Sunday, August 02, 2009

EBoNy EyEZ` "7 DaY CyCLe"...

Ebony Eyez is one of the first (if not the first) female emcees to rep St. Louis, MO -- making her debut on "Show Your Ass", a track from J-Kwon`s 2004 album "Hood Hop". That was the first time Ebony Eyez had worked with the TrackBoyz (producers Mark Williams & Joe Kent), but it wasn`t the last because they connected once again to work on "Get XXX`d", a track from the 2005 film "XXX: State Of The Union" that also featured J-Kwon & Petey Pablo. Her album "7 Day Cycle" followed a little later that year, produced by the TrackBoyz of course. This is how Ebony Eyez explains the meaning behind her album`s title...

"Seven is the number of completion & we`re looking at the typical seven days of a woman," she explains. "It`s about the typical emotions we go through in a 7 Day Cycle. I`m trying to represent & speak from a woman`s point of view & let people understand everything. We`ve got songs for Friday & Saturday, when maybe you want to go to the club. We`ve got the relationship songs where everything is going bad for you. It`s all about the different things women go through in seven days..."

She generated a lil` heat with 2 singles & a remix; the R&B flavored "Take Me Back" featuring Slim & Q of 112, the sex`D out club anthem"In Ya` Face" & the remix which features Da Baddest Bitch, Trina. Ebony came up with the concept for "In Ya` Face" after some kat at the club stepped to her...

"It was kind of a joke song at first," she recalls. "We were out one night at the club & this dude came up to me & was like, 'Let me see you bend over.' I was like, 'If I bend over will you let me put my ass in your face?' Then I came to the studio & I was like, 'Let me do this song.' It`s not meant to be taken so literally. It`s an equal opportunity song. If you think it`s OK to say those kind of things to me, then I feel it`s OK for me to say that..."

Don`t think that she`s a generic female rapper based on her 2 singles, I mean although the album itself was a commercial failure Ebony Eyez does showcase some skillZ on the mic. She gets real deep & emotional on the track "Dear Father", kicks an ode to her dildo on "Good Vibrations" (love the twist on the Scarface quote "Say hello to my little friend"....LoL) & drops "Act Like A Bitch", a track that let`s the lame~ass dudes know what some woman want...

I`ve got no idea what she`s up to now so if anyone does go `head & let me know, anyways enjoy the music videos & give her album a listen...

Ebony Eyez - 7 Day Cycle
Released: October 4, 2005
Label: Capitol/ EMI

1. Intro
2. Heart Of A Soldier {ft. Trey Songz}
3. In Ya` Face
4. Drop It
5. Stand Up
6. Broken Wings {ft. Capo}
7. Act Like A Bitch
8. Real Life {ft. J-Kwon & Tarboy}
9. Hot Chick {ft. Trey Songz}
10. Take Me Back [Interlude]
11. Take Me Back {ft. Slim & Q of 112}
12. Good Vibrations
13. Lame Ass
14. Right Back
15. Dear Father
16. In Ya` Face [Rmx] {ft. Trina}



Marrio Gardner said...

Ebony Eyez is still doing her thing! She has a show on Youtube called EBisodes. Ebony also released a new mixtape called Nice Girlz Finish Last. You can Google search for the free mixdown download. Thanks for creating the post about her!

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

No probS homie, thanks for the lil` update I appreciate that...

STaY BLeSS`n...