Friday, December 28, 2012

DJ CHeeBa, DJ MoNeYSHoT & DJ FooD PReSeNT: "CauGHT iN The MiDDLe Of A 3WaY MiX"...

Today I have a pretty iLL mix that my boy M@RSuPiaL hipp`D me to, thought it was only right to share it with y`all. Even though it`s been out for a lil` while now I`ve just started to listen to it & I have to say that it`s put together really well. Since I don`t have the time to get deep into this I`ll just let DJ Food tell ya in his own words....LoL

"3 years in the making, 3 DJs working with over 150 tracks to recreate one of the seminal sampling albums of all time, at last Cheeba, Moneyshot and I can reveal ‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’. Our tribute to the classic Beastie Boys album ‘Paul’s Boutique’ remixed and re-imagined from all the original samples plus a cappellas, period interviews and the Beasties’ own audio commentary from the reissued release.

Add to this a custom illustration from Paul’s Boutique super-fan and all-round great guy Jim Mahfood, taking time out from recent art duties on Tank Girl, and you have an alternate version of the album. The mix was over half way finished when we heard the tragic news of Adam Yauch‘s passing this May so this is also our nod to his memory, RIP MCA.

Big respect to Cheeba and Moneyshot for all their hard work and for the latter for inspiring the project with his classic mix of their ‘Check Your Head’ three years ago. Obviously massive respect goes out to The Beasties, The Dust Brothers, Mario C. and all involved in the making of the original album."

--DJ Food

Released: 2012

Here`s a Tracklist for those interested:

Caught In The Middle of A 3-Way Mix – a tribute to The Beastie Boys‘Paul’s Boutique’ album

DJ Cheeba section:

To All The Girls:
Mike D – Pauls Boutique Audio Commentary (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Idris Mohammed – Loran’s Dance – Kudu
Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble (a cappella) – Capitol Records
Beastie Boys – Paul Revere – (DIY a cappella)
Fatboy Slim – The Weekend Starts Here – Skint Records
Beastie Boys – 3 MCs and 1 DJ (a cappella) – Capitol Records
LL Cool J – Rock The Bells – Def Jam  Recordings
Beastie Boys – Ch Ch Ch Check It Out (a cappella) – Capitol Records
Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump (a cappella) – Capitol Records
David Berman – Pauls Boutique Release Party (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Shake Your Rump:
Alphonze Mouzon – Funky Snakefoot – Blue Note
Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump (a cappella) – Capitol Records
Rose Royce – 6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock) – MCA Records
Rose Royce – Born To Love You – MCA Records
John King – The History of The Dust Brothers (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Mike D – Pauls Boutique Release Party (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Diana Ross & The Supremes – No Matter What Sign You Are – Tamla Motown
The Sugar Hill Gang – 8th Wonder – Sugar Hill Records
Rose Royce – Daddy Rich – MCA Records
Alan Moorhouse – Soul Skimmer – KPM Music
Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown – Unity Part 2 (a cappella) – Polydor
Funky 4+1 – That’s The Joint – Sugar Hill Records
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Could You Be Loved – Island Records
Rose Royce – Yo Yo – MCA Records
Mike D – Pauls Boutique Release Party (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Black Oak Arkansas – Hot and Nasty – ATCO Records
Paul Humphrey – Super Mellow – Inner City Records
Harvey Scales – Dancing Room Only – Casablanca Records
Ronnie Laws – Tell me Something Good – Blue Note
Johnny Ryall:
Kurtis Blow – AJ Skratch – Mercury
Paul McCartney – Momma Miss America – Apple Records
Beastie Boys – Johnny Ryall (a cappella) – Capitol Records
Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff – Stax
Chris Stein – Military Breakbeat – 360 Records
Pink Floyd – One Of These Days – Harvest
Donny Hathaway – Magnificent Sanctuary Band – ATCO Records
MCA – Pauls Boutique Audio Commentary (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
David Bromberg – Sharon – Columbia
LL Cool J – Discusses the Beastie Boys (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Mike D – Pauls Boutique Release Party (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Egg Man:
Lightnin’ Rod – Sport – United Artists Records
WYFF News – Which Came First…? (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Beastie Boys – Egg Man – (DIY a cappella)
Curtis Mayfield – Superfly – Buddah Records
Tower of Power – Drop It In The Slot – Warner Bros. Records
Elvis Costello – Pump it Up – Radar Records
John Williams – The Theme From Jaws – MCA Records
Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours – Def Jam Recordings
Bernard Herrmann – Suite For Strings – Sony Classical
Mike D & MCA – Pauls Boutique Audio Commentary (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
Sly and The Family Stone – Dance To The Music – Epic
The Commodores – I’m Ready – Tamla Motown
Public Enemy – Bring The Noise – Def Jam Recordings
High Plains Drifter:
Interview with The Eagles introduction (Dialogue) – YouTube Rip
The Eagles – Those Shoes – Asylum Records
The Fatback Band – Put Your Love (In My Tender Care) – Polydor
DJ Moneyshot Outro

