Monday, October 15, 2007

NoNCHaLaNT`s "UNTiL The DaY"...

Released: March 26, 1996
Label: MCA Records

1. Intro (1:54)
2. It`s All Love (4:59)
3. Crab Rappers (4:28)
4. 5 O`Clock (4:47)
5. Lookin` Good To Me (4:27)
6. Kickin` It With Non [Skit] (0:50)
7. Have A Good Time (4:54)
8. Lights `n` Sirens (4:16)
9. Non Interlude (1:32)
10. Until The Day (4:45)
11. Mr. Good Stuff (5:04)
12. Thank You (4:24)
13. Outro (1:30)

Nonchalant, an iLL femcee from Washington D.C. dropped "Until The Day" back in `96. Y`all should remember her from her hit single "5 O`Clock", speaking about Black~on~Black crime...anyways she`s got a smooth`D out, laid~back style of flow & she dropS some intelligent lyricS over some R&B~laced beatS on her first & only album. The album`s DoPe (my opinion of course), but I think it suffered sales~wise because a lot of folkS felt the beatS were too R&B minded & her socio~political lyricS came off as too preachy, kind of like what katS say about KRS-One. Regardless of it`s commercial success, the album itself is straight up solid; rhythmically, lyrically & musically (that`s a lot of lly`s:). Sure there`s a lot of R&B-drenched trackS, but they`re consistently appealing & Nonchalant`s lyrics & flow only help to add replay value to them jointS. Stand~out jointS; "5 O`Clock", "Crab Rappers" & "Lights `n` Sirens"...


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