Thursday, May 24, 2007

LeT`s FoRGeT ABouT ALL THaT...

Figured I`d start somethin` new, probably every week or so I`ll just have a few ventin` questionS that I`ve always had on my mind but never really ask`D anyone, feel free to answer...

1. Why is it that Hip Hop artistS choose to do videoS for songS that have more CuSS wordS or just ish that needS to be edited out for the regular cable TV stationS when they know that`s exactly what`s gon` happen???

2. Whatever happened to the ReSPeCT aspect of the HiP HoP game? That shit`s almost non~existant now~a~dayS...

3. Why is it that labelS spend thousand$ of dollar$ to put an album(s) together only to leave it sitting in the label`s vaultS? i.e. Foxy Brown`s "Ill Na Na 2"...

Well that`s enough ramblin` for now here`s a lil` mix with some older gemS from both the East & West CoastS, so N`JoY...


1. Intro
2. Hot One {O.F.T.B.}
3. Nuthin` But Tha Gangsta {MC Eiht ft. Spice-1 & Redman}
4. We Run N.Y. {Redman ft. Hurricane Gee}
5. Representin` {Ruffa ft. Kool G Rap}
6. Take It Easy {Mad Lion}
7. Iced Down Medallions {Royal Flush ft. Noreaga}
8. Interlude #1
9. Life`s A Bitch [Buckwild Rmx] {Nas ft. AZ}
10. Fades `Em All [Rmx] {Jamal}
11. 4 My Click {Cash Money Click ft. Mic Geronimo}
12. Bust Mine {Natural Elements}
13. Repent {Tracey Lee}
14. True Confessions {Tragedy Khadafi ft. Iman Thug}
15. The Return {Brand Nubian}
16. Not Gonna Be Able To Do It [Criminal Minded Rmx] {Double X Posse}
17. Interlude #2
18. Playah`s Mode [Rmx] {Young Lay}
19. Cuties & Condoms {Cydal}
20. All Head, No Body {187 Fac ft. Spice-1, B-Legit & Big Lurch}
21. Go Down On It {Sh`Killa}
22. Outro


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