DJ Moneyshot section:
DJ Moneyshot – “Can’t Stand DJ Cheeba Intro” – mp3
Sounds Of Science:
The Beatles – The End – Apple Records
Beastie Boys – Sounds of Science (DIY a cappella) – Capitol Records
James Brown – Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved – Polydor
Paul’s Boutique – Audio Commentary – Capitol Records
Beastie Boys – Sounds of Science – Capitol Records
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) – Capitol Records
BDP – My Philosophy – Jive
The Beatles – When I’m 64 – Capitol Records
Issac Hayes – Walk From Regio’s – Polydor
3 Minute Rule:
Paul’s Boutique – Audio Commentary – Capitol Records
Beastie Boys – 3 Minute Rule – Capitol Records
Fancy – Feel Good – Big Tree Records
Sly & The Family Stone – Brave And Strong – Epic
Beastie Boys – 3 Minute Rule (DIY a cappella) – Capitol Records
Sly & The Family Stone – Poet – Epic
Loggins & Messina – Your Mama Don’t Dance – CBS
Hey Ladies:
Kool & The Gang – Jungle Boogie – De-Lite Records
Disco Dave & The Force Of the Five MC’s – High Powered Rap – Mixmaster Mike and Disco Dave Records
Afrika Bambaataa – Jazzy Sensation – Tommy Boy Music
Jeanette Lady Day – Come Let Me Love You – Prelude Records
Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies (a cappella) – Capitol Records
Cameo – Shake Your Pants – Chocolate City
The Bar-Kays – Holy Ghost – Stax
Kurtis Blow – Party Time – Mercury
Zapp – Dancefloor – Warner Bros. Records
James Brown – Funky President – Polydor
The P-Funk Allstars – Pumpin’ It Up – Epic
The Commodores – Machine Gun – Motown
The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz – Capitol Records
5 Piece Chicken Dinner:
Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell – Shuckin’ The Corn – Warner Bros. Records
DJ Moneyshot – Rinse Out Jungle ish – mp3
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun:
Tougher Than Leather dialogue sample – New Line Cinema
Ocean – Put Your Hand In The Hand – Kama Sutra
Paul’s Boutique – Audio Commentary – Capitol Records (dialogue)
Beastie Boys – Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun (a cappella) – Capitol Records
Pink Floyd – Time – Harvest
Mountain – Mississippi Queen – Stateside
Incredible Bongo Band – Last Bongo In Belgium – Pride
Beastie Boys – Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun – Capitol Records
YouTube Audio – MTV 1998 Beastie Boys Biography – MTV (dialogue)

