Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NiNi X`s "SHe`S DaNGeRouS"...

Label: Quality Records
Released: October 18, 1994

1. Straight Regulatin` Shit {ft. AWOL, Big Wy, Carter, Lil` Stretch, Quiet Storms, Red Rum & Shades} (4:50)
2. Please Mr. Kronik {ft. Big Stretch, Big Wy, Gin, Lil` Stretch & Tweedy Bird Loc} (4:49)
3. She`s Dangerous (3:20)
4. Jokin` Around (5:17)
5. Nini Says Fuck You (3:36)
6. Slow Yo` Roll (3:09)
7. Fuck Luke! {ft. AWOL, Key Low G., Keystone, Lunatic, Red Rum & Tweedy Bird Loc} (5:14)
8. Gangsta Props (4:08)
9. Lost Yo` Scruples (4:22)
10. Peel Hiz Kap {ft. Red Rum} (3:50)
11. Home In A Body Bag (3:43)
12. Take That Mutha Fucka! (3:57)
13. Fuck You & Yo` Nigga! (3:28)
14. Pass Da Joint {ft. Lil` Stretch} (3:50)
15. Break `Em Down (5:48)
16. Ghetto Ass Shit {ft. Don Dadda Freeze, J-Ill, Tweedy Bird Loc & Wanted Niggas} (5:00)

For y`all that don`t know about Nini X a.k.a. Bloody Mary a.k.a. Nina Ross, she hails from Steubenville, OH/ Los Angeles, CA & was featured on the hit track "Piru Love" from the `93 Bloods & Crips album "Bangin` On Wax", also featured on "Assassin Hitworks Vol. 1" (as Nina Ross/ Bloody Mary) & Tweedy Bird Loc`s `92 album "187 Ride By" on the tracks "My Dick Is Prejudice", "A Hoe Is A Bitch", "Murder One", "Black Court In Session" & "Jackin` For Transpo". Known to a few as one of Rap`s first lady Gangsta RapperS, Nini X dropped "She`s Dangerous" in 1994 with features from Tweedy Bird Loc & few other katS. Unfortunately this is the only album the World will ever see from Nini X as she is no longer with us. She was ridin` her motorcycle & became part of an accident due to a an Escalade that was involved in a high~speed police chase tryin` to out~run the PoRK~CHoP PaTRoL, as a result Nini was placed into a brain~dead state & subsequently her Life support was pulled November 19, 2006...

R.i.P. Nini X...


5hizzMckCKoy said...

I'ma miss you Nini, & this is from the heart 5. Ain't no bitch could touch you back then & they definitely not fuckin wit you now. The world feel you spiritually now & we'll miss u SuWHooP5555555555555{PIRU IS cRIP IN REVERSE PUT THE c's ON IT'S BAcK} Late great true lyrics by Bloody Mary aka Nini X rest in peace Avenue Piru love till my coffin's closed.

Anonymous said...

nini x-i have the up mozt respect for you-im i muzt say yo music and swagg alwyz make me konsider- i luv u queen of inglewood alwayz rest in peace- i will see u wen i get there piru respekt

-luv u DaQuan

Hanz said...

Nini X was the hardest female rapper ever.

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

She was definitely real with it, thanks for droppin` the comment! I`m gon` have to re-up this album since the link is dead, stay on the look out for the re-upp`D link...

STaY BLeSS`n...