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B.O.N.E. EnTeRPRi$e`s "FaCeS Of DeaTH"...

What`s up y`all? Hope all is good, today I`ve decided to share some~what of a rarity from Cleveland, Ohio with y`all. This joint is by B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e who would later switch up their name for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony after meeting with Eazy-E & signing to his Ruthless Records label. From what I can gather this album was recorded in 1992-1993 & was released in 1993 on cassette & vinyl & then later re-released in 1995 on CD. An attempt by Stoney Burke Recordings to capitalize off of the success that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was receiving at the time since they had released their debut EP in 1994 on Ruthless Records & it blew the fuck up! Ol` Stoney wanted a piece of that pie, ya can`t be mad at `em....LoL

For those that don`t know B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e had been doin` their thing since 1989, that`s when the group had first formed & went by the name The Band-Aid Boys. Eventually they started to take the music thing serious, this was around 1991, that`s when Krayzie Bone (Leatherface), Wi$h Bone (Strate Jacket), Bizzy Bone (Rest In Peace) & Layzie Bone (#1 Assassin) decided to scrap the group`s original name & go with B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e -- Flesh-N-Bone would join the group a few years later (an interesting thing to note, he was the only member of the group that wasn`t signed to Ruthless Records even though the rest of `em were. He was also the first member to release a solo album). With help from Kermit Henderson, Krayzie Bone`s younger brother, the group hit the studio to record what would later become "Faces Of Death", their first album. Kermit used his lil` indy label Stoney Burke Recordings to release the album to the world in 1993...

For what it is "Faces Of Death" is a decent listen, more exciting to hear if you`re a BiG Bone Thugs fan of course. What`s DoPe about it is that you can hear them formulatin` & experimentin` with their style on most of the tracks, you get to hear the origins of their trademark style on the mic. It`s also kind of cool to hear `em use some pseudo~Jamaican Patois in their delivery, something that they don`t do much of if at all any more. Their subject matter is pretty much the same as what we already know `em for; Death, violence, Weed & Alcohol (my kind of topics....LoL). Unfortunately I have no clue who handled the production duties on this album, so if anyone out there knows school me! Urban legend has it that Eazy-E was very impressed after Krayzie Bone spit his verse from "Flow Motion" to him backstage at concert in Cleveland back in 1993, so much so that he signed the group to Ruthless Records shortly after the lil` backstage audition. As impressed as he was by their harmonized styles, their group name B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e just wasn`t all that attention grabbing for Eazy. He wanted to call `em Thugs-N-Harmony because of their presence on the mic, but the group wanted to keep the "Bone" part so in the end it was added to the front of the name & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was born...

Let`s talk about the album shall we? I`m not too sure what the reason is, but the first track "Flow Motion" is edited which kind of sucks.....LoL, don`t you worry though I was able to find an unedited version (though it`s not the best sound quality~wise) & added it to the end of the album so you can hear this joint the way it should be heard -- uncensored....LoL, following that is "Everyday Thang". Not to be confused with the song that Bone Thugs has on "The Show Soundtrack" with the same title, this song has different lyrics. Simply sayin` fuck you to track sequencing they decide to place the "Intro" as the third track which is kind of funny to me since it`s pretty DaMn iLL! All four members (Flesh-N-Bone wasn`t a part of the group yet) take turns rippin` a few bars to show the listeners what`s in store for `em. Bizzy gets extra props for predicting the future by spittin`; "Well it`s the ruthless nigga gangsta comin` out..." You see, he already knew that he was gon` be releasing ish thru Ruthless Records.....LoL

"Def Dick" has B.O.N.E. explaining to us how pussy`s like a joint, ya hit it then pass it & there`s no time for bitch~lovin` if you`re a crazy assassin......LoL, all done with a lil` hint of Jamaican Patois. "Sons Of Assassins" is on the dark side subject matter~wise -- Layzie, Krayzie & Bizzy Bone kick lyrics describin` the lives of some mentally unstable, trigger happy mu` fuckas. Just the kind of folks you hope ya` daughter brings home for the prom...LoL, continuing with the dark lyrical content B.O.N.E. hits us with "Hell Sent". The track`s lil` intro may remind you of the lil` fucked up song from one of those "A Nightmare On Elm Street" flicks;

"One-two, B.O.N.E. is coming for you!
Three-four, better lock the doors
Five-six, better load your clips 
Seven-eight, we`re gonna test your fate
Nine-ten, we`re out to kill again
 Straight from the burning flames of hell 
A place where all assassins dwell
Put back on Earth to destroy all worshippers of peace
Body bags & caskets, may all good cease
Together they form an organization much stronger than the mafia 
First, Krayzie Bone a.k.a. Leatherface The Sawed Off Gangsta
Second, Layzie Bone a.k.a. The Number One Assassin
Third, Bizzy Bone a.k.a. Rest In Peace
Fourth, Wi$h Bone a.k.a. Strate Jacket nigga..."

After the lil` visit to Hell Layzie Bone gets his solo~shine on & hits us with "#1 Assassin". Next is "We Be Fiendin`", a short lil` ode to Marijuana with a lil` Reggae~vibe to it. After the smokin` session`s done we`re hit with a drinkin` anthem of sorts with "Bless Da 40 oz.". I couldn`t help but think of Slick Rick`s "La Di Da Di" after I heard Layzie kick the hook on this track;

"It`s all because of brew
I`m feelin` fresh & new 
I bless a 40 a day 
So now I never have to have another sober day 
When blessin` 40`s I`m a pro 
I just thought I`d let you know 
You can`t take my brew away from me..."

 The album closes off with "Ganksta Attitude", all four members flex some G~ism just in case we forgot how gangsta they really are....LoL, all jokes aside y`all the album`s a decent listen so go `head & check it out for ya`self...

 B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e a.k.a. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Faces Of Death
Label: Stoney Burke Recordings
Released: 1993 & 1995

1. Flow Motion [Radio]
2. Everyday Thang
3. Intro
4. Def Dick
5. Sons Of Assassins
6. Hell Sent
7. #1 Assassin
8. We Be Fiendin`
9. Bless Da 40 oz.
10. Ganksta Attitude
11. Flow Motion [Unedited] -- (Bonus Joint)

FiLeSWaP BaCK-uP LiNK...


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