joint, it`s ok. The beat`s very iLL, but unfortunately the D.P.P. can`t really rock it the way it should have been rock`D. Don`t get me wrong the content of their lyrics are deep, but it`s their delivery that just didn`t do the beat justice. I would love to have the instrumental...

Another love tune shows up in the form of "Signed Confession" (it`s better than the first one in my opinion....LoL), it has a House/ Dance vibe to it. The Dogg Pound Posse decides to get their Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five on with "Let That Go". The beat uses a sample that all Hip Hop heads should recognize (that being "The Message"), so that should give you an idea for the vibe of this track. For some reason I couldn`t help, but sign along with the hook....LoL, it`s probably the BuDDah. The album closes out with "Peep The Game", it`s a decent track but I find at times it drowns out the rappers` voice. In the end for the 2 or 3 dollars I spent on this album I can`t complain. The beats are DoPe & once you get passed the fact that these doggs aren`t lyricists the album`s not all that bad. So go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: In-A-Minute Records
Released: 1993

1. Alias
2. Angel Dust
3. Ride Me Like A Pony
4. Life I Chose
5. Dogg E Style
6. No Mercy 4 A Bitch
7. How You Like It {ft. Darryl DeBarge}
8. Speaking The Truth
9. Father Like Son
10. Signed Confession
11. Let That Go
12. Peep The Game


HDV`s "SeCReT" [PRoMo 12 iNCH]...

Dust`N off some ol` Canadian Hip Hop for y`all today from the "Pimp Of The Microphone" himself, Mr. HDV. This is a promo 12 inch that was released back in 1990, released thru ISBA Music Entertainment Inc.. DJ X produced "Secret [Advanced Rmx]" as well as "Secret [The Power Move Mix]" & it`s instrumental. You may recognize some of his work from Michie Mee`s debut album, he produced "You`re Feisty". Maximum 60 & Ron Nelson handled the production for "Secret [Original Mix]". All in all it`s a decent listen, go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: ISBA Music Entertainment Inc.
Released: 1990

1. Secret [Advanced Rmx]
2. Secret [Original Mix]
3. Secret [The Power Move Mix]
4. Secret [The Power Move Mix Instr.]


Thursday, September 27, 2012

ZioN i & J. PeRioD`s "BoMB 1st" [MiXTaPe]...

Here`s a lil` something that just dropped on the `Net a few days ago (September 25th) from Oakland`s Zion I & Brooklyn`s J. Period. I haven`t listened to it yet, but here`s the lil` write up from J. Period`s website to give you a bit of an idea of what you`re going to hear;

Since the emergence of their highly acclaimed Mind Over Matter LP in 2000, Oakland underground standouts ZION I have stood at the forefront of progressive hip hop, foreshadowing the merging of electronic music and hip hop years in advance. Producer Amp-Live’s intricate soundscapes, combined with soulful, intelligent lyrics from MC Zumbi, have earned co-signs from hip hop icons as diverse as Too $hort and Talib Kweli, along with legions of die-hard fans. In 2012, it is time for the rest of the world to meet ZION I.

To aid in this effort, and in anticipation of their upcoming release SHADOW BOXING (October 2, Live Up Records), ZION I joins forces with Brooklyn mixtape master J.PERIOD to present BOMB FIRST, a pre-emptive strike on the stagnating state of commercial hip hop. Featuring new music from ZION I, Kendrick Lamar, Azelia Banks, Action Bronson, Curren$y and more, BOMB FIRST finds ZION I once again at the forefront of progressive hip hop—this time foreshadowing the emergence a new generation of artists dedicated to the preservation of the art.

On BOMB FIRST, ZION I & J.PERIOD shine a light on hip hop that is inspiring THEM in 2012. The result is a fun, diverse and soulful listening experience designed to inspire a new crop of fans, and re-ignite the spark in die-hard fans still hungry for quality hip hop.

