Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CoNSCiouS DauGHTeRS` "EaR 2 The STReeT"...

1. Princess Of Poetry
2. Shitty Situation
3. TCD In Da Front
4. Somethin` To Ride To (Fonky Expedition)
5. We Roll Deep
6. Showdown
7. Wife Of A Gangsta
8. Dex Dog
9. Crazybitchmadness
10. Da Mac Flow
11. What`s A Girl To Do?

The Conscious Daughters, a female rap duo from East Oakland dropped this album back in `93 which was produced by Paris. Guess that could explain some of the socio~political vibeS thru~out the album. Most katZ have probably heard "Somethin` To Ride To (Fonky Expedition)", which is a DoPe track, but there`s others on here like "Shitty Situation" which basically deals/describes the plight of a young single mother who`s gettin` no support from the baby`s father. "Wife Of A Gangster" illustrates the violent picture that a criminal`s woman/wifey faces on a daily basis. A whole lot of folkS dug "We Roll Deep" not for its lyrical content, but for the DoPe sampling of a Lonnie Liston Smith Jazz~Pop instrumental from the early `80s. Whatever the reason give this album a listen, it`s well worth ya` time...


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