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MiA X`s "GooD GiRL GoNe BaD"...

Re-upp`D originally posted 07.21.2011...

Lately I`ve been on a No Limit Records kick, listening to a lot of the label`s older ish from 1995 to 1998. What started it all was Mia X`s debut album from 1995 "Good Girl Gone Bad". Seen it at a pawn shop & scooped it up for a steal ($2), from there I just started to dust off other No Limit releases that I had in my collection. Anyway for those not familiar with Mia X, let me fill you in. Mia X was born & raised in New Orleans, despite what many folks/ websites believe she never lived in New York. Maybe they got it twisted because she started her Hip Hop roots at the early age of 13 in 1984 as a member of New Orleans` first Hip Hop group New York Incorporated. The group consisted of members Mannie Fresh, Denny D, Mia X & DJ Wop...

The reason for the group`s name is pretty simple really, Denny D was the founding member & he was from Hollis, Queens. They stuck it out for a few years, but in 1987 things came to an end when Denny D returned to New York. A lil` bump in the road, still Mia kept it movin`....Life happens however & she decided to put the Rap game on hold for a few years. Mia was blessed with a child & decided that she needed to do what was best & that was to be a mother. After a few years though the Hip Hop bug came BuZZ`n around & bit her again.....LoL, so in 1992 she dropped her first single thru Lamina Records, "The Payback". The single did pretty well sellin` roughly 77, 000 copies...

A few years later (around 1994) comes Master P who at the time was just starting to get his record label No Limit off the ground. Lookin` to gather some more artists for his stable, he stepped to Mia X since he had been impressed by the success of her single. The two chopped it up & eventually she was down with P & his No Limit label, becoming 'the first lady of The Tank'. In 1995 "Good Girl Gone Bad" was released, on the production side of things KLC, Master P, Mo B. Dick, Tre 8, K-Lou & Al Eaton handled the beats. For a debut album Mia X brings a decent amount of topics to the listeners` ears...

From tales of baby~father`s fake~ass no good friends ("Yo` Boyz"), scandalous men anthem ("Can`t Trust A Man"), a single mother`s tribute to her son ("My Everything"), a tribute to her murdered friend ("R.I.P. Jil"), paper cha$in` ("Mission 2 Get Paid") to reppin` for the ladies straight rhyme flexin` & bashin` the men ("Payback II"). Lyrically Mia X can hold her own, I find that she shine`s best when spittin` the deep emotional ish, but she can also bring it on the lyrical tip from time to time. The only thing that I really didn`t like much about this album was the beats, they could`ve been a lot harder. Regardless this makes for a good listen, so go `head & check it out...

Label: No Limit
Released: 1995

1. Ghetto Sarah Lee {ft. Conscious Daughters}
2. Yo` Boyz
3. Mission 2 Get Paid {ft. Master P & Big Ed}
4. Commercial #1
5. Can`t Trust A Man {ft. Suga T}
6. Commercial #2
7. Payback II
8. Here Comes The Drama {ft. Tre 8}
9. My Everything
10. Good Girl Gone Bad
11. Commercial #3 {ft. Rev. Do Wrong}
12. Ghetto Ties {ft. Mr. Serv-On}
13. Wanna Be Wit` You
14. R.I.P. Jil

R.i.P. BiG Ed...

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