Label: N/A
Released: September 25, 2012

1. Bomb First [Intro]
2. Likwid [Dub-Plate]
3. Ritual Union [J. Period Re-Fix]
4. Wildfire [J. Period Re-Fix]
5. Cartoon Cereal
6. Now You Do
7. Big Spender
8. Fuck Up The Fun
9. Global Consciousness [Interlude]
10. Take Knowledge [Dub Mix]
11. Use Your Mind [J. Period Dub-Plate]
12. Nino Brown
13. Reaching Out
14. Big Cat
15. Jungle
16. Grown Up
17. Flower Child
18. Storm Season [J. Period Re-Fix]
19. Star People [Exclusive]
20. Ventilation
21. Carter Barron
22. That Real
23. Pouches Of Tuna
24. Hiii Power
25. What`s The Charge? [Interlude]
26. Twenty One [Edit]
27. Hip Hop
28. Sixteen [Edit]
29. Stay
30. Bonus Doom


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

B.O.N.E. EnTeRPRi$e`s "FaCeS Of DeaTH"...

What`s up y`all? Hope all is good, today I`ve decided to share some~what of a rarity from Cleveland, Ohio with y`all. This joint is by B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e who would later switch up their name for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony after meeting with Eazy-E & signing to his Ruthless Records label. From what I can gather this album was recorded in 1992-1993 & was released in 1993 on cassette & vinyl & then later re-released in 1995 on CD. An attempt by Stoney Burke Recordings to capitalize off of the success that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was receiving at the time since they had released their debut EP in 1994 on Ruthless Records & it blew the fuck up! Ol` Stoney wanted a piece of that pie, ya can`t be mad at `em....LoL

For those that don`t know B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e had been doin` their thing since 1989, that`s when the group had first formed & went by the name The Band-Aid Boys. Eventually they started to take the music thing serious, this was around 1991, that`s when Krayzie Bone (Leatherface), Wi$h Bone (Strate Jacket), Bizzy Bone (Rest In Peace) & Layzie Bone (#1 Assassin) decided to scrap the group`s original name & go with B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e -- Flesh-N-Bone would join the group a few years later (an interesting thing to note, he was the only member of the group that wasn`t signed to Ruthless Records even though the rest of `em were. He was also the first member to release a solo album). With help from Kermit Henderson, Krayzie Bone`s younger brother, the group hit the studio to record what would later become "Faces Of Death", their first album. Kermit used his lil` indy label Stoney Burke Recordings to release the album to the world in 1993...

For what it is "Faces Of Death" is a decent listen, more exciting to hear if you`re a BiG Bone Thugs fan of course. What`s DoPe about it is that you can hear them formulatin` & experimentin` with their style on most of the tracks, you get to hear the origins of their trademark style on the mic. It`s also kind of cool to hear `em use some pseudo~Jamaican Patois in their delivery, something that they don`t do much of if at all any more. Their subject matter is pretty much the same as what we already know `em for; Death, violence, Weed & Alcohol (my kind of topics....LoL). Unfortunately I have no clue who handled the production duties on this album, so if anyone out there knows school me! Urban legend has it that Eazy-E was very impressed after Krayzie Bone spit his verse from "Flow Motion" to him backstage at concert in Cleveland back in 1993, so much so that he signed the group to Ruthless Records shortly after the lil` backstage audition. As impressed as he was by their harmonized styles, their group name B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e just wasn`t all that attention grabbing for Eazy. He wanted to call `em Thugs-N-Harmony because of their presence on the mic, but the group wanted to keep the "Bone" part so in the end it was added to the front of the name & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was born...

Let`s talk about the album shall we? I`m not too sure what the reason is, but the first track "Flow Motion" is edited which kind of sucks.....LoL, don`t you worry though I was able to find an unedited version (though it`s not the best sound quality~wise) & added it to the end of the album so you can hear this joint the way it should be heard -- uncensored....LoL, following that is "Everyday Thang". Not to be confused with the song that Bone Thugs has on "The Show Soundtrack" with the same title, this song has different lyrics. Simply sayin` fuck you to track sequencing they decide to place the "Intro" as the third track which is kind of funny to me since it`s pretty DaMn iLL! All four members (Flesh-N-Bone wasn`t a part of the group yet) take turns rippin` a few bars to show the listeners what`s in store for `em. Bizzy gets extra props for predicting the future by spittin`; "Well it`s the ruthless nigga gangsta comin` out..." You see, he already knew that he was gon` be releasing ish thru Ruthless Records.....LoL