DJ Food section:
  Car Thief:
Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus (ATCO Records)
Boogie Down Productions – The Bridge Is Over (Instr.) (B-Boy Records)
Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb (Jamtu Records)
Beastie Boys – Car Thief (a cappella) (Capitol)
The Jackson 5 – I’ll Bet You (Motown)
Max Yasgur – Speech at Woodstock (dialogue)
Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man (Pye Records)
Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick (Atlantic)
What Comes Around:
Gene Harris – Put On Train (Blue Note)
Alice Cooper – It’s Hot Tonight (Warner Bros. Records)
Sly & The Family Stone – Loose Booty (Epic)
Funky 4+1 – That’s The Joint (Sugar Hill Records)
Rose Royce – Do Your Dance (Whitfield Records)
The Riddler – Batman TV soundtrack (dialogue)
The Sugar Hill Gang – Sugar Gill Groove (Sugar Hill Records)
Trouble Funk – Say What? (D.E.T.T. Records)
Ballin’ Jack – Never Let ‘Em Say (Columbia)
The Fatback Band – King Tim III (Personality Jock) (Spring Records)
James Brown – Funky Drummer (King Records/Polydor)
Ask For Janice:
Paul’s Boutique radio ad (cassette) (dialogue)
B-Boy Bouillabaisse - 59 Christie Street:
Burundi Black – Burundi Black (Barclay)
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced? (Polydor)
Run DMC – Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse) (Profile)
Cerrone – Rocket In The Pocket (Live) (CBS)
Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals (Charisma)
Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy (Jive) Fab 5 Freddy – Change Le Beat (Celluloid)
Stop That Train:
Southside Movement – Save The World (20th Century Records)
Beastie Boys – Stop That Train (a cappella) (Capitol)
Scotty – Draw Your Brakes (Trojan Records)
A Year And A Day:
Tower Of Power – Ebony Jam (Warner Bros. Records)
The Isley Brothers – That Lady (Epic)
Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks (on 45 rpm) (Atlantic)
Disco Dave & the Force of the Five MC’s – High Powered Rap (Mixmaster Mike and Disco Dave Records)
Hello Brooklyn:
Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks (on 33rpm) (Atlantic)
Beastie Boys – Hello Brooklyn (demo version)
Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues (CBS/Columbia)
Dropping Names:
The Meters – Hey Pocky A Way (Reprise Records)
Stephen King’s It / Andy Griffiths show – He thrusts his fists… (dialogue)
The Sweet – Into the Night (RCA Victor)
The Crusaders – The Well’s Gone Dry (Blue Thumb / ABC Records)
Bob Marley interview with the BBC (dialogue)
Lay It On Me:
Kool & The Gang – Let The Music Take Your Mind (De-lite)
Jim James – No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn lyrics (dialogue)
Mike On The Mic:
Love Bug Starski – Starski, Live At The Disco Fever (Fever Records)
Chic – Good Times (Atlantic)
Beastie Boys – A.W.O.L. (Capitol)
Trouble Funk – Good To Go (4th & Broadway)
Idris Muhammed – Loran’s Dance (Kudu)
Rise – MCA tribute (dialogue)
Beastie Boys – Sureshot (a cappella) (Capitol/Grand Royal)
Rakim – Dedication (mp3) (dialogue)

R.i.P. MCA...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"PuMP Ya` FiST ( HiP HoP iNSPiReD By The BLaCK PaNTHeRs)"...

Sorry y`all, I`m gon` make this a quick post since my time`s limited. I just wanted to share with y`all this lil` compilation that I just recently picked up for a sweet $2....LoL, I used to have this CD back when it first dropped 1995, but I never truly appreciated it for the compilation album that it was. You see at the time I was a young buck, at 15 years old I really only copped this for the KRS-One, 2Pac, Jeru The Damaja & Fugees tracks. The compilation`s overall vibe didn`t mean ish to me & once I heard their tracks the CD pretty much sat on my CD shelf until I threw it into a trade deal for some other Hip Hop CD`s later on.....LoL, but now 17 years later I`m truly DiGG`n this for what it is! Honestly all 13 tracks are DoPe & if you don`t feel the comp`s upliftingness (if that`s not a word, well it is now.....LoL) you gotta be one soul~less mu` fucka. Do yourself a favor & peep this joint...

