Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WHo GoT Da PRoPS???

Not to bad it only took about 3000 HiTs for someone to really take
but that`s another story....LoL, really just wanted to take some time to BiG~uP another blog I frequent on the reg`;
WaKe YouR DauGHTeR Up.
The blog itself is most def` a gem! Travis dropS some iLL knowledge within his entertaining & humor~filled writing, every visit`s worth the time spent. Alright, alright enough of the dick~riding....LoL, just give the blog a peep you`ll be glad ya did...

"G-FoRCe 19"...

G-Force 19 - SiDe A...

G-Force 19 - SiDe B...

"G-Force from Toronto
No American clone --
Drop the flow
Where I`m from??
T-Dot O..."

I`m kind of lack`N with the info` on this mix~tape, no tracklisting.....sorry, but that shouldn`t deter you from checkin` it out. G-Force (Repp`N Toronto, Canada just like the quote says) dropped some iLL tapeS back~`n~tha~day so I`ve been told. This is actually the first one I`ve listened to & I have to say that it`s pure FiYaH! It`s got a lot of reggae blendS & they`re done somethin` proper, so give it a listen for ya`self...

"A.W.O.L. [CooKiN` SouL RmX ALBuM]"...

AZ - A.W.O.L. [Cookin` Soul Rmx]

1. So Sincere [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (1:56)
2. Never Change [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (5:37)
3. New York {ft. Raekwon & Ghostface} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:45)
4. Can`t Stop [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:25)
5. Still Alive [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:57)
6. AZ`s Chillin` [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:30)
7. City Of Gods [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:52)
8. Street Life {ft. Half-A-Mill & Begetz} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (4:29)
9. Bedtime Story [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (2:51)
10. The Come Up [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:56)
11. Envious {ft. Bounty Killer} [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:37)
12. A.W.O.L. [Cookin` Soul Rmx] (3:37)

This right here is a DoPe remix of AZ's latest album "A.W.O.L.", now I`m not really a fan of all these remix albumS that have been comin` out ever since Jigga released his vocals of the "Black Album" for headS to remix, but an iLL album`s an iLL album & this right here is one of `em! Cookin` Soul consists of a group of 3 producerS/DJs from Spain, production~wise their combination of Funk & Soul sampleS add a nice early 90`s feel to their beatS. So check it out...


CaSiDiNe`s "MaN HaNDLeR"...

Label: 75 Girls Records
Released: 1988

1. Secret Weapon (6:27)
2. Pimping Ain`t Easy (But The Girls Got It Down) (7:21)
3. Yeah Bitch, I`m CasiDine (8:10)
4. She Daddy (8:15)
5. Let Me Live My Life The Way I Want To (6:16)
6. I`m Your California Girl (5:08)
7. I Need The Beat (4:40)

Other then the fact that this HuN-E`s from Oakland & the album was released in 1988 by 75 Girls Records & Tapes (The same mid~80`s Hip Hop label, owned by Oakland entrepreneur Dean Hodges, that put out much of the early material by rapper Too $hort) there isn`t a whole lot of info` on this album. The LP itself definitely has an ol` school vibe to it both beat & lyric~wise, production was handled by Dean Hodges & Kenneth "Hollywood" Houston. Stand out trackS include "Secret Weapon" & "She Daddy", the later has CasiDine goin` off on an 8 minute X~rated tip. Overall the LP itself isn`t anything special, but worth checking out if your a fan of the females in Hip Hop...


Monday, August 20, 2007


Label: Priority Records
Released: 1996

1. Got `Em Twisted
2. 1-800 Got Yo M`N
3. East Bay Gangstrez
4. Female Rydaz
5. My Name Is Nine (Yeh, Da Gun)
6. Now U Wanna Come Back (Reunited We`re Not)
7. Whatever It Takes
8. She`s Bad
9. All Aboard
10. Ghetto Tears
11. Go Down On It
12. Murder Squad 4 Hire
13. Creep Wit My Chrome [CD-Only Bonus Track]

Sh`Killa was one of the few female rapper$ to emerge from the `90`s West Coast Gangsta Rap scene. A member of the Murder Squad, she dropped "Gangstrez From Da Bay" in 1996 on G.W.K. Records, produced by West Coast Gangsta rapper$ Havoc & Prodeje. The album itself was very influenced by the Dr. Dre/ Warren G G-Funk type of sound, but even though the album`s sound doesn`t really stand out there are a few BaNG`n beatS & catchy hookS.
Sh`Killa`s style of rappin` isn`t nearly as complex as say MC Lyte or Jean Grae, she basically goes for the shock value with a G`d up twist...


Sunday, August 12, 2007

DJ FooD STaMP PReSeNTs: "DJ PReMieR BLeNDs"...

New & CLaSSiC trackS blend`D nicely with some DJ Premier produced BeaTS...