"Def Dick" has B.O.N.E. explaining to us how pussy`s like a joint, ya hit it then pass it & there`s no time for bitch~lovin` if you`re a crazy assassin......LoL, all done with a lil` hint of Jamaican Patois. "Sons Of Assassins" is on the dark side subject matter~wise -- Layzie, Krayzie & Bizzy Bone kick lyrics describin` the lives of some mentally unstable, trigger happy mu` fuckas. Just the kind of folks you hope ya` daughter brings home for the prom...LoL, continuing with the dark lyrical content B.O.N.E. hits us with "Hell Sent". The track`s lil` intro may remind you of the lil` fucked up song from one of those "A Nightmare On Elm Street" flicks;

"One-two, B.O.N.E. is coming for you!
Three-four, better lock the doors
Five-six, better load your clips 
Seven-eight, we`re gonna test your fate
Nine-ten, we`re out to kill again
 Straight from the burning flames of hell 
A place where all assassins dwell
Put back on Earth to destroy all worshippers of peace
Body bags & caskets, may all good cease
Together they form an organization much stronger than the mafia 
First, Krayzie Bone a.k.a. Leatherface The Sawed Off Gangsta
Second, Layzie Bone a.k.a. The Number One Assassin
Third, Bizzy Bone a.k.a. Rest In Peace
Fourth, Wi$h Bone a.k.a. Strate Jacket nigga..."

After the lil` visit to Hell Layzie Bone gets his solo~shine on & hits us with "#1 Assassin". Next is "We Be Fiendin`", a short lil` ode to Marijuana with a lil` Reggae~vibe to it. After the smokin` session`s done we`re hit with a drinkin` anthem of sorts with "Bless Da 40 oz.". I couldn`t help but think of Slick Rick`s "La Di Da Di" after I heard Layzie kick the hook on this track;

"It`s all because of brew
I`m feelin` fresh & new 
I bless a 40 a day 
So now I never have to have another sober day 
When blessin` 40`s I`m a pro 
I just thought I`d let you know 
You can`t take my brew away from me..."

 The album closes off with "Ganksta Attitude", all four members flex some G~ism just in case we forgot how gangsta they really are....LoL, all jokes aside y`all the album`s a decent listen so go `head & check it out for ya`self...

 B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e a.k.a. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Faces Of Death
Label: Stoney Burke Recordings
Released: 1993 & 1995

1. Flow Motion [Radio]
2. Everyday Thang
3. Intro
4. Def Dick
5. Sons Of Assassins
6. Hell Sent
7. #1 Assassin
8. We Be Fiendin`
9. Bless Da 40 oz.
10. Ganksta Attitude
11. Flow Motion [Unedited] -- (Bonus Joint)

FiLeSWaP BaCK-uP LiNK...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DMX iNTeRVieW...

Here`s a short but interesting video clip of an interview DMX did with It`s DoPe because he discusses some facts that most probably didn`t know. He was close to signing with Puffy`s Bad Boy Records back in the day, D-Roc set up the meeting between DMX & Puffy. Instead however Puff chose to go with The Lox because they were a much "safer" decision at the time. In Puff`s eyes X just wasn`t a marketable artist. X also shares the fact that it was Biggie who only after being murdered helped him to cherish a smile & that smile was in Biggie`s "Hypnotize" video...


CLaSSiC FooTaGe - 2PaC DeaLs WiTH BooTLeGGeR iN NY...

Finally back to postin` after one of my computers died :( guess that`s what ya get for buyin` a refurb`......LoL, anyway I was thinkin` of starting a lil` weekly thing called "CLaSSiC FooTaGe"; basically just great moments in HiP HoP.  So if y`all have any suggestions please feel free to share `em with me. To start things off we have a lil` clip of 2Pac exchanging some kind words with some kat that was bootleggin` `Pac's ish in New York. I`m not sure of the year that this was filmed, I can only guess & say that this took place while 2Pac was in New York filming my favorite movie "Juice" (but I could be completely wrong, if you know for sure school me!). Check it out, gotta say I kind of expected `Pac to do a lot more......LoL

R.i.P. 2PaC...