Label: PolyGram
Released: 1995
 1. Ah Yeah {KRS-One}
2. Pump Ya` Fist {Kam}
3. Black Family Day {Grand Puba}
4. Shades Of Black {Rakim}
5. The Frustrated Nigga {Jeru The Damaja}
6. Throw Your Hands Up {2Pac}
7. Positive Vibe {Speech}
8. Recognition {Fugees (Tranzlator Crew)}
9. It`s The Pride {Chuck D}
10. Only If You Want It {Ahmad}
11. Crazay {Yo-Yo}
12. I Gotta Get Mine {Dredd Scott}
13. Out For Just Us {Five-0}

R.i.P. 2PaC...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs: "CaN YoU MaKe Me FeeL GooD? VoL. 2"...

Re-uPP`d originally posted 07.10.2010...

It`s been a lil` while since I`ve posted up a mix...I know some of y`all out there had been missing `em.....LoL, so for y`all folks, this joint`s for you! As usual you get a good selection of tracks, both old & new (this one`s got more newer joints though). It`s also got a few Canadian HiP HoP joints as well, a whole lot of bangers! So go `head & check it out...

BuDD@H BLe$$eD EnT. PReSeNTs - CaN YoU MaKe Me FeeL GooD? VoL. 2
MiXeD: JuNe 12, 2010
Label: N/A

1. iNTRo
2. Reality TV {J. Dilla ft. Black Thought}
3. Society Is Brainwashed {Ill Bill} [Prod. by DJ Premier]
4. Con Artists {Skeme Team}
5. Yah Dayz Are Numbered [DJ Premier Rmx] {NYGZ ft. Lady Of Rage, Royce 5`9 & Bumpy Knuckles}
6. Street Wars {Vinnie Paz ft. The Clipse}
7. The Ghetto {Beanie Sigel}
8. Prepare For War {Saigon & Statik Selektah}
9. Pray (It`s A Shame) {Slaughterhouse} [Prod. by Realson]
10. iNTeRLuDe #1
11. Popular Demand (Popeyes) {The Clipse ft. Pharrell & Cam`Ron}
12. B. Boy {Tech N9ne ft. Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, Skatterman & Bumpy Knuckles}
13. Tribute To The Breakdancer {Grandmaster Flash ft. MC Supernatural}
14. iNTeRLuDe #2
15. Go 4 Broke (The Fuck U Song) {Ralph Dog ft. Blaq Poet & Craig G}
16. The BBQ {Eternia & MoSS ft. Rah Digga & Rage (a.k.a. Lady Of Rage)}
17. We Gon` Go {Kardinal Offishall}
18. Trouble {Classified}
19. My Word & My Balls {K-answer} [Prod. by Frank Dukes]
20. Nah I Ain`t {Vice Raw & Bishop Brigante} [Prod. by Gamshooter]
21. Hate Runs Deep {Saukrates ft. Marvel}
22. Monopoly Money {Citizen Kane}
23. Pray [Gamshooter Beats Mix] {Jay-Z}
24. OuTRo


Thursday, December 13, 2012


What`s up y`all? Got some what of an `Net exclusive......LoL, not too sure if this was ever posted before. What I have to share with y`all is a 4 track promo CD released by Loud Records that I got as a bonus for purchasing Wu-Tang Clan`s "The W" album at an HMV music store back in 2000. It nothing mind blowin`, but it`s still good for a listen without a doubt. On this promo disc we get a Kardinal Offishall remix of Wu-Tang Clan`s "Careful (Click, Click)", a joint from Killarmy titled "Militant", a track from Shyheim titled "Win" & the last joint on this promo CD is from the Black Knights titled "Killa Cal Lifestyle". My favorite joint off this has got to be the first one, "Careful (Click Click) [Kardinal Rmx]". Sure it sounds like it was taken off a mixtape by today`s standards.....LoL, but I DiG the Canadian~vibe Kardinal added to the mix, just wish the track wasn`t edited. Oh well, it`s still worth the listen so go `head & check it out & enjoy...

