Friday, August 10, 2012

D.B.A. FLiP`s "FLiP On THiS"...

Re-uPP`d, originally posted on 05/18/2009...

Here`s another over~look`D West Coast gem from 1996 by Inglewood, California`s D.B.A. Flip. With some decent lyrics & iLL laid~back G~Funk type beats (a few produced by Chris "The Glove" Taylor) there`s not much to dislike about the album. My favorite track is the Ras Kass featured "It Ain`t Nothing Nice", but other standouts include "It`s Friday Night (Just Got Paid)", the Biz Markie cover & Ol` School ode "Vapors" & "Stay True Damu", a track that has D.B.A. Flip spittin` cautionary tales about crime & fast money over a bouncy G-Funk beat -- definitely some fiyah! Info~wise I know nothing about D.B.A. Flip so if you do please feel free to share ya` info` with the rest of us.....LoL, for now just enjoy his music...

Label: Sony
Released: October 29, 1996

1. Intro To Inglewood
2. Flip On This
3. I Got Money {ft. Poly Seed}
4. It`s Friday Night (Just Got Paid)
5. Keep It Tight
6. Baby Thumper
7. Vapors
8. On Everything I Love
9. Stay True Damu
10. My Funeral
11. Pass The Joint
12. It Ain't Nothing Nice {ft. Ras Kass}
13. Peace of Mind
14. At My Tilt

FiLeSWaP BaCK-uP LiNK...


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