1. Eric B. & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul b/w Just To Get A Rep (3:51)
2. The Roots - Don`t Say Nuthin` b/w Take It Personal (2:21)
3. J-Live - True School Anthem b/w The Format (2:25)
4. C.L. Smooth - Warm Outside b/w Sucka Free (2:29)
5. Jurassic 5 - What`s Golden? b/w Mass Appeal (3:18)
6. Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem On `Em b/w Ante Up (4:18)
7. Masta Ace Inc. - The B-Side b/w First Nigga (3:03)
8. Nas - One Love b/w Crooklyn Dodgers II (5:17)
9. Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin` Ya`Self b/w Rock Stars (3:34)
10. Dr. Dre {ft. Snoop Dogg} - Still D.R.E. b/w Thick (3:30)
11. Jedi Mind Tricks {ft. Kool G Rap} - Animal Rap b/w The Militia (2:31)
12. Smif-N-Wesson {ft. Talib Kweli} - Crystal Stair b/w Recognize (3:34)
13. Boulevard Connection {ft. Rakaa Iriscience, Last Emperor, Maylay Sparks & Babu} - Copenhagen b/w Rappaz R. N. Dainja (2:47)
14. Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty b/w Unbelievable (4:06)
15. Naughty By Nature - Feel Me Flow b/w Enough Beef (3:01)
16. Big Shug - The Way It Iz b/w The Enemy (3:49)
17. GZA - Beneath The Surface b/w M.U.G. (1:57)
18. Asheru {ft. Talib Kweli} - Mood Swing b/w Suspended In Time (3:17)
19. Black Moon - How Many Emcees b/w Lady (3:13)
20. Lord Finesse {ft. O.C. & KRS-One} - Brainstorm b/w Come Clean (4:27)
21. Common {ft. Sadat X} - 1-9-9-9 b/w Above The Clouds (3:05)


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "SuMMeR`s EnDiNG VoL. 1"...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - SuMMeR`s EnDiNG VoL. 1

1. Intro (0:46)

2. Dreamz (Canadian Chick) {Samuel Bonz} (2:13)

3. No Chorus {Nefarius} (2:57)

4. Bring It Back {Theology 3 ft. Roach One} (4:51)

5. Price Of Livin` {Da Grassroots ft. Mr. Roam} (3:43)

6. Do What Ya Gotta Do {Mayhem Morearty ft. Rawluck Movement} (3:40)

7. Skit #1 (0:36)

8. The Hood Is Here {Jelleestone} (3:48)

9. I Ain`t Pussy {Mayhem Morearty ft. JB} (3:48)

10. Gunfinger {Rascalz ft. Kardinal Offishall} (4:52)

11. Young Killaz {Young Kazh ft. Hydro} (2:22)

12. Gangsta Shit {Hydro} (2:57)

13. Skit #2 (1:05)

14. And What?! {Kardinal Offishall} (4:15)

15. On The Raawks {Nish Raawks ft. Saukrates} (3:09)

16. Get Touched {Saukrates} (4:03)

17. Pain [Original] {Frankenstein} (4:47)

18. Crazy World {Ghetto Concept} (4:12)

19. Criminal Mind {Maestro ft. Infinite & Gowan} (3:32)

20. Skit #3 (0:42)

21. LoLo {Kardinal Offishall} (1:35)

22. Let Your Backbone Slide {Maestro Fresh Wes} (3:56)

23. Peeps [Radio Ver.] {Cipher} (3:46)

24. Lost Angels {Citizen Kane} (4:13)

25. Outro (1:50)

This is a mix I put together towardS the end of last SuMMeR hence the name, anyway the mix itself is straight Canadian HiP HoP so enjoy...


BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "SLoW Yo` RoLL"...

1. Intro (0:35)
2. No Vaseline {Ice Cube} (1:21)
3. Dazz {Brick} (2:55)
4. After Party (The Theme Pt. 2) {Tracey Lee ft. Busta Rhymes & Pirate} (4:06)
5. Party Groove [Instr.] {Showbiz & A.G.} (1:01)
6. Steady Bounce (1:57)
7. Party & Bullshit {Biggie} (3:52)
8. Tic-Toc {Lords Of The Underground} (3:44)
9. Walk Like A Duck [Malik Mix] {Kurious} (3:57)
10. Horse Shoes [Skit] (0:33)
11. Down The Line {Nice-N-Smooth ft. Guru, Preacher Earl, Asu, Melo T & Bas Blasta} (4:09)
12. Collaboration Of Mics {Artifacts ft. Lord Finesse & Lord Jamar} (4:07)
13. Watch The Sound [Beatnuts Rmx] {Fat Joe ft. Grand Puba & Diamond D} (4:19)
14. The Usual Suspects {Mic Geromino ft. DMX, Ja Rule, Cormega & Fatal} (4:20)
15. Day One {D.I.T.C.} (4:09)
16. Young G`s {Puff Daddy ft. Biggie & Jay-Z} (5:19)
17. Reservoir Dogs {Jay-Z ft. Lox, Beanie Sigel & Sauce Money} (5:12)
18. I Am {G-Dep ft. Kool G Rap & Rakim} (3:43)
19. Do You Know My Style? {Champ MC} (4:14)
20. The Bigga They Are {Da 5 Footaz} (3:26)
21. Slow Yo` Roll {Nini X} (2:54)
22. Mackstress {Yo-Yo} (3:15)
23. Strikkly For Da O.G. Hustlers {Big Blac} (3:43)
24. Outro (0:49)

Just a lil` mix I put together before the end of July, some tuneS that I`d been listening to...


Saturday, August 04, 2007

4 DoZeN CaNaDiaN HiP HoP JoiNTs...

Here`s another 2 dozen jointS...
Felt like digg`N up some Canadian HiP HoP for y`all to enjoy, there should be enough here to tide y`all over, four dozen, but if not just holla...