Label: Loud Records
Released: 2000

1. Careful (Click, Click) {Kardinal Rmx] {Wu-Tang Clan ft. Kardinal Offishall}
2. Militant {Killarmy}
3. Win {Shyheim}
4. Killa Cal Lifestyle {Black Knights}


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MiA X SPeaKs On HeR CooKBooK...

For those of you wonderin` what Mia X has doin`, peep the clip below `cuz she let`s y`all know about the cookbook/ DVD she`s been workin` on. She also spits a new joint titled "Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me" (it starts around the 4:44 mark), which is also the title of her cookbook...


MiA X`s "GooD GiRL GoNe BaD"...

Re-upp`D originally posted 07.21.2011...

Lately I`ve been on a No Limit Records kick, listening to a lot of the label`s older ish from 1995 to 1998. What started it all was Mia X`s debut album from 1995 "Good Girl Gone Bad". Seen it at a pawn shop & scooped it up for a steal ($2), from there I just started to dust off other No Limit releases that I had in my collection. Anyway for those not familiar with Mia X, let me fill you in. Mia X was born & raised in New Orleans, despite what many folks/ websites believe she never lived in New York. Maybe they got it twisted because she started her Hip Hop roots at the early age of 13 in 1984 as a member of New Orleans` first Hip Hop group New York Incorporated. The group consisted of members Mannie Fresh, Denny D, Mia X & DJ Wop...

The reason for the group`s name is pretty simple really, Denny D was the founding member & he was from Hollis, Queens. They stuck it out for a few years, but in 1987 things came to an end when Denny D returned to New York. A lil` bump in the road, still Mia kept it movin`....Life happens however & she decided to put the Rap game on hold for a few years. Mia was blessed with a child & decided that she needed to do what was best & that was to be a mother. After a few years though the Hip Hop bug came BuZZ`n around & bit her again.....LoL, so in 1992 she dropped her first single thru Lamina Records, "The Payback". The single did pretty well sellin` roughly 77, 000 copies...

A few years later (around 1994) comes Master P who at the time was just starting to get his record label No Limit off the ground. Lookin` to gather some more artists for his stable, he stepped to Mia X since he had been impressed by the success of her single. The two chopped it up & eventually she was down with P & his No Limit label, becoming 'the first lady of The Tank'. In 1995 "Good Girl Gone Bad" was released, on the production side of things KLC, Master P, Mo B. Dick, Tre 8, K-Lou & Al Eaton handled the beats. For a debut album Mia X brings a decent amount of topics to the listeners` ears...

From tales of baby~father`s fake~ass no good friends ("Yo` Boyz"), scandalous men anthem ("Can`t Trust A Man"), a single mother`s tribute to her son ("My Everything"), a tribute to her murdered friend ("R.I.P. Jil"), paper cha$in` ("Mission 2 Get Paid") to reppin` for the ladies straight rhyme flexin` & bashin` the men ("Payback II"). Lyrically Mia X can hold her own, I find that she shine`s best when spittin` the deep emotional ish, but she can also bring it on the lyrical tip from time to time. The only thing that I really didn`t like much about this album was the beats, they could`ve been a lot harder. Regardless this makes for a good listen, so go `head & check it out...

Label: No Limit
Released: 1995

1. Ghetto Sarah Lee {ft. Conscious Daughters}
2. Yo` Boyz
3. Mission 2 Get Paid {ft. Master P & Big Ed}
4. Commercial #1
5. Can`t Trust A Man {ft. Suga T}
6. Commercial #2
7. Payback II
8. Here Comes The Drama {ft. Tre 8}
9. My Everything
10. Good Girl Gone Bad
11. Commercial #3 {ft. Rev. Do Wrong}
12. Ghetto Ties {ft. Mr. Serv-On}
13. Wanna Be Wit` You
14. R.I.P. Jil

R.i.P. BiG Ed...

ZiGG ZaGG`s "THRouGH The EyeS Of SHe"...

Re-upp`D originally posted 07.15.2011...

Back again with the follow up to Zagg`s debut album, "Through The Eyes Of She". This joint was released in 2005 & unlike her debut she actually goes by Zigg Zagg here. Like she says in her own words on the Outro it`s "The Diary of she through the eyes of her". Compared to her debut, this one is most definitely a much more deeper/ emotional type album. You can definitely hear her growth in subject matter as she tackles such topics as suicide, broken relationships, Life`s stresses & struggles & her love for music to name a few...

Standout joints for me are; "I-She-See", "Gangsta" featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, "Muzicc" featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & D-Dubb, "Oh Damn", "Had Enough" featuring Mea-Gee, "Here We Go Again" featuring Suga-T, "Tribute" & "The Argument" featuring Brotha Lynch Hung. The album makes for a decent listen, so go `head & check it out...
 Zigg Zagg - Through The Eyes Of She
Label: Siccmade Records 
Released: 2005

1. Session [Insert]
2. Suicidal
3. I-She-See
4. Day In The Life {ft. Calico 101}
5. Insert
6. Gangsta {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung}
7. Muzicc {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & D-Dubb}
8. Oh Damn
9. Best Bitch {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung}
10. Insert
11. Had Enough {ft. Mea-Gee}
12. Life {ft. C.O.S., Phonk Beta & Malaiki}
13. Here We Go Again {ft. Suga-T}
14. Bad Bitch
15. Shady Bitches {ft. Loki}
16. Tribute
17. The Argument Pt. 2 {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung} [Bonus Track]
18. Outro


CHuCK D`s "AuToBioGRaPHy Of MiSTaCHuCK" [iN-SToRe SaMPLeR]...

What`s up my visitors? Got a quick lil` post for y`all, it`s Chuck D`s "Autobiography Of Mistachuck" album sampler that was used for in-store play. It`s nothing super spectacular, it features 5 tracks from the album (no snippets, entire tracks). This one is mainly for all you complete~ists out there, enjoy...

Label: Mercury Records
Released: 1996

1. Mistachuck
2. No {ft. Kyle Jason}
3. Generation Wrekkked {ft. Kyle Jason}
4. Free Big Willie
5. Paid {ft. Kendu & Melquan}


Thursday, December 06, 2012

BoNe THuGs-N-HaRMoNy`s "CReePiN` On Ah CoMe uP" EP...

Takin` it back to 1994 for your listening pleasure today, this EP is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony`s first release after they signed with Eazy-E`s Ruthless Records & revamped their name (changed from Bone Enterpri$e to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony). What we get is 6 actual songs, an Intro & an Instrumental -- what more do you expect for an EP?....LoL, anyway the production is handled by DJ U-Neek, DJ Yella, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Eazy-E even steps up to help produce the EP`s Intro (along with DJ Yella). The features are kept to a minimum & come from Eazy-E & Shatasha Williams (I believe she was a member of Mo Thugs)...

"Thuggish Ruggish Bone" was the EP`s lead single, it did pretty well on the Billboard Charts. "Foe Tha Love Of $" was the EP`s second single & it features the late & great Eazy-E. Something interesting to mention about "Foe Tha Love Of $", it shares the same beat as a song from 1991 by Yomo & Maulkie (another group signed to Ruthless Records) off their debut album titled "Are U Xperienced?" (The song`s titled "For The Love Of Money", what a surprise....LoL), I believe that DJ Yella also produced the track. Guess he felt that Yomo & Maulkie didn`t rock it right......LoL, either way I`m glad he gave it to the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony `cuz they ended up droppin` a great song with their version of the track...

On the "Intro" Eazy-E opens up the EP by introducing the World to the group newly signed (at the time) to his Ruthless Records label over a slowed down but sinister beat that includes gun shot samples while Eazy-E`s voice itself is also slowed down to give it an almost demonic sound. "Mr. Oujia" (misspelled on the album`s back cover art as "Mr. Quija") is a short lil` interlude of sorts that has Bone Thugs harmonizin` over no beat but the cold winds blowin`. Chantin`, "Ouija are you with me? I want to know my future. Will I die a bloody murda?" It`s kind of creepy, but it definitely does help set a darker tone for the rest of the EP. The lead single "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" is the track that really started the spark for Bone Thugs. It`s a straight CLaSSiC; the DJ U-Neek produced beat, the hook sung beautifully by Shatasha Williams & then there`s the verses from Bone themselves. You definitely get to hear how each member of the group compliments the next member`s style...


"No Surrender" follows (some of y`all may have also heard this joint on the compilation album "One Million Strong"), it`s another DoPe production by DJ U-Neek. Bone Thugs ride this one really well, the synthed out vocals on the hook are pretty iLL too. Rhythm D provides a nice dark, creepin` up on your enemies type beat with it`s nice trunk rattlin` bassline on "Down Foe My Thang" while the Thugs-N-Harmony flex rapid~fire flows. The EP`s title track "Creepin` On Ah Come Up" is next & it`s produced by DJ U-Neek, with it`s mellowed out beat Bone Thugs plot & scheme about how`s they`re gon` get that ca$h. The second single off the EP, "Foe Tha Love Of $" follows & it features a guest appearance from Eazy-E. As mentioned before the track`s produced by DJ Yella while the Thugs-N-Harmony deliver some of their more memorable verses over the beat. The instrumental for "Foe Tha Love Of $" closes out the EP (actually titled "Moe Cheeze") but it`s got a lil` extra done to the beat with a woman moanin` on a sexual tip & then some piano keys are also added to the mix. So there ya have it go `head & check out the music, oh yeah the music videos are in mp4 file so ya should be able to watch `em on your i-Pods...

Label: Ruthless Records
Released: 1994

1. Intro {ft. Eazy-E} [Prod. by Eazy-E & DJ Yella]
2. Mr. Quija [Prod. by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony]
3. Thuggish Ruggish Bone {ft. Shatasha Williams} [Prod. by DJ U-Neek]
4. No Surrender [Prod. by DJ U-Neek]
5. Down Foe My Thang [Prod. by Rhythm D]
6. Creepin` On Ah Come Up [Prod. by DJ U-Neek]
7. Foe Tha Love Of $ {ft. Eazy-E} [Prod. by DJ Yella]
8. Moe Cheeze [Instrumental] [Prod. by DJ Yella]

R.i.P. EaZy-E...

Sunday, December 02, 2012

MoBB DeeP`s "The DuNN LaNGuaGe VoL. 1 [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Hope all is well. Today I`m gon` BLeSS the blog with another HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN, this time around Mobb Deep`s "The Dunn Language Vol. 1" gets the HeRBaN LyRiX treatment. Now for those that don`t know about "The Dunn Language" I`ll share with ya what I know of it. It`s a bootleg & I believe that it was released on the `Net back in 2002, it`s quite possible that it was put together by a fan or fans. The bootleg contained a lot of unreleased Mobb Deep joints, some 12 inch cuts & a few released cuts like "Hoodlum" off the soundtrack of the same name. It`s a pretty nice collection of Mobb Deep tracks, the only down side about this bootleg is that the sound quality of a few tracks was pretty bad. A whole lot of pops & clicks, especially at the ends of the tracks. Not only that there were a few tracks that were actually cut short for some reason. For example "Microphone Master [Sewa/ 41 St. Side Rmx]" cut off at 3:10 when it`s actually 5:07 in length, while "Know Da Game" cut off at 1:46 when it`s actually 4:27 long...

 I figured that since this was a pretty decent bootleg, track~wise anyway I wanted to give it a lil` revamp. So what I decided to do was replace all the tracks that sounded like ish with better sounding ones (well the best quality I could find anyway), replaced the joints that were cut short with their full~length counterparts, split the lil` interlude that was before "It Could Happen To You" & made it a separate track, replaced the "Hoodlum" track that was track 6 with the version from the soundtrack because the version that was there originally was off some Dirty Harry mixtape & was more of a blend~mix (don`t worry it`s still included, I just pushed it further down the tracklist) & then finally I added 2 more joints to the mix to make it fill up an 80 minute CD, oh yeah almost forgot I also cut off the lil` DJ shoutin` at the beginning of the first track. So enjoy the revamped version, BiG uPs to whoever put the original version together because it was truly appreciated...

Mobb Deep - The Dunn Language Vol. 1 [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]
Label: N/A
Released: 2002-2012

1. Killa Queens {Infamous Mobb ft. Prodigy}
2. Killaz Theme {Mobb Deep ft. Cormega}
3. Microphone Master [Sewa/ 41 St Side Rmx] {Das EFX ft. Mobb Deep}
4. Shiesty {Mobb Deep ft. Big Noyd}
5. QB Meets South Suicide {Onyx & Mobb Deep}
6. Hoodlum {Mobb Deep ft. Rakim & Big Noyd}
7. Back At You {Mobb Deep}
8. Everyday Gunplay {Mobb Deep}
9. Feel My Gat Blow {Mobb Deep}
10. G.O.D. Part III [Rmx] {Mobb Deep}
11. Interlude
12. It Could Happen To You {DJ Muggs ft. Mobb Deep}
13. Never Goin` Back {Mobb Deep}
14. Nobody Likes Me {Mobb Deep}
15. Shook Ones {Mobb Deep}
16. Thrill Me {Mobb Deep ft. Big Noyd}
17. Know Da Game {Frankie Cutlass ft. Mobb Deep, M.O.P. & Kool G. Rap}
18. Infamous {Charli Baltimore ft. Mobb Deep & Mike Delorean}
19. Microphone Master [Frankenstein Rmx] {Das EFX ft. Mobb Deep}
20. Temperature`s Rising [Original] {Mobb Deep}
21. Hoodlum [Dirty Harry Mix] {Mobb Deep ft. Rakim & Big Noyd}


Saturday, December 01, 2012

DaS EFX`s "DeaD SeRiouS" [VHS TaPe RiP]...

Got a lil` gift for y`all today & it comes courtesy of the homie MiSTa DiLLiGaF, I`m not too sure if he ripped this from the VHS tape or not but either way BiG uPs goes out to him for passing it along to me! This lil` gift that I`m talkin` about is a home video (no not shot by Das EFX, but home video meaning that you watched the video at home in your VCR....c`mon son it was 1992) that Das EFX released as promo back in 1992 for their debut album "Dead Serious", so it shouldn`t be so surprising that this video shared the same title as their album. Although the tape is kind of rare the video itself isn`t really all that mind blowin`, but for nostalgic purposes it`s cool...

The running time is just under 30 minutes, you get to see a few of their music videos, some short lil` interviews & a couple live performances. In total there`s probably about 6 or 7 minutes of Skoob & Krayzy Drayzy talkin` about where they`re from, how they started as a group, describin` their styles, etc. The lil` interview segments take place in between their music videos & live performances, while everything was shot on the set of the music video for "Straight From The Sewer". During the interview segments you can see that they both come across as some regular humble kats that love their craft to the max`. Something to take notice of is when the live performances start, it`s kind of cool to see Redman workin` behind the 1`s & 2`s as Das` DJ. So do ya`self a favor & check it out for ya`self, enjoy...

Released: 1992

1. They Want EFX [Music Video]
2. Jussummen [Live]
3. Mic Checka [Music Video]
4. East Coast [Live]
5. Straight From The Sewer [